Clan Lunaris:

Leader: Star Bright (Brightstar)—gray tom with orange markings

Deputy: Streakingcomet—orange tom, unusual orange/ brown eyes

Med. Cat: Lightningheart—golden tom with a touch of brown

Ap: Nightpaw

Warriors: Ripmoon—dark gray tom, one orange line; Brightstar's son

Ap: Badgerpaw

Snowstep—black she-cat with white paws

Cinderfoot—light gray tom with dark gray feet

Strangeheart—black tom with blue eyes

Sandyshore—sand colored tom

Elmtail—golden brown tom

Ap: Streampaw

Saltfur—white tom

Ap: Barkpaw

Sheepwool—white she-cat, Saltfur's sister

Ap: Shorepaw

Shallowsea—gray with brown paws and belly Fogpelt's mate mother of Runningriver, Silversky.

Ap: Leafpaw

Silentdawn—orange and white tom

Fogpelt—white tom

Amberleaf—amber tom with green eyes

Shiningwater—silver gray she-cat amber eyes

Runningriver—brown and white tom

Silversky—silver she-cat with white markings

Blueheart: blue-gray she-cat, white markings; Streakingcomet's mate


Darkflower—black she-cat; Brightstar's mate; Ripmoon's mother

Kits: Shadowkit—black tom with a touch of gray

Cometkit—gray and black tom with orange and red patches


Badgerpaw—orange tom with a white/gray stripe from head to tip of tail\

Barkpaw—brown tom, tip of tail is gray

Shorepaw: gray and brown tom

Nightpaw—black she-cat

Streampaw: blue-gray she-cat

Leafpaw—red brown tom, green eyes


Stripefur—black and white striped she-cat

Quietstep—ginger tom green eyes

Clawtail—white tom with chunks of fur missing from tail

Clan Solashon:

Leader: Star Ray (Raystar)—large golden tabby tom

Deputy: Darkpelt---dark tabby tom; Raystar's brother

Med. Cat: Flowerpelt—white she-cat

Warriors: Lynxsun— golden tabby tom; Raystar's son,

Mousefoot—white tom with gray foot

Ap: Rabbitpaw—white tom with brown paws

Fangtooth— light brown tom, one tooth is shaped like fang

Petalleaf—cream colored she-cat

Ap: Skypaw—sliver and white she-cat

Larkbranch— tortoiseshell she-cat

Horsetail—brown tom

Mistear—silver she-cat

Cavefur—black, brown, and gray tom

Ap: Foxpaw---reddish light brown tom

Scratchedear—small gray tom with niche in ear

Ap: Twigpaw—brown tom

Rainstorm—gray tom, Scratchedear's brother

Cloudpelt—white she-cat with gray stripe, Scratchedear and Rainstorm's sister

Brookwave— silvery gray and white she-cat

Ap: Seapaw—blue gray she-cat


Hollyberry:--reddish she-cat; Raystar's mate, Lynxsun's mother

Kits: Leopardkit— golden tom with dark spots

Whiskerkit—reddish she-cat

Clawkit—reddish golden tom

Treekit—golden brown tom

Shellkit—golden she-cat with dark markings

Mintleaf—white she-cat with red markings; mate: Fangtooth

Kits: Heartkit—red she-cat

Stepkit—white and brown tom with red paws