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Summary; Bella had not seen him in 100 years, she felt that should make it easier but it didn't. But now she didn't have a choice. Yes he left her all those years ago and yes he thought she was dead but she couldn't not tell him that his family were in trouble.

As soon as Bella heard that the volturi were planning to rid of the Cullen's as now there coven was getting larger she left Italy. Bella knew exactly why as there was now another Cullen; Edward's new mate. Anytime she thought about someone else in Edward's arms, someone else kissing Edward's perfect lips it hit her like a thousand knives going through her heart. Bella knew she should be over Edward by now it has been so long and she shouldn't remember her human memories anyway but she did. She remembered everything about her and Edward's relationship and what it meant to her. Over these 100 long years Bella's heart never wavered she was still unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward Cullen.

Bella scolded herself for again thinking about her love for Edward. There was no time for that now plus it was completely out of the question. He had a mate as did she, her Felix. Yes it took her a good 50 years to give into him and now sometimes she wonders why she ever did. He saw her only as a possession and she knew he would be crazy that she left.

Bella debated going back as she knew for this Aro would have her head. But Bella hated Aro; he changed her and brought her into forever without her Edward. One day Bella knew she would get her revenge on him. She hated her life stuck away in Volterra with Felix, only being allowed out to hunt and when Aro sent her to do his dirty work. However Bella saw the faces of all the Cullen's and knew she could never let anything happen to them, in her eyes they were still her family she missed them every day.


Okay Bella not long now, just stayed focused, tell the Cullen's what you know then leave, you can't stay here long anyway that will just make them come quicker. Shit what am I doing, they are going to think I am crazy. They being the Cullen's and the volutri, I have been in the guard for 100 years and I am now disobeying them for my family, a family who probably have forgot who I am, for a boy who once loved me. Well I can't turn round now I would still be in trouble with the Volturi and the Cullen's would still be in danger.

Clair de Lune started playing from my phone; I didn't need to look to know who it was.

"Felix what a surprise how are you?" Stupid Bella he is never going to fall for that.

"Bella where the hell are you? You know Demetri can't track you down and yet you run away without a word."

"Chill Felix I just felt like a break for a few days, don't worry I will be back soon enough, I promise. Can you let Aro know I am okay and will be back soon." Please say yes please say yes.

"NO. Bella he is going crazy you know you are his prize guard! You need to come back now!"

Okay Bella time to play the sweet innocent victim and he will be like putty in my hands, maybe.

"Felix, love. I'm sorry I just really needed to clear my head you know how it is there sometimes. Please tell Aro I will be back soon. You know how much I miss you.....please" This better work or I am screwed.

"Aw Bella you have no idea what you do to me! Fine I will try and stall Aro for a while but he is really getting paranoid he thinks you are going to the Cullen's or something! How crazy is that!" Felix was in hysterics. If he only knew.

I faked laugh "Yeah I know how crazy! Imagine that. Well I better get going I will be home soon."

"Okay Bella I love you"

"I love you too" in a non- romantic way.

"Bye Bella I will call you tomorrow."

Please don't "Bye".

Thank god he believed me; he is going to kill me when I get back. Maybe I could warn the Cullen's then go home and try and prevent this fight from happening. Fuck what am I doing I should have just stayed! How stupid can I be I mean I still have Bitchtoria on my back and it is starting to make me rather edgy. For years I have hunted her and anytime I get close she runs I guess it's due to the fact I have the rest of the guard with me this made me realise I have never been alone since Edward left me; I hated it.

Shit I must have been running fast there I was in the place I have avoided for 100 years; Forks and right in front of me was the entrance to the Cullen's long driveway. Is there any chance I could just run?

"Bella?" oh shit.

Okay scratch that I'm stuck.