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I've always been mean, but I've had my reasons. Wouldn't you hate life if your parents didn't care, your brother was a lunatic, and the one guy you like thinks your a freak? At times I wish I could run into my bedroom and cry, but I'm too strong to even try. If only that brat, Zita, wasn't here. She used to be my best friend, but she's just an evil backstabber. She told Zim, dare I say it, "cutest" guy at skool, that I was a freak like Dib.

My plan for life was to go through skool covered in my shell of hate so I wouldn't have to deal with this shit. But No. Zim just to come to skool. He even seemed sorta goth like me. I can slowly feel my shell dying, and I don't want it to! I glanced at the cold, grease covered pizza and sighed. For the first time in my life, I didn't have an appetite for it.

Dib told me to stay away from Zim. That he was dangerous. But of course my brother is a freak always lost in his paranormal shit. Besides, how could I stay away from the one person I'd felt devotion to? It felt impossible.

I sighed and got ready to face the hell hole called skool. Dib was arguing with Zim again. Zim! He was so cut when cussing my brother out. How I'd wish he'd notice me. He turned, and our eyes met. Inside my head I smiled. Zim walked to the bus stop and stood next to me. I could feel the skin beneath my white base makeup turn red. Maybe there was hope yet.