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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Who Framed Ronald Stoppable?

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Kim sighed softly as she nestled herself into Ron's chest. She closed her eyes in content as her fingers began to dance along his chest.

"Ronnie, are you sure the kids are asleep?"

Ron nodded.

"Yep. JJ stuffed himself silly with Nacos, I played all of AJ favorite games today, CC played Barbies all day, and JT been asleep since early morning. An earthquake couldn't wake them up."

Kim placed her head on Ron's shoulder as she settled down for some serious snuggle time with her husband.

"That's good to know."

"Yep. Gotta say, sometimes I felt like putting some of Drakken's mind control shampoo on them, though."


"Oh, c'mon, KP. Don't act like you haven't been thinking it. All parents do."


"Aha! See? I'm right. You do wish you had some kind of control over them!"

"I'm a mother, Ron."

"You're a parent, Kim. Doesn't matter what title it is, you're still a parent. And all parents wish they had some kind of special trick to make their kids behave more sometimes. Why…"


Kim got up off the couch and went to go answer the door.

When she opened the door, she saw four broad shouldered men standing before her. She stared at the taller of the men with the tiny neat looking scalp. That's when she noticed what hung from the breast pocket of his dark blue suit jacket—a gold police shield on the flap of black leather.

She looked towards the other men and saw the same shield on their breast pockets.

A smothering sensation of fear crept up Kim's spine and spread over her chest, numbing her.

"Ma'am, do you know a Ronald Stoppable? Does he live here?"

Kim froze. They were calling her ma'am. Something had to be terribly wrong.

"We're from the Seventy-sixth Precinct. Ma'am, are you Mrs. Ronald Stoppable?"

Kim blinked as she finally found her voice.

"Y-Yes. Yes, I am. I'm Kim Stoppable."

"Ma'am, may we come inside?"

"Who's at the door, Kim?" Ron asked as he began walking towards her.

"That's him!" One of the officers said as they drew their weapons.


"Get down!" an officer said, pointing at Ron.

"What are you doing?" Kim screamed as she tried to run to her husband's side, however, one of the officers grabbed her arm and restrained her from moving.

"What's going on here?"

"I said get down!" the officer ordered again. This time he and a second officer grabbed Ron and threw to the floor onto his stomach. They held him down with their knees in his back.


"Ma'am, be still."

"Get off of him!"



Kim snapped her head back towards the stairs to see her thirteen year old son, and ten year old daughter looking down at the display in horror.

"What are you doing?" Justin yelled as he ran towards one of the officers.

"Get off of him!" Anne Jean screamed as she followed her brother.

"Get off of my, Daddy!" Justin said as he began punching one of the policemen.

The officer roughly shoved Justin off of him, sending him crashing into one of the walls.

"Justy!" Anne Jean screamed as she ran towards her older brother.

Kim snapped her hand out of the officer's grasp as she delivered a right hook into his face, causing him to stumble towards the door.

Kim raced to her son as she gingerly picked him up, looking him over.


"I'm okay, Mom! Help Daddy!" he said as he pointed towards his father.

Ron was being handcuffed by the two officers that were holding him down.

Kim raced towards her husband with her children hot on her tail. Just before she could reach the officers though, she was grabbed and pushed against a wall by the policemen she had just delivered a blow to. He wiped the blood off his lips as he continued to restrain her.


"Get off of me!"

"Ma'am, you need to calm down."

Kim began to panic as she saw the two officers who restrained Ron earlier, sharply pick him up and roughly begin shoving him towards the door.

"Hey man, what's the …"

"Sir, you have the right to remain silent. Should you give up the right to remain silent, anything you say may be used against you in a court of law."

"I didn't do anything! Why are you…"

"Sir, do you understand your rights as they have been read to you?"


Anne Jean ran to her father but was snatched up by the fourth officer.

"Put me down!"

"Let go of my sister!" Justin screamed as he lunged for the officer, but was snatched up by the policemen who had read Ron his rights.


"Put them down!" Kim screamed as she tried to escape her officer's deathly grasp, though she was unsuccessful. She found herself being shoved against the wall even harder than before.

"Ma'am, you were ordered to be still."

"What are doing with him?"



Kim looked up to see her five year old son and daughter staring up at the display the same way Justin and Anne Jean had just moments earlier.


"Daddy!" Serenity cried as she saw her father being shoved out of the front door.

"Ronald Stoppable, you are under arrest for first and second degree murder."

"What?" Kim screamed as she tried once again to escape the policeman's grasp, but to no avail.

"Ma'am, be still."

"Mommy, why are they taking Daddy?" Jason asked as painful tears ran down his face.

Once Ron was out of the door, the officers released their hold on Kim, Anne Jean, and Justin. They then proceeded out the door as well.

"Hey!" Justin shot up off the ground as he ran straight out the front door. "Gimme back my Daddy! Let him go!"

Kim got up and ran towards the door. She got there just in time to see Ron being roughly shoved into a 2006 police cruiser.

Before she could get out of the door, an officer, or more specifically the officer she had assaulted earlier handed her a manila envelope.

"Ma'am, this is for you. Your husband has a trial coming up in two weeks. This has the date, time, and location where the trial will be held as well as other important factors. I'm sorry it has to be this way."

And with that, the broad shouldered man walked back over to the police car. Kim saw him gingerly pick up little Justin and put him to the side before getting back in the police car and drive off.

Kim froze as she stared at the transition. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion to her.

Kim shook her head as she continued to look at the spot where the police car that held Ron was only moments ago. The cries and screams of her children didn't even register in her mind.

All she could think about was her husband. Her partner. Her love.

Only one thing was on Kim's mind now: Find out the person who did the killing and framed her Ron.

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