Hello! Well I've finished 'Life is a Highway' and so I'm very sad…but now I'm happy because I have time to write this new idea! So I really hope that you like it. Naruto POV, because he's cute. This is a pretty original idea, in the sense that I've never seen one like it. It's an AU, but I will be writing one that isn't an AU next. It's going to be at least two chapters, I can already tell…-sighs-. I got this idea when I was watching the valley of the end episodes. When Sasuke and Naruto kept going back and forth about their lives, and I was like 'damn, Sasuke and Naruto just need some couple's therapy…hmm…and I know just the man to do it!'. So I hope that you enjoy, thanks for reading this!

Warning: My name is Niki, and I'm a SasuNau lemon addict…-grins- and proud of it! So back off haters! Because this story will eventually have lemons in it!

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Remedy? Yea Right!

"Principal Tsunade is ready to see you now." I looked up to Shizune, the principal's secretary, and grinned despite the pain of a bruise forming over my right eye. Not like the teme looked any better with a cut lip and a bloody nose. I rotated my wrist while I stood, still feeling the effects of the punch I had thrown right before Asuma broke us up. Which sucked, because I had finally gotten on top of Sasuke and made contact with his ugly face. I could hear Sasuke moving behind me quietly, walking into a room that we both knew way too well.

"Uzumaki Naruto. Uchiha Sasuke. Sit." Well, granny was in a pissy mood as normal. I picked the left chair. It was just out of habit. Also, because that way, I didn't have to see the teme's stupid face. She looked between the two of us in the same crazy look she gave us whenever we found ourselves in this position.

That was about once a week. Since we entered the school as freshman, me and the 'hottest kid in school' had been bitter rivals. Uchiha Sasuke was everything I wasn't. He was a tall, pale, black haired, even blacker eyed, total emo jerk who thought everyone was under him. I was a vertically challenged, tan, blonde haired, blue eyed, awesome happy guy who was friends with anyone that would talk to me. So of course, we were like night and day. He would say something, I'd say something back, we'd fight and it'd somehow end us up here in the principal's office. Even in the middle of our senior year, we couldn't stay away from each other.

It wasn't like she could really call our parents in or anything, since we were both living on our own. Sasuke's parents were killed about five years back, and left him their entire fortune. He was all set for the next forty years. My parents weren't dead, simply missing for seven years. Well, that's what the police told me anyways. And since they were missing and not dead, I didn't have to go to an orphanage or nothing. The house I lived in was owned by my grandfather Jiraiya, and I guess you could consider the pervert my guardian. He took care of the bills and stuff, and got me my job working as a waiter at his restaurant. This was amazing, since 99% of his employees were high school girls with proportions he loved to watch.

And before you think about calling him into the school, granny Tsunade put a ban on him ever coming within twenty feet of the school after catching him watching the girls' volleyball team without permission. Him and Tsunade had knew each other since high school, and had always had a weird…'thing' together. Gramps would chase her around and ask her on dates, and Tsunade would pepper spray him or just kick his ass. He continued to try and convince me she loved him.

"What's up granny?" I leaned back in my seat as if I owned it, ignoring the death glare she gave both of us. We were so used to it by now, that it was more welcoming that scary. I'd be afraid if she didn't do it when we came in.

"What did I tell you two about fighting?! This is the third one this year."


"January started a week ago!" Well, she did have a point there. Lately me and Sasuke had been fighting a lot more than normal. I squirmed a bit in my seat and glanced over to Sasuke, ignoring the slight pain in my eye. He seemed uncaring, which was nothing new for the asshole. Sasuke hardly spoke during these 'meetings', and let me tell the entire story before making changes where he saw fit. That normally caused more fighting and a Saturday school for the both of us.

But the week before was different. Something had…happened during the Christmas break between us. I knew what that was, but I wasn't going to say it if he wasn't going to. So instead, I shrugged and looked back to the principal.

"Something in the water I guess." I could tell she wanted to throw something at me by the way her hand clutched the book on her desk. It wouldn't surprise me. Jiraiya always came home with bruises and bodily harm after pissing Tsunade off.

"What happened this time?"

"Well, Sasuke was being his normal emo self in class while I was trying to have a normal conversation with Kiba. Kiba mentioned something about Sasuke, and I just said that Sasuke was a teme. Well then the idiot went and called me a dobe, because he was eavesdropping on our conversation, and so I fought back and the somehow we ended up wrestling on the floor in-between the desks. I've gotta tell you granny that this fight was a pretty boring one."

"I wasn't eavesdropping. Loudmouth was just screaming his conversation the entire time. Besides, he started the fight when he shoved me out of the desk. I wouldn't waste my time with someone like him unless I had to." See? Look at how he just came out of nowhere and nitpicked at my conversation! He made it seem like I was the bad guy.

"I'm not loud you jerk."

"My ears bleed every time you bellow." I growled and fisted my hand, glaring to the stoic guy next to me.

"Yea why don't you say that again and we'll see which one of us screams when I kick your ass!"

"Is that a challenge?" He asked, arching his eyebrow and smirking at the anger I knew was evident in my pose. But hell if I cared, I didn't need to hide my damn feelings like this guy.

"You bet it is!"

"Boys!" Tsunade slammed her hands down on the desk, making me jump and Sasuke glare away. "That is enough. You can't even get through ten minutes without fighting with each other. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to expel you two and you won't be able to graduate."

"What?! You can't do that granny! We're like…four months away!" The last thing I wanted to do was get kicked out of school. But by the serious look in her face, I could tell that Tsunade was completely serious.

"You two are becoming dangerous to the school. We're going to run out of money just fixing all of the things you've ruined."

"Why don't you ask money bags over here to pay for it? I'm sure he can give you the million bucks he uses to fuel his fireplace in the winter." Sasuke scoffed at my comment and crossed his arms over his chest.

"You're even more stupid than I thought. Principal Tsunade, you better just save the world some trouble and put him back in the first grade."

"Hey! I may not be a super genius like you, but at least I know how to talk to people without making them cry." Which was pretty much true. Sasuke had a fan-club, but any time the girls tried to come near him, he'd glare or walk away from them as quick as he could. Why any girl would like a jerk like him I'd never get.

"Both of you, stop talking." We both turned our attention back to Tsunade, who sighed and shuffled a file in front of her. "Since I know both of you are not trying to cause trouble, I've decided to try and stop these pointless fights. Starting tomorrow afternoon, you will meet up with up with a therapist. And you will see this therapist every Wednesday until he sees it fit for you to stop coming."

"What?! You think we're crazy?" I asked, staring at her in shock. She shook her head and looked to the file she was reading before.

"A therapist isn't just for people who are insane Naruto. They help people with stressful situations or relationships, and aid them in understanding why they are feeling that way. If you and Sasuke talk to a professional about your fights, maybe he'll understand you better than I do. Because if you don't get through this, you two will be kicked out of school. You got that?" I wanted to say no. To be honest, I didn't want to do a damn thing with the teme outside of school. We hardly ever spoke outside of the classrooms or hallways, and only associated with each other when we happened to cross paths at parties. Like, for instance, Christmas parties…gah, I didn't wanna think about it.

"Fine." I blinked once before glancing to Sasuke, whose glare wasn't on me for once. Instead it was focused on the blond haired granny in front of us, his hands fisted against his crossed arms. "I'll do it."

"Really?" He rolled his eyes and glanced over to me, irritation evident in his gaze. Apparently Uchiha didn't want to do this either.

"Unless you plan on dropping out, this is the only possible answer." He then stood up, brushing his clothes off as if the room had contaminated his perfect body. I snorted and stood up at well, giving a short nod to Tsunade. She seemed to relax at how easy the idea had gone, but recovered as she held out the file to us.

"This is all of the necessary information you two will have to fill out before you meet with your therapist. This man was recommended by almost every professional that I talked to, and I have high expectations of your success. Make sure to follow the directions in the file and be there on time."

"Whatever granny," I muttered, skimming the questionnaire that we had to fill out. It didn't seem so hard, and most of the stuff was about me anyways. I grabbed the stapled packet with my name on it before shoving the file into Sasuke's chest, waiting till he grabbed it to move toward the door. "See ya tomorrow or whatever."

"Hn." Was all he said before I shut the door behind me. I sighed and glanced to the packet again, arching my eyebrow as one of the questions stood out to me. What is your relationship with the other person in this problem? I didn't have time to think before someone called out my name. I glanced up and grinned when I saw Kiba and Shikamaru, Kiba waving while he ran toward me. The other simply sauntered lazily to greet me, something that I would only expect from Nara Shikamaru.

"Man! The office? Isn't that like, the third time now?" Kiba laughed when I nodded and started to walk toward my locker. School was over anyways, and I had better things to do than stand outside the principal's office. "So you get another Saturday school?"

"No. Tsunade thinks me and Sasuke have 'issues', so we have to talk to a therapist." Kiba's howl of laughter was annoying, and I tried to ignore it while I tossed my books into my locker.

"No way! Now you're going to be stuck talking about your feelings and shit. Maybe they'll even make you two do a trust fall or something."

"Oh shut up dog-breath." I slammed my locker shut and leaned against it while shoving the papers in my backpack. Shikamaru leaned next to me and glanced up at the ceiling.

"Why do you fight with Sasuke anyways? It's not like you two have to talk." I shrugged my bag onto my shoulder while Shikamaru talked; rolling my eyes at what I thought was an obvious answer.

"Because we always have some stupid classes together."

"Why do you sit next to him then?" I hesitated a bit before shaking my head and moving toward the parking lot.

"Because me and Sasuke are rivals! If I didn't sit next to him, then it'd just be showing him I was scared or something. And nothing, especially Uchiha Sasuke, scares me!"

"You sure seemed scared at the Christmas party." I pushed the doors open quickly at Kiba's statement; glaring back at the grinning guy I called my friend.

"Shut up, that was different." I shoved my hand in my pocket, trying to distract myself by finding my keys while I remembered the weird night Kiba was talking about. Every year the town of Konoha would hold a giant Christmas party in the town hall. The pace was huge, and could fit almost everyone in the town between the three separate floors. Most of the high school kids went just to party, and it hardly took me any time to find Kiba and Shikamaru talking with some of our classmates. My eyes were instantly drawn to the pink haired girl in the middle. Haruno Sakura was extremely cute, smart, and strong. Oh, and did I mention she was obsessed with Sasuke? Because she was, and it made it almost impossible to get her to focus on me without Sasuke coming up in conversation.

But I still remember trying to catch her attention all night. She ignored me like always, and instead drooled with the other girls when Sasuke came in. Of course he had to look fucking perfect with his duck-butt hair style and annoying unblemished skin. Really, did they just make this kid out of porcelain or what? I tried to tell Sakura that he was nothing special, and he was a total jerk to anyone who went near him. But she just got all pissed off at me for insulting 'her' Sasuke, which started a huge fight between her and her best from Yamanaka Ino.

Me and the teme didn't speak for most of the night, but somehow his group of select friends and my enormous group of pals merged as one. Mainly because some of his friends like Tenten and Neji were actually pretty cool. Why they bothered with an idiot like Sasuke I'd never know.

"Ah Shika! You and Ino stepped under mistletoe. Now you've got to kiss." Chouji said through a mouthful of food. Man, when wasn't that kid eating? I looked up to what he pointed his drumstick at, and saw the small berry plant that had been doomed to ruin the night. Shikamaru sighed and Ino got excited, because Ino saw it as a way to one up her best friend in the romance department. Sure it wasn't Sasuke-kun, but Ino wasn't exactly picky. She just wanted to make Sakura mad rather than actually get with Sasuke. So Ino happily kissed my friend beneath the mistletoe, and I swore that Shikamaru blushed. Not that he would ever admit it to any of us who were watching, merely sighing and calling Ino 'troublesome' once the kiss was over. If he noticed the hurt look on her face he didn't comment, but instead moved his way over to the punch bowl.

And the rest of the night became chaos. Every girl practically killed themselves in order to get Sasuke under the mistletoe. It was pretty funny to see the Uchiha dodge them like they were actual enemies trying to kill him instead of kiss him. Some pretended to slip or hurt themselves under the plant, but would run after him as soon as he passed by without so much as a glance. Others tried to wave him over or get his friends to stand near it again so he would end up moving under it. And of course, I tried to keep Sakura away from Sasuke while positioning myself near the mistletoe. After all, any guy would use this as an opportunity to get their girl!

Now, I'm guessing you all know what happens next. And yea, Sasuke was standing near the plant because of his quiet conversation with Neji. Annnnd yes, I did run toward the same area after seeing Sakura so close to it. But you see, this Uzumaki Naruto was a smart little cookie. I noticed the teme and quickly pivoted, avoiding the dreadful plant and it's prediction of making me and Sasuke kiss. Unfortunately, Sasuke was apparently just as smart because he moved back too, causing our bodies to collide. We hit the floor hard, Sasuke now becoming my body pillow. The impact still knocked the wind out of me. It was enough to make my senses dizzy, and I placed my hands and forehead onto the ground underneath me to keep myself from falling off. Wait, why was the ground under my forehead harder than the floor under my hands? Only when I remembered the floor was made from marble, and floors did not groan, did I open my eyes to meet a slightly pained gaze.

It was strange to feel the teme under me. I mean yea, we fought and wrestled all the time. But normally one of us was squirming or not directly underneath the other. Our mouths were not touching, but our foreheads were. Our eyes locked in what could only be described in matching deer-in-headlights stares. My breath mingled with his, and for a moment I swore I felt…I felt…

The softest brushing of our mouths against each other's from the natural movements of air. A shot of electricity went down my spine and I jolted back from him in panic. We were practically on opposite sides of the room within seconds, my breathing frantic as I tried to organize the thoughts in my head. What the hell just happened?! I couldn't see Sasuke's reaction from here, and I strained to see around the people in front of us to catch a glimpse at his face. But suddenly, I felt a very evil aura from behind me. Slowly looking back, I stared in pure fear as the fangirls seemed to ignite with rage. Not good. The rest of the night I spent hiding in a broom closet of the town hall while Kiba and Chouji tried to think of a way to get me out of there. Finally Shikamaru decided to lend a hand and easily distracted the mob while I made my safe escape from the party.

Ever since then, it had been different. Sure me and Sasuke glared and fought, probably more just to make sure we were still rivals. But it…just wasn't right. Each time I watched his mouth smirk or grimace, it made my mind instantly go back to that moment. And then I found myself somehow starting a fight with him. Yea, so I kind of deliberately made sure Sasuke heard me today. It was only because he had this tendency to rest his pen on his lower lip when he was working, and the whole thing was oddly uncomfortable to me! I mean really what kind of a guy does that? Someone should tell him that's a woman thing to do.

Before I knew it, I was leaning against my truck and glancing between my two best friends.

"This therapy thing is gonna suck. I just hope the guy doesn't make us look at ink blobs and try to see things."

"That's what a psychologist does, Naruto, not a therapist." Shikamaru sighed and begun to cloud gaze, something he did every time gym class was outside. How people considered him smart, I don't know. I shook my head once and glanced to the two while opening the truck door and starting the car to get it warmed up.

"You two wanna come hang out? I don't gotta work tonight or anything." Both guys shook their heads before Kiba spoke.

"We've gotta work on some genealogy project for our psychology class. Have to find out who Ben Franklin's family was or something."

"Yea, and knowing Kiba, this is going to be way more than troublesome." The dog boy glared to Shika while I laughed, enjoying that someone else was getting played the stupid card. I hopped into my truck as they waved goodbye, and I gave up on trying to wait for my old hunk of junk to work. Even if I let it warm up for twenty minutes that thing would still blow out cold air. I ignored it, shivering the entire way back to my house. Luckily it wasn't too far, because you could never tell when my truck would randomly give out. I pushed the door open to the empty house, sighing when I was greeted by silence. Well, I thought it was silent until I heard a faint noise coming from my kitchen. Slowly I walked toward the kitchen and nearly screamed at the sight in front of me.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Okay, so I still shouted. But screaming is a more frilly type of girly thing that Uzumaki Naruto would never do.

"Hey short stuff." Jiraiya slurped on the noodles in his mouth while he sat on my counter, two cartons of ramen now lying on the floor. My ramen.

"That's my dinner you old man! Can't you just eat at home or something?!"He seemed to paused in thought, half of my noodles hanging from his mouth. Then he shook his head and continued to eat.

"It just wouldn't be as good." My eye twitched before I stomped over to the cabinet and started to make my own dinner, mentally thinking of several different ways to end his life. Right now, chocking him with the ramen was the best plan of action. "Think of it this way, blondie. I pay for all of your bills; the least you could do is treat me to some of your ramen."

"You have to pay for my bills, you're my damn guardian! I'm only seventeen; you can't just leave me on my own!" He scratched his chin slowly as if he wasn't barging into his god child's house and eating his food. Like he was some holy sage that I should be bowing down to instead of kicking his perverted ass out. "You idiot…"

"Hey, I'm your elder. You should be happy to see me, especially after the wonderful day you had." I blinked when he leaned back on the counter. I heard the beep of the microwave before I grabbed my food, blowing on it to cool the steaming noodles. Then I turned back to the old man while letting the salty taste of ramen calm my anger. Ramen could probably cure cancer if they tried it.

"How do you know about what happened today?"

"Well, I had a lovely little chat with my good old friend Tsunade."

"You snuck into her office after I left, didn't you?" I asked bluntly, my eyebrow slowly twitching when Jiraiya scratched the back of his head and laughed. "You're going to get arrested one of these days."

"Aw she loves the attention, she's just shy!"

"Or maybe she doesn't like you!" He waved off my answer and tossed the empty ramen cup to the trash, hitting the side of the can. I watched the cup roll to join the other two on the floor, gramps not bothering to pick up his mess.

"So, you and Uchiha Sasuke are still fighting, huh?" I nodded and stirred the ramen in my cup, slightly glaring at the mention of the jerk that got me into this whole mess. "You two haven't settled your differences yet?"

"Not with that bastard! He's got everything going for him, and he doesn't even try. He pisses me off."

"You know Naruto; I think that Tsunade is doing the right thing." He moved from his sitting position, moving over the ruffling my hair. I nearly choked on my noodles from the sudden jerking of my head, coughing to clear my throat and glaring up at him.

"How do you figure that? Granny's just fallen off her rocker." He bopped my head, and it was then I realized that calling his 'love' old was not very smart.

"Tsunade is very beautiful blondie, and you'd do good to remember that. Not only is she a pretty face, but a very intelligent woman. I trust her completely with any decision she makes. Plus, you'd be surprised how similar you and Sasuke truly are. You've just got to get over the fact that the Uchiha is a chick magnet." He made his way to my cabinet while I shook my head and shoved a mouthful of noodles into my mouth.

"Hiss nuffin ike tea," I muttered through my snack, swallowing the tasty food and continuing. "And he never will be!" He shrugged and sent me a smile while pushing some buttons on the microwave.

"Well, maybe you'll be surprised by what the therapist says tomorrow. I heard that he was the best in the entire region. Good luck tomorrow, I need to go back to the restaurant and check on our lovely staff!" He closed the microwave and left me in a quiet thought of who this guy was. Maybe he was just a crook that got away with scamming little old ladies and then leaving the town. Well...Tsunade wasn't exactly little physically, mentally, or vocally. So I guess the guy couldn't do that. Either way, I did—

Wait a second.

"Jiraiya! Get back here with my damn ramen!!" I shouted, bolting out of the kitchen and chasing the stealing old man all the way down the street. Damnit I hate old people!

And the next day was no better. I managed to get up late, which meant no ramen for breakfast. My first class was with Anko, my crazy science teacher who yelled at me every time I leaned my head on my desk. Then at lunch I completely forgot about money, and I had to beg Tsunade to let me borrow some. But by the time she finally gave me two bucks, lunch was over and I couldn't grab anything. The rest of my classes were boring and completely useless, and now I was headed toward some stupid therapist to meet with the teme and some lame dude who conned Tsunade into making us 'express our feelings'. This was going to be hell.

"Dobe." And of course, Sasuke was there early. He was leaning against the building, his hands shoved into his jean pockets and his blue winter jacket looking much warmer than my flimsy orange sweatshirt. I shivered a bit when a cold wind blew by me, and I quickly moved closer to the door of the office.

"What the hell are you doing waiting out here? And here I thought you were supposed to be the smart one?"

"Hn." He moved after me, the warm air of the office instantly warming my already flushed cheeks. January was way too cold for my liking. "I wanted to make sure you didn't chicken out."

"Chicken out?! This is Uzumaki Naruto we're talking about! I never back down from anything." I sent him a look and grinned, flexing one of my arms to emphasis the lack of need to run away. I'd just pummel anything that got in my way.

"Idiot." He rolled his eyes and moved to sit in one of the chairs near the desk, his posture perfect as always. I watched him shrug out of his coat and place it neatly behind him, once again proving how different we were. I simply chucked my sweatshirt onto the back of the seat before jumping onto the cushion, completely relaxing. And I was glad I did too, because we stayed in the office for a good thirty minutes without the therapist. Whenever one of us would talk it would start a fight, so I settled for meaningless glaring from my side of the room. He didn't acknowledge me, flipping through the papers he had neatly folded into his pocket. Mine was shoved somewhere in my sweatshirt.

So when the guy finally did get there, I was pissed.

"Where the hell were you? We've been waiting forever!" The guy seemed about twenty five, his hair an odd silvery grey. And by the looks of it, it was completely natural. The strangeness only got worse when you looked at his eyes, his right eye black and his left eye a strange red color. I blinked once to see if I was imagining things, but the red eye, along with a deep looking scar, was very real. He smiled and closed his eyes in a friendly gesture despite my earlier shouting.

"Sorry about that. I was helping a little old lady across the street."

"Across the—you were thirty minutes late! Where the heck was this street, Japan?!" He laughed and petted my head as if I was a dog before moving to sit behind the desk.

"I'm guessing you're Uzumaki Naruto. Principal Tsunade told me that you were the talker of the couple." I blushed a bit at the word, quickly shaking my head. But he didn't let me deny the comment as he continued. "My name is Hatake Kakashi, but please do not use formalities. Kakashi is just fine."

"Like I was gonna anyways," I muttered, moving back to the chair I was in before and scrunching my nose. Was this guy for real? He hardly looked old enough to be out of college, never mind be the talk of the town. He glanced to Sasuke and looked back down at his notes, nodding.

"And you are Uchiha Sasuke. It's nice to see one of you is calm."

"The dobe's never calm," He answered bluntly, making me growl.

"You shut up! What the hell do you know anyways?"

"Apparently a lot more than your empty head." I was so focused on glaring at Sasuke that I didn't notice Kakashi rise from his seat and start to move toward us.

"Oh yea? Prove it, I dare ya."

"You're at the bottom of the class. How you've even gotten this far amazes me with your lack of intelligence."He smirked and I flushed at the truth of his statement. Feeling a bit unsure of what to say next I brushed my nose with the back of my hand to buy some time. Okay, so I wasn't exactly a straight-A student like Sasuke, but so what? Didn't mean he was better than me!

"School smarts don't mean anything."

"They mean everything when you're trying to get a job, idiot."

"You take that back you—" I stopped when I noticed something move behind Sasuke. I blinked once to see Kakashi moving around us, a small notepad in his hand. Man, this guy was kind of distracting when I was trying to fight with Sasuke. "You…teme…hey, you. What are you doing circling us like that?"

"Oh nothing Naruto, simply determining which of you two are the dominant in the relationship." My eyes widened quickly at the statement made casual by the older man, who seemed to analyze my response and record it.

"W-What?! Me and the teme are not in any sort of the relationship! Stop spewing weird shit. You're supposed to help us stop beating the snot out of each other, not 'watch our body movements' or whatever you just said." He sighed once before walking to his desk and leaning against the front of it.

"A relationship is simply a connection between two people. Since you and Sasuke are classmates, then you have a technical relationship. Now in every relationship there is someone who plays the high status, and someone who plays the low status. This shows which person would be more dominate. Your fight shows exactly which one of you holds control over the relationship, and which one is merely the reactor." I scoffed at his explanation and rolled my eyes.

"Sasuke doesn't really count as a reactor. He hardly does anything other than grunt of call me an insult." Kakashi nodded in agreement, and I started to relax a bit at how easy going he was. Alright, so maybe he was little loopy, but you had to be after working with a bunch of messed up people.

"You're completely right Naruto."

"Ha! See that Sasuke, I'm right!" I stuck my tongue out at him, scowling when he only looked at me like I was an idiot.

"If you don't get what he's saying, you're even dumber than I thought." What? I think the confusion was easy to read on my face before Sasuke shifted a bit in his position, placing his elbow on his arm rest so his head could take a break. He was getting lazy like Shikamaru. He turned his attention from me, looking up at the older man and sighing. "You have to be blunt with him. His head it too thick for his own good."

"Now Sasuke, you've made your position very clear. No need to be mean about it." Kakashi turned his attention on me, the cheerful look making an odd shiver go down my back. "You're the reactor Naruto."

"I-I'm….wait…you're saying I'm the submissive one?!" I quickly jerked out of my chair at his nod, shaking my head enough to make myself dizzy. I closed one eye to try and focus, the three Kakashis I saw slowly molding into one. "There's no way I'm submissive compared to him. All he does is sit there and sulk!"

"Your body language is a very important way to tell which one is in control, mainly because it's an unconscious thing you do. Your movements are normally jerky and quick, showing you try to do things without people having time to stop you. When you get angry you flush and shout. Aggression is more of a defense mechanism for a submissive who does not wish to be submissive. When you speak, you have to keep your eyes on him or constantly moving back to him because your body doesn't feel comfortable leaving a vulnerable place like your face or neck open to an attack. You also tend to touch your face and hair a lot when you're out spoken, like the nose brush you continued to do, even now." My finger stopped against the side of my nose as I jerked my hand back and glared up at Kakashi. By now he was already looking to Sasuke.

"Now look at Sasuke. He has one leg crossed over the other, which shows he does not feel he has to be alert in this situation. His hands were placed in a steeple motion during the fight, where the pads of the fingers meet their opposite partner on the other hand. It is a sign of authority and power. His words are slow and calculated. He wants to make sure you understand what he is saying. He has no issue looking away from you, which gives you a direct exposure to his neck; because he knows that there is no threat in doing that. In the few minutes that I've watched you two argue, Sasuke was the one who chose which battles to fight and which to let slide. It's very evident that Sasuke is the one in control of this relationship."

Even though I wanted to hit the guy for even suggesting I was under Sasuke, I was completely taken back by how easily he analyzed our actions. Was I really that easy to read? I glanced to Sasuke automatically to see what his response would be, and then stopped in shock. Was looking for Sasuke's reaction a sign of submission? I squirmed a bit in my seat and turned a heated glare to my lap. Damnit I was not submissive! I wasn't the 'low status' or whatever else Kakashi called me. I was just as good as Sasuke, even better!

"Hn. I already knew that Kakashi. Let's move onto something else." I tensed a bit at how easily Sasuke brushed off the completely new discovery. He knew already? That stupid prick!

"Hey hey! Let's just get one thing straight here. I can wipe the floor with Sasuke any time I want to. There is no way that he's stronger than me." Kakashi seemed to glance between us, and it irked me now that I knew his eyes weren't just there to freak me out. Okay, so the whole 'I can read your movements' thing was kind of scary too, but that didn't change a damn thing between me and Sasuke. I still hated him, and he still hated me.

"I never said your strength or power had anything to do with this. Sure, normally the low status is a weaker person, but you two are…different than most cases."

"Different?" I asked slowly, unsure if I wanted to know the answer when he nodded. "How…?" Kakashi didn't answer, turning back to the file he had grabbed from behind him.

"Now it says here that your fighting only happens in school. I'm assuming you two don't try to get to know each other more than necessary, right?" We both must have nodded because that creepy 'I'm happy but really I'm going to screw you over' look came back on his face. "Well then I know just how to fix your situation."

"If you say anything else about this stupid high low crap—"

"I wouldn't dream of it." And once again, he ruffled my hair like I was his pet or something. Damn, was this a part of the submission thing too?! This 'therapy' was starting to make me think I really did need to see a shrink after all the psychological damage Kakashi had done. "I've decided that you two, starting Friday night, will spend three nights over Naruto's house."

"Are you crazy?!"

"No." But despite our obvious complaints, Kakashi continued to speak.

"I have read the case file that the school has collected on both of you. Tsunade had said that despite your first appearances, the two of you have a lot in common. You need to know the people that you 'hate' before we can see why you 'hate' them, don't you think?" I quickly crossed my arms at his reasoning and glared away, trying not to let the feeling of awkwardness move over me. Why did people keep saying we were alike? Everything about me screamed 'amazing' while everything about Sasuke said 'keep me away from sharp objects'. There was nothing alike there at all!

"Why Naruto's house?" I heard Sasuke ask. I went to look at him, but stopped and kept my stare on the wall next to us. Ha, take that Kakashi!

"Because Naruto will feel more comfortable there than at your house. I have a feeling you are able to adjust to new situations better than he is, yes? To new ideas or…feelings." I didn't like the way Kakashi said that, but I kept quiet. The last thing I wanted to do was be stuck in the creepy Uchiha mansion alone with Sasuke. Who knew what type of torture devices he kept in the basement.

"Do we have to actually hang out during the day?" I asked, and Kakashi shrugged.

"Only if you want to."

"I assure you we won't." Apparently Sasuke wasn't as good at being the high status with Kakashi, who smile despite the slight glare Sasuke was giving.

"Well maybe you won't then. I certainly have no control over how you two feel. Only you do." But still, there was something off with that smile of his. I couldn't place my finger on it, but apparently Sasuke didn't like it. Before I even got a chance to struggle, Sasuke grabbed my arm and pulled me from the seat. I barely had time to snatch my sweatshirt while the persistent guy continued toward the door.

"We're done, right?" Sasuke asked, not stopping in his walking. I looked up at the clock to realize that it past the time we needed to stay. How the heck did the time go by so fast? I thought that this was going to take forever!

"I'll see you next Wednesday boys." A slight wave from the therapist was the last thing I saw of the office before the door shut behind us. Sasuke didn't stop pulling me until we had walked down the entire sidewalk, and it was only then I realized the jerk didn't even ask if I wanted to leave. I yanked my arm back quickly, ignoring his glare while I pulled my sweatshirt over my body again. Just because he gave himself time to put his coat on didn't mean the same for me!

"What's your problem? It's not like he called you a damn 'submissive' or anything," I muttered, my hood slightly falling over my eyes while I huffed. He didn't answer for a few seconds while I continued to tug the sweatshirt down my body.

"Look at me when you talk, idiot." Suddenly, the orange shadow was lifted and I looked up to see Sasuke's hand moving the hood out of my way. The slight brushing of his fingers along my forehead reminding me of the first intimate touch we had shared. I remembered his forehead was pretty soft compared to mine. It was kind of strange I remembered what it felt like, but the slight touch just now sparked a warm feeling in my stomach. His eyebrow arched slowly, and it was then I realized I was blushing. Quickly I shoved the hand away, grabbing the hood and shoving it back over my face.


"Childish," He scoffed out, and my cheeks darkened even worse under the concealment of my hood. Why the hell would Sasuke be the one to make me blush? I mean yea it was weird thinking of that night, but it's not like we really kissed or nothing! And even if we did, that didn't change the fact he was a complete teme. I hated him, and I would always hate him no matter what Kakashi made us do.

So we stood there in silence, me staring at the ground while Sasuke's gaze bore into my head. I didn't want to admit that we were probably closer than we needed to be, or that it was the first time me and Sasuke had been alone with each other willingly. I should have left. I mean, there wasn't anything left for us to do. Instead, I found fascination in watching the puffs of smoke slip past my chapped lips and into the air. I wondered for a second if it hit Sasuke when I did that. Well if it did, he didn't complain. Why wasn't he complaining anyways? Why wasn't I?

"What time?"

"Huh?" I looked up at Sasuke, now sure that the flushing was from the cold and not from him. He sighed, because I knew he hated to repeat himself.

"Friday. What time should I be at your house?" Oh yea. I would have smacked myself, but I knew Sasuke would find too much amusement in that.

"I have work till eight, so I guess after that," I said slowly, quite impressed with remembering my schedule. He gave one soft nod and turned away from me, shoving his hands into his pockets and starting to walk away. I moved toward my car, but stopped when he spoke.

"See ya then dobe." I turned back to him, stomping my foot on the ground.

"Stop calling me that!" I knew he heard me, but he didn't stop his casual walk over to his car. I glared while he drove off, and I swore I saw a smirk when he went past me. Storming over to my truck, I slammed the door shut and jerked out of the parking lot.

Did I say today was going to be bad? Because now, the next three days were going to be hell.

Well, there's the first chapter! I hope that you liked it, because now I…I'm kind of not sure how many chapters it's going to be. Haha…well I thought it'd be funny to make Kakashi the therapist since he's the only one that seems to be able to get through to Sasuke at times, and yet still make him mad. Well besides Naru-chan. Not a lot of romance yet, but it'll come eventually. Let me know what you think about it! =)