Summary: Iggy has a plan to force Fang to admit his feelings for Max, but what happens when that plan backfires? What happens when Mr. No Emotion gets a new power that's sending the whole flock on an emotional rollercoaster? And Gozen's alive and has...wings? Fax, slight(but not completely real)Miggy, maybe a little Niggy.

Max's POV

We were flying towards the coordinates that The Voice gave me. We ditched the Lerner's School. 'Good Riddance' to them I say, though I did feel a little guilty. I knew that my mom really wanted us to go there. Oh well, I'm sure that once I bat my cute little eyelashes at her she'll get over it...

Maximum, you still have to save the World. Keep on track. Oh, lovely The Voice is back.

Speak of the Voice. I know I have to save the World, you've reminded me like a thousand freaking times!

I'm just reminding you again, Maximum. Stay on track. I'll be leaving you for a little while, so you will be on your own. I'll try and come back soon, but I can't make any promises. I have a...situation.

Whatever Voice.I stuck my chin out, refusing to ask the voice why it was leaving. I glanced again at my flock. We were free. Again. I wondered breifly, if we would ever be free for real? Would we ever not be on the run?

There's me, Maximum Ride, Max for short. I'm fourteen, and so are Fang and Iggy. Fang is my best friend, and Iggy's blind. There's also Nudge, who doesn't shut up, ever. Gasman, whose name is pretty self-explainitory. Then my baby Angel, who can read, and control minds.

Angel isn't the only one with one of these nifty little gifts. We all had them. Angel could also shapeshift...kind of, into a bird of paradise. Fang could become invisible if he held still, which he usually did, so I lost him alot. Iggy could see the colors of things. Before you say "duh", Iggy's blind. Unless he was being practically snowblinded, in which case he could see. Nudge could hack any computer, sense people through the things that they've touched, and she was magnet girl. I could fly at super speed, got really bad headaches that made me want to die, and a voice in my head that was now leaving. Aren't I just Miss-Lucky-Mutant-Bird-Girl?

Of course, we all have wings. You heard me right, wings! We're freaky bird-kids that escaped from a school of angry white coats ready to experiment on us. They already made us bird kids, what more could they want? But appearantly they wanted a few more minor things. World domination being one of them.

A while back we destroyed a building called Itex, trying to get rid of the world dominators. I gave the speech of my life about global warming, and was feeling pretty dang good about it. We thought we were done, and headed to a school that the government was opening for us (a real school, not an experiment school), only to find out that my voice decided we weren't done yet. So now, we were headed to the coordinates that my voice gave us, ready to keep saving the world.

I'm sorry, I have to go now. Goodbye Maxim- Max. My voice derailed my previous thoughts, as usual.


I have to go now. Goodbye, Max.

Goodbye, voice. I thought, stunned that the voice had finally called me Max. I processed this for a half a second, before Bam!

Suddenly, I was falling. The railroad spike, I was praying I would never meet again, slammed through my skull. I didn't even have time to cry out. I tucked my wings and started plummeting. There was no way Fang would be able to catch me in time. Good! I didn't care, this hurt so bad.

My eyes were streaming tears, my whole body was shaking. No images came this time. I just...hurt. My mouth opened and let out a small cry. I was going to die, but I didn't care. My head hurt so bad!

"Max!" I heard Fang, as he turned around to finally see me falling. His voice was muffled, being snatched by the wind. I knew I was falling too fast, and he didn't have super speed flying.

The air stopped whistling past my ears, but I didn't care. I was still holding my head together. Fang had caught me on the opposite side than I'd heard him though. He shouldn't have been able to even catch me in time at all, let alone get to my other side.

Pain burst through my head again, and I didn't have time to care anymore. I heard myself scream in pain, but I couldn't help it. I clenched my jaw to stop it, but that made the pain even worse.

"Angel!" I heard Gazzy yell horrified, now she was crying out. She stopped abruptly.

"Thanks Iggy, I just wanted to see what Max's headaches were like, but I couldn't stand it." She said in a tear choked voice. "You can put me down now." So, Iggy had caught her, she was okay.

"No." I heard Fang say quietly. I was confused, his voice was still coming from the wrong side. Suddenly, I realized. Fand hadn't caught me, and Iggy had caught Angel. So who was holding me? My incredible need for freedom shot through the pain of my headache, and I shoved away from the person holding me.

Whoever it was, grabbed the arm I used to try and shove, and yanked. It dislocated my shoulder immediatly, but the pain of the headache was still dying away so it blended, I barely even flinched.

"Put. Her. Down." I heard Fang say in a low, angry voice. I forced my eyes open a bit and gasped at who was holding me. Just guess. Gozen had appearantly survived the fall. Now, they had grafted wings on him too.

"Can't they be a bit more original." I croaked. "I mean, there can only be so many people with wings before we're no longer mutant freaks." Gozen glared down at me, and I shoved away again. He caught me with the arm he'd already dislocated, stopping my fall with a jerk. I winced, and hardly contained hissing in pain.

"Shut up." He said quietly.

"Aw, Gozen. You're just sad that you got caught in the act of being a wanna-be. I'm mean, gosh, yeah wings are cool and everything, but are you really cut out for hanging with the cool kids. We're pretty hardcore. I don't know if you can handle it."

"Shut up before I drop you." Surprisingly his threat didn't scare me.

"Oh dear! What will I do if you drop me? I don't know, maybe use my wings." He slapped me, practically making my head turn in a full circle. Ow. "That sure wasn't nice Gozen Dearest. You really hurt my feelings." His face turned red, and I tried not to the shy away from the blow that was sure to come. While I'd been distracting Gozen Dearest though, Iggy snuck behind him and pulled his wings together behind his back. Gozen dropped like a rock. I re-snapped out my wings, and tried to look like I wasn't struggling not to fall with my dislocated arm.

"Okay, now let me carry you." Fang murmured quietly, flying up beside me.

"I'm fine." I lied through my teeth. I was losing altitude, and I was suddenly liking the idea of landing.

"Max, you look like you're about to pass out." Fang said urgently.

"We could just land." I suggested in a whisper.

"Gozen was just here, and I don't want to be close to where he is." I rolled my eyes, annoyed with his logic.

"Then let's go," but I faltered, and dropped a yard or so. I tried to concentrate on my breathing, and slow it down, but it was still coming out in short huffs. One of my wings tucked, without my permission, and I started to go down.

"Max!" Fang snatched me from the air, trying not to look too worried, though he wasn't pulling it off. I tucked my other wing in, knowing that he had me, and drifted into the darkness.



"Is she going to be okay?" I heard Angel whisper, worry coated every word. "I only experienced a few seconds and I thought I was going to die." My heart hurt for her, and I was sad that she had tried to feel my headaches.

"Angel. You. Have. To. Promise...never to feel my headaches again." I ordered weakly, my authoritive tone ruined my my quaking voice.

"Max!" Angel and Nudge threw their arms around me. I tried to smile and sit up, but pain ripped through my arm and I grimaced instead. "Max, are you okay?"

"Hunky dory." I tried to keep from wincing as I used my arm to help myself up. "So, now we know that Gozen is still alive. Maybe the Uber Director is too." I said, trying to divert attention from my pain. "I wonder why they grafted wings on him..."

"Who knows. It seems they'll graft wings onto anyone lately. Where's the benifit now?" Iggy said sarcastically. I chuckled.

"We should complain." Nudge chimed in. "Like, go to the school and say...'hey we were supposed to be the only flying freaks, and you gave our spot away!' and then like they we could hit someone. Or blow something up. Maybe we could just send an exploding note. Or what if-" I covered her mouth with my hand, but the sudden movement threw me off balance, and I caught myself with the injured one. I shut my mouth to keep from making a sound.

"Max!" Gasman suddenly cried, walking out of the woods with Fang. I was wondering where they were. Gazzy dropped all of the firewood he'd gathered and flung himself onto me. It added weight to my arm and I roughly shut my eyes again.

"Hey, Gazzy!" I hugged him, while trying to recover.

"Max! Are you okay?" He sounded nervous, like I'd fall down again any second. I stood up and glanced up at Fang, and he was trying to hide the same emotion from his eyes.

"Yes. I'm perfectly fi-" My voice choked off as another brain explosion crippled me. I doubled over, and quickly fell to my knees.

"Max!" Angel yelled. I didn't acknowledge her. I tried to secure the fragments of my brain together. Again, tears glided down my face, and it hurt too bad for me to be ashamed. I clenched my jaw again to keep from crying out. I layed the top of my head on the dirt, resisting the urge to slam it into the ground. Anything to stop the pain.

This was just as bad as the others, if not worse. I thought maybe I was over them, and they'd gone away, but I was so wrong. This particular one was lasting forever. I flopped to my side, staying upright took too much of my energy. I curled into a ball, please just end. I was groaning through my teeth, even though I was fighting it. Jeeze, it hurt so bad. I couldn't function. I couldn't breath. I could only feel this headache ripping through my entire skull. Then the pain didn't ebb away, it was just gone. I jumped to the bushes and threw up.

I took a few breaths and then walked back to where the flock was sitting, stunned. I plonked down between Angel, Gazzy, and Nudge. They all grabbed various parts of my arm, and tucked there faces away in them.

"I really am fine." I was lying a surprising amount today. "Don't worry you guys. I'm okay. It's been a long day, head to bed. I'm taking first watch."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Iggy asked softly.

"Yes, now to bed." They all groaned and started finding places to sleep. I leaned back against a tree. Fang came and sat next to me.

"You should get some sleep too. Are you sure you don't want me to take first watch?" I nodded without answering. "Max..." I glanced up to see Fang giving me an deep look, but I couldn't understand it. "Can I talk to you for a second?" He asked glancing at the younger kids. I nodded and stood up. We took a few steps away, just enough so the kids-who-might-be-prentending-to-be-asleep couldn't hear us. "Max, are you really okay?"

"Yup. Don't worry about me Fang, just go to bed." He rolled his eyes, and walked away. He knew I was lying. I went and sat back down.

After a little while it dawned on me that no one had re-located my shoulder. I got up and walked back to the edge of the camp. I took a deep breath, and pop. There was more pain that I was braced for, though I should have been. The pain shot through my body making me stagger forward, and bringing embarrassing tears to my eyes. Strong arms caught me and wrapped around me. Ugh, leave it to Fang to catch me at my moment of weakness.

"Max," he said in a whisper. He kept his arms wrapped around me breifly, and my head spun. What was with him? He was Fang, Mr. No Emotion, Mr. I'll-mess-with-Max-rather-than-try-to-understand. He was confusing me all over again. I took a step away from him and he let me go.

My knees buckled as yet another headache slapped me. Fang didn't expect it, so my knees slammed hard. I grabbed my head. Why? Why was this happening? Why all at once? Was I finally about to die? Were my genes unraveling? I let out a small whimper. The pain was never less. They weren't getting weaker. If anything they were getting stronger. I was on my knees, doubled over, forehead on the dirt, trying to repress the sobs. Please stop! I begged to no one. After eternity the pain finally stopped.

"Fang, what's wrong with me?" I asked helplessly. My voice was shaking, and the tears finally stopped. He sat down next to me, rather than make me stand up.

"I don't know." He looked down at his knees. Oh thanks, Mr. No Help At All! "Max, what is wrong with you?" He looked up at me, and I saw something that I didn't recognize. Fear. He wasn't even trying to hide it. His whole face, and his eyes, all screamed fear. He didn't know what was wrong with me, and he was afraid.

"Don't be scared." I told him harshly, because his fear was rapidly multiplying my own. "I'll be fine."

"I'm not scared. Of course you'll be fine, Max. You always are." But the lie was in both of our eyes. We had no idea if I would be okay.


Iggy POV

"Ig, can I talk to you for a sec?" Fang was shifting from foot to foot. Though, he was trying to act all nonchalant, like he wasn't embarrassed about having to ask my advice about Max. I may be blind, but I still knew why he was here. He and Max had been fighting...again.

"Yes loverboy?" I heard a slight sigh of frusteration. He'd finally admitted to me that he liked Max (though everyone knew anyway) but he couldn't seem to muster up the courage to tel her.

"Please don't call me that." I had a couple of comebacks, but decided against being sarcastic at this particular moment.

"Fine, what do you need?" He paused. Fang was never very good about asking for advice. He liked to figure things out on his own, but since he'd kissed Max twice and she ran both times, his confidence had been a bit shot. I tried to explain that if she didn't like him back then she wouldn't have gotten her panties in a twist over Bridgid, but he didn't seem to see reason. He kept coming back to the fact that she ran.

"I..." He paused again, "don'tknowwhattodoaboutMax." He said in a rush.

"What?" I tried to hide a smirk. We both knew that I understood what he said.

"I don't know what to do about Max." He said through clenched teeth. Wow, he really needed my help.

"What happened this time?" I said, surpressing my own sigh of annoyance.

"I don't know. It's like...everytime I think that she starts to like me. Or I guess not start to like me, but act like she likes me, something happens, and she backs away again." I was a little shocked that he was asking me, and admitting to being confused. This was quite the step for our silent Fang.

"Maybe Mr. I-never-tell-people-how-I-really-feel, you should tell her that you like her. She's probably confused by the fact that you kissed her and then flirted with another girl." I stated bluntly.

"I only did that because I thought it would make her jealous and-"

"It worked." I cut him off. "Stop thinking so much. For such a 'Slick guy' you really don't get girls at all." I could almost feel him rolling his eyes.

"What and you do know girls?"

"Dude, you're the one asking me for advice." I waited for him to argue with me, but he stayed silent. "She is probably just really confused. Tell her you like her," Suddenly I was hit with brilliance. No one ever got more jealous than Fang, and suddenly I knew the perfect way to force him to say it to her. "If you don't tell her soon, some poor underdog who's got a sappy crush on her will. Then you'll be stuck watching her with another boy."

"Who else would have their eyes on Max?" He asked a bit suspicously. So he caught my drift...very good job Fang. "And who else would she think is good enough for her?" Ouch, that was a low blow. Two could play at that game.

"What about Sam?" Fang let out a low growl.

"Stay away from Max." He said darkly. I had to stop myself from taking a step away. Fang could be scary.

I put my hands up in surrender, trying to keep him from killing me too soon. "Dude, who said I was talking about me? I'm just saying that you should tell her before you run out of time."

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind." He said quietly before stalking off.