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A Chaotic Ever After

"Will you just calm down Kiba? You're acting like you're the girl in the relationship." I wedged the phone between my ear and shoulder while I pulled a shirt from the box on the floor. Really, having a talk while unpacking was not one of my better ideas. Especially when the person on the other side of the conversation was a panicking teenage boy on his first date with the girl he was in love with.

"This was a dumb idea. Why did I ask her to the movies? This is going to be such a boring first date!" I tried not to laugh at the mental image of Kiba pacing back and forth through his room, tugging his hair like a crazy person.

"Hey, at least you're having a first date. The bastard couldn't even get that right," I said, sighing. It had been nearly a week since the basketball championship, and our confessions. Well, of sorts. We still didn't say the actual words, but we were working on it. Sometimes having two stubborn people in a relationship had a downside.

"The police interrupted. Not my problem." I jumped slightly when I heard a loud bang behind me. Glancing back, I scowled at the idiot who had 'gently' dropped my box onto the living room floor.

"You know, I heard that humans could do this really helpful thing. It's called bending. Try it sometime."

"Brains are also useful and I never see you using yours." …I hated fighting with a genius. Instead of answering, I turned away from him and focused back on Kiba.

"Look, don't sweat it. It's pretty obvious that Hinata likes your dog-breath."

"What? How the hell would you know? You can't even remember who the first president was." Yes I could! It was George Washington…right? I shook my head to ignore the comment and focus back on his question.

"Whenever you two are together, she always touches your arm or shoulder. It's a non-verbal sign that she wants to be close to you. Also, she blushes all the time around you and bits her lip. It's a sign she's nervous or embarrassed around you." I smirked and leaned back on the balls of my feet, tossing the shirt I was holding onto a pile on the bed. I could practically hear Kiba stuttering on the other side of the phone.

"How do you know all that crap?"

"Eh, places." I leisurely glanced up at the clock on Sasuke's nightstand, sighing. "Oh, and you've got fifteen minutes to go meet Hinata."

"Fuck!" And without another word, the ungrateful jerk hung up on me. I sighed loudly before tossing my cell phone onto the bed, falling backwards to sit on the floor.

"Jesus, giving relationship advice is hard. Especially with an idiot like him," I muttered, glancing around Sasuke's room. Everywhere the eye could see was covered in boxes, my name written in bright orange on every one of them. It had been Sasuke's idea to move me into his house. He claimed it was because he was 'sick of me borrowing his clothes'. And I said I would, because I was sick of wearing his clothes or something like that. So after school for the past couple of days, we had headed over to my house and picked up anything that I needed and moved it over to Sasuke's.

"I see you have my brother working hard." Well, I should say Sasuke and Itachi's house. I could feel the slight tension between the two brothers, which (luckily) wasn't as thick as their first confrontation in the hospital.

"You could help."

"Are you asking for my assistance, little brother?" Itachi asked, leaning against the wall. I could feel the anger pooling off of Sasuke despite his stoic face.

"…Hn."Sasuke scoffed and left the room without another word. Itachi had come home on Monday, which may have been another reason Sasuke asked me to move in. Even though the past had been finally figured out, Sasuke hadn't forgiven Itachi. And really, I don't think Itachi planned to be welcomed with open arms from his little brother. It was going to take a while for either of them to fall back into the role of siblings, but at least they were trying. Despite his cold nature toward his brother, I knew Sasuke wanted to mend the fences by how easily he let his brother move back into the house. It was a start at least.

"You need something?" I asked, mentally cursing myself for how quick my back tensed. It was those damn Uchiha eyes. Sometimes I swore Itachi could make a perfect killer in a horror movie, just based on those eyes. I'd say Sasuke could too, but his duck-butt hairdo would just make people laugh.

"Simply to inform you two I'll be out for the night." I blinked slowly at the news, not sure if I had heard right. Ever since Itachi had been home, he had hardly left his room. Hearing that he'd be going outside of the house was hard to comprehend.

"What? Where?"

"To visit an old friend."

"Who?" Once again, I was completely freaked out by the small smile that tilted Itachi's mouth before he made his silent exit out of Sasuke's room. The complete stillness lasted until another box was dropped on the floor. It seemed to propel Itachi into movement, barely brushing Sasuke's shirt as he moved out of the room. Despite the lowering of his head, I knew Sasuke was watching from the corner of his eye. "He's going to visit a friend or something."

"I didn't ask." Was the kind reply I got from the stoic bastard. I huffed and crossed my arms and legs, glaring up at him.

"What crawled up your ass and died today?"

"It's Wednesday."

"So what?"

"We have a therapy lesson today." Oh, right. Since didn't have to go last time, I had completely forgotten about the silver haired pervert.

"Well fuck," I said, slowly pushing to my feet and moving to Sasuke's desk. Pushing the stuff around, I ignored the glare I felt on my back when grabbing his phone and flipping it open. Skimming through his numbers (all four of them), I easily found Kakashi's office.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm calling the pervert, what else?" The phone rang twice before I was greeted with an overly-cheerful voice.

"Well hello Sasuke. To what do I owe the pleasure of receiving a call?"

"It ain't him. It's Naruto," I answered, leaning against the sill to stare out at the street. Faintly, I could see the car disappear from the street, leaving my concentration to fall back on the soft chuckle on the other side of the phone.

"My favorite blonde client."

"Knowing how messed up your 'techniques' are, I bet I'm the only one too," I muttered, ignoring the inner voice that reminded me of just how his skills changed my life. After all of the weeks of therapy, I ended up with my head flipped upside-down and turned inside out. He took every emotion I could possibly feel and jammed it into my body as fast as possible. My thoughts trailed away from the pink-haired beauty I thought was my future wife, and toward an emo kid who barely could say my name without an insult following it. And yet, despite all of that, I had turned out better than I had been before I had started the therapy. How he managed it, I could never tell you.

"I'm actually quite known in this town. That is why you two were my clients after all."

"That's cause granny doe—wait…were?"

"Yes, were. You were my clients." I blinked in confusion before glancing to Sasuke, who was contentedly (or as contentedly as he could…which wasn't content at all, come to think of it) tossing my things into piles. How he was sorting, I didn't know. Probably what he considered 'useful' and what wasn't. I could only guess that the huge pile wasn't things he planned to let me keep.

"What do you mean by that? Don't we have an appointment today?" I asked, glaring when Sasuke dropped my favorite pair of orange boxers into the 'non-useful' pile. They were classics!

"I completed what I needed to do. You two are in a relationship, not created from hate or disgust, but affection and love. Now that your relationship is rolling in the right direction, there is no need to see me anymore. Your required therapy is over. I've already notified your principal of your progress."

"So…so that's it?"

"Yup. You two are on your own." For a minute, I was happy. Listening to the pervert think of new ways to torture us was about as exciting as spooning my eyes out with a rusty spoon. But as the idiot moved to say goodbye, a small ball of anxiety grew inside of my stomach. "Well, I must be going. A client that I haven't been able to sit down with for years is about to come and I know he'd be quite offended if I continued to chat while he came in. He's very testy like that, but I believe it runs in his family. You two love birds have a good day off, okay?"

I didn't catch the underlying hint of who he was seeing because I wasn't focusing on his rambling. When he hung up, I didn't yell. Maybe if I wasn't so caught up in the continual swelling of uneasy emotions swirling inside of my stomach, I would have. But my mind stuck like glue to the idea that me and Sasuke were 'on our own'. It was something that I shouldn't have been bothered by. After all, both of us had been alone for most of our lives. Sure I had Jiraiya, but that was like having a horny Seeing Eye dog that veered away from you any time a pup with slender legs strutted by. And Sasuke had even less help than me. So being on our own wasn't something I should have felt so nauseous about.

What really scared me was being alone and together at the same time. It took Kakashi a couple months to turn our hostile relationship into something…else. It had taken us years. If something that simple was discovered by a pervert like Kakashi, why couldn't we see it? And now that he was gone, where was the relationship going to go? Probably downhill, not that I wanted to think like that. I mean, the bastard was so inside of his own head that without someone to pry all of it out, he would probably get stuck in there again. Not to mention that after this year, we'd be out of high school. I knew that Sasuke had already told me that he planned to stay here during college, but it didn't mean that our relationship would still be peachy keen. I'd be working full time while he was in school, and the tension of having his brother back could cause way more fights than before. And now, knowing that Kakashi was out of the picture, I wasn't sure that we were going to make it.

"Stop daydreaming, dobe. We still need to work on moving the rest of your junk." The rude awakening to reality was accompanied by a rough flick to my forehead. I instantly covered the spot with my palm, trying to rid myself of the stinging sensation he left.

"Don't you mean, you need to finish trashing my stuff?" I asked, slowly pushing to stand up. He stared at the final two piles that he had created, one barely having anything in it.

"I only 'trashed' what was stained or smelt like spoiled ramen."

"You threw away my lucky shirt, didn't you? You're one sick bastard!" I ran over to my stuff, searching through the things that I wanted to salvage before the jerk threw it all out. What right did he have taking my stuff anyways? Well…besides the fact that it was his house and at any point he could kick me out. But who really wanted to talk about that? Pushing myself back to my feet, I barely had time to turn before I had to step back when dark eyes appeared a few inches from my face. How did he move so quietly? Those skills would have been handy for when I was trying to sneak out of detention! They were wasted on him. "What do you want?"

"You're bothered by Kakashi's call." It wasn't a question. God forbid Sasuke not know something and have to actually ask for help.

"Kakashi bothers me every time I talk to him," I defended, though the arch of his eyebrow showed just how well he knew me. I hesitated, the old Naruto wanting to shove Sasuke's head into the wall for implying that I was that bothered by something so pointless. I clenched my hand to my side and turned away from him, shrugging as casually as I could. "Kakashi says we don't need to see him anymore. I guess we're off the hook now."

"Good," Sasuke replied flatly, making me glare back at him. Despite everything we had gone through, the bastard hadn't changed much. As if reading my mind, Sasuke dropped the stuff he was holding (probably because it was my stuff) and crossed his arms. "You think we still need the pervert around?"

"Yes…no…maybe. He gets you a hell of a lot easier than I do. I mean without that guy prying into your big head, we may have never…you know…" I used my hand to signal the invisible connection between us, not knowing quite how to word it.

"Kakashi didn't tell you to admit your admiration towards me." Well wasn't that a demeaning way of saying 'I love you'.

"Well I know that, jackass."

"Then why do you need him anymore?" I opened my mouth to respond, but found I had nothing to say. In a way, Sasuke was right. Kakashi was smart and all, but I had been going with my gut feelings for a while now with the idiot and they sure seemed to be working. If anything, Kakashi just gave me a headache and took way too much emotional time to talk about things I'd rather keep locked away. Both me and Sasuke had pasts that were better left alone. Hadn't we talked about it enough the past couple months? Maybe we really were done with therapy. But, without it, would the….relationship between me and Sasuke survive? "He intruded into our relationship without our permission."

"Are you stupid? He helped us stop trying to kill each other!"

"Your point?" His negative attitude was causing a vulnerability that I had never had before. Two minutes after Kakashi dropped us from his therapy, and we were already fighting. Were we really gonna be able to do this?

"Do you think our relationship is worse now than it was a few months ago? Cause if in your delusional head you think it is, then I'm not staying where I'm not wanted. Should I just start packing my 'stained and ramen smelling' stuff now?" I asked, looking up to see how he would react to the hostile question. He blinked, then sighed and walked toward when he answered.

"We're better off together. Alone, but together. Just myself and you, dobe." It was so much the statement that threw me off. It was the fingers that yanked at the back of my head when Sasuke pulled me up to kiss him. It felt weird and refreshing to feel his body against mine, which happened very rarely now that his brother had moved back. To know that Sasuke initiated it without me bugging him for an hour was an even bigger rarity. I savored the moment by trying to wrestle back dominance, which always seemed to fail when I 'challenged' Sasuke, as he liked to put it. When he yanked my head back from his mouth, he made sure to keep our lips close enough so that I could feel his mumbled words. Words that I thought I would never hear from Sasuke Uchiha. "You don't need Kakashi. You just need me. That's the point of love, idiot. To depend on the other person when you fail and expect only them to help you up."

"You sound like a fucking hallmark card," I replied, trying to ignore how even throughout the months we had gone though, he could still shock me enough to blush. Every time he brought the 'L' word I got flustered. It was rare, but Sasuke made sure I never forgot he meant it. He didn't answer my insult, but instead let go of my head and grabbed the handful of things that were left after he discarded most of my property.

"Put this upstairs as you see fit. You move my stuff; I'll toss yours out the window." Even with the snarky comment he left with, I felt myself relax. There was one major difference I had overlooked when I thought about the future of me and Sasuke's relationship. In the end, we both somehow managed to love each other. And now that we had found someone to make the world not so lonely, we weren't going to let go of each other. For the first times in a long time, we both had someone to live for besides ourselves. Sure we were still going to fight (like five minutes later when I did move his stuff in his dresser and he did throw my things onto the front lawn). Sure we weren't going to have the smoothest of relationships. But what kind of life would that be? After all,I didn't fall in love with just anyone…

"Naruto…Why are these orange boxers not in the trash?" I fell in love with Sasuke Uchiha, the biggest prick I could find. And that was the best chaotic ending I could ever ask for.

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