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The world has its secrets. Everyone seems to have one. Some are big, others small. Mine…well, my secret's pretty big I guess. Supernaturally big.

Not many people would believe me if I told them. If I could tell them. But to be honest… I'm not too normal to begin with. My parents were both killed when I was eight, leaving me all alone. I remember the night quite clearly. Sitting in a dark alleyway, curled into a ball and sobbing. I was there for at least an hour or two before he found me.

He silently stared at me for a moment, before outstretching his hand. I should have been smarter. I guess I should have run away. He was a stranger, after all. But…I'm not quite sure; something just attracted me to him. So I gave him my trust, and took his hand.

Now that I'm older, I don't really regret my decision. Even though, making that decision did take away my chances of being normal. You see, he was – and is – a vampire. And he has marked me as his 'Doll' – his main source of food. But I don't really care. Because somehow…

…I've fallen in love with him.