(Author's Note: I think its really funny I'm writing another SasuSaku story because I'm not really supportive of the couple but they do have a lot of chemistry :P but in reality I'm a NaruSaku fan… which I haven't written a single fan fic for…)

Set before Shipuuden.

Sakura lay on her back staring at the stars, playing with her long hair. She had found a hair growth formula that obviously worked really well, her hair was longer than her waist.

That night she had woke up, dreaming of Sasuke, again. Almost two years had passed since he had disappeared, since she had even seen him. A shooting star flew by and the wind took her hair and tickled her nose but she didn't move. Sasuke-kun. She was getting stronger wasn't she? Would she ever be able to bring him back.

She closed her eyes to wish on that star. Her hair in her face, it smelled like cherry blossoms, she was in a flowing white night gown on the outskirts of the village. She knew the sun would be rising soon.

Suddenly, a hand, brushed away the hair from her face and her eyes shot open. She quickly sat up, but no one was there. She touched the spot on her face where she had felt the hand. Had she imagined it?

She felt shivers run up her spine and slowly stood up, one hand holding onto her arm and rubbing it, it had gotten chillier. Suddenly warm hands were placed over her arms and she stiffened, she could feel a warm and sweet breath on her ear, and she didn't even bother moving, she could already tell who it was.

"Sasuke-kun." She whispered closing her eyes and letting her head rest on the back of his neck, his lips kissed her head right above her ear and his hands wrapped around her shoulders. "I've missed you so much." She said placing her hands over his. She turned her head and saw the outline of his face and slowly felt his lips against hers.

The kiss was long and calm, beautiful, the most wonderful thing she had ever felt. And then suddenly, she was cold again. She looked around but he was gone, tears slipped down her face as she walked home. She looked into the mirror again. Slowly she began to snip it away. Long beautiful hair was a luxury she couldn't afford right now, it would only get in the way of her objective. To bring Sasuke home.

(I'm going to let you decide whether or not he was really there or not hope you enjoyed, I was planning on making a whole story on this but decided to make it much shorter)