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Just don't fall, just don't fall, just don't fall Bella! I gripped onto Carlisle's arm and I could hear him chuckle softly as I walked down the stairs. Yes it is my wedding day. They day I have waited for, for over a hundred years; they day Edward and I would be married. Who knew all those years ago that it was take us this long to get to where we want and who we want to be with. I guess life isn't supposed to be easy, things will always be thrown in the way but in the end the person you love is worth it all. All the heartache and dangers and pressures I know I can cope with if I have Edward; my soulmate and my reason for being.

The past few months have been the hardest in my entire existence but we have came through it all as a family. I just wish that Charlie and Renee could have been here today, but I can't get everything I want.

We now reached the bottom of the stairs and I looked around to see so many smiling faces from people I have never met in my life before. But I wasn't focused on working out who was who, no my attention was on the man waiting for me at the end of the aisle. The only person I saw was Edward Cullen, the man I had fought for my whole life. He smiled at me and suddenly I didn't care if I fell. I only wanted to be next to him, I just wanted to be his wife. I smiled back at him and now it was m pulling Carlisle down the aisle. I heard a few people laugh but I didn't care. I couldn't wait another minute.

Once I reached my destination I turned to Carlisle who was still laughing at my sudden outburst. He took my in his arms kissing my cheek softly, " I wish you all the happiness in the world my daughter", if I could cry I know that I would have. I knew they recognised me as being family but hearing the words from him made me feel spectacular. Once Carlisle had taken a seat I turned to Edward.

He looked as beautiful as ever in his tux; his bronze hair was as always perfect and there was a gleam in his eye that made my heart soar. As like me he has waited for this day for what seems life forever. The smile he gave me was one of victory, as if he had won the prize, we both had won.

"You look absolutely stunning Bella" I would have blushed if I could have.

"You don't look too bad yourself Cullen" I winked at him while taking his hand and facing Emmett. Yes Emmett was the minister as he claims to have married Alice and Jasper before.

Emmett began to talk but I could hardly listen, my mind was pre occupied on the beauty radiating off Edward. How could I have got so lucky as to be with him? I look back now and I wonder how he could have loved a klutz and stubborn human who was always putting herself in danger. But the thing is he did, he loved me when I was a human and he loves me now that I am a vampire. I know his love for me will never fade and we have all of eternity to prove that. Yes I have definitely won.

"Edward you may say your vows..."

"Bella; that one word means so much to me. Not only does it mean beautiful but it means love, it means happiness and want and everything amazing in this world. It means my life because Bella that is what you are, you are the reason my for existence. We are always meant to be and I know we will be, this I promise you today and always and forever."

I was speechless. His words touched my soul .

"Bella it's your turn now..."

Uh oh. Edward's amazing words has made my mind blank. Wait I have an idea.

I grabbed Edward's hand and took away my shield; I will show him how much I love him. I showed him what I remembered from being a human; about how much I loved him then and how it controlled everything I did. I showed him how I longed for him all those years and then I showed him how much I love him now, how much he means to me.

Edward's face was a picture; he looked amazed.

"Oh Bella, love that was beautiful"

"What she didn't say anything?" Emmett looked confused as did everyone else.

"Just continue Emmett"

"But she has to—okay Eddie don't look at me like that I am continuing, jeez, so yeah Edward do you take Isabella Swan to be you lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do, I really really do"

"Great! Bella what about you? Do you take Edward Anthony Mason Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Oh yes I do"

"Well I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss you bride"

"Welcome to the family Mrs Cullen" Edward's lips were then on mine as we celebrated that we were going to be together forever.

You see that is what life is all about, finding the one you love and knowing that they will love you back. Okay so it took me a century to seal the deal but it's all worth it. I know that our marriage isn;t going to be easy, but what marriage is? I mean with Edward being well Edward we are bound to disagree on a lot. We also still have a lot to catch up on, a hundred years is a very long time to be apart and to be honest I have been putting off telling Edward some of my stories, he may just have a heart attack.

"Why would I have a heart attack?" Uh oh. I threw my shield back over me.

"Bella?" Edward was teasing me but I knew later on he would want me to tell him everything. I really walked myself right into that one.

The rest of the night Edward and I danced around, met all of our guests and just enjoyed being a family.

Everything for once was right in our life. After a hundred years of longing we are now together and we will be for the next hundred years and the next hundred after that and well you get the picture.

"I love you Edward"

"I love you too Bella Cullen"

~~~~ THE END~~~

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