The sky seems unusually grey today.

The sun resembles a dying light bulb. There are a couple more clouds than usual. I don't see or hear any birds. A strange cold breeze is blowing. It's so close to summer… Maybe a storm is coming? I shouldn't let it bother me too much. But I still take a couple glances out of the window while I eat my lunch. Other students continue to chatter, including Luka who sits across from me.

"Hey, Rin…"

I look away from the window, placing my gaze on the older female. Her bowl of food is empty, a small bit of curry on the side of her mouth. She's not looking at me, but at my meal.

"Are you going to finish that?" She asks, smiling.

Glancing down at the bowl, I take note of how little is gone. Only a few bites of the pork are missing, and at least two thirds of the rice remains. I sigh, gently nudging the bowl in her direction.

"Go ahead…This is why I don't eat in the cafeteria that much. They give way too much, and I hate being a waste."

"I think they don't give enough sometimes. But the prices are good…"

My eyes wander back to the window as Luka begins to eat. I pick at the locket around neck, starting to zone out again. My pink-haired friend quickly pulls me back though.

"Where's Miku? Have you seen her?"

"…I'm not sure… She didn't say anything about being late…"

"She's missing lunch… Poor girl is going to starve."

"Luka, I think only you would starve without lunch."

We both share a quick giggle. Luka takes another bite before continuing.

"I suppose you're right… I hope she didn't go home early or something."

"Me too…"

"…Oh, hey! I heard something about your homeroom teacher."

"Oh yeah… She'll be leaving for the rest of the school year. We'll be getting someone new soon."

"I heard it was a guy… I hope he's cute!" She squeals. I roll my eyes, smiling. Luka then prods my breast with the clean end of her chopsticks. Blushing, I scoot back a bit.

"Well, you already seem to have found your soul mate. So nothing to worry about for you!"

"That's… true, I guess." My face radiates even more heat, thinking about Master Len. Are we soul mates? I mean, I love Master with all my heart, but…

I look over, spotting Miku running in our direction. She has nothing but a newspaper with her. Luka and I watch as she skids to a halt, still bumping into the table. It trembles. The female catches her breath, long blue-green hair resting on the edge of the wooden surface. We stare, eyebrows raised. After a moment of listening to Miku huff, she unfolds the newspaper and sets it down so we can see.

"Look at this…!"

We lift out of our chairs a bit, bending over to get a good look.

"…A road roller is missing from a construction site?" I ask. I'm a bit confused at why she ran to show us this.

"…What? N-no! This!" Miku quickly flips the paper over, slamming it down on the table. I read the headline out loud.

"…Three high school girls… found dead?!"

Luka snatches the paper. A few people overhear, and make their way over to our trio. Miku ushers Luka to read the article out loud. She nods.

"A few days ago, three girls were discovered dead in various places in a neighboring city. The three, unrelated in any way, were pronounced missing just hours before. It has been requested that their names remain private at the moment, but they were all 15 years old."

The crowd grows, and a few whispers can be heard. I cover my mouth with my hand, eyes dilated. Miku bites her lower lip. Luka frowns and continues.

"It is suspected that they all shared one killer. All three bodies were found in the exact same state. Their necks look as if they were ripped apart by a wild animal, with more weapon-made cuts found on their chest and stomach areas. If anything, it looks like their attacker was dissecting them. But no evidence, even forensic, can be found at the moment. Another thing missing from all the crime scenes is… the victim's blood. I-It appears t-that… the victims were all…s-sucked d-dry… not a-a single drop of b-blood… left…"

She puts the paper down. The female shakes her head, refusing to read any further. The chattering crowd's volume increases, discussing the news. Luka for once pushes the bowl of food away, mostly losing her appetite. Miku retrieves the paper, folding it back up. I silently stare down at the table, lost in my own world, trying to grasp the information.

"Oh my god…"

"I think I heard about this on the news earlier."

"Those poor girls…"

"Hey, it said a neighboring city, right? What if the killer comes this way next?"

"…You're right!"

"I-I don't feel safe anymore!"

"W-why would…s-someone do something like this…?"

"Who knows…?"

"It sounds like some insane wannabe vampire or something…"


The voices continue. I remain engrossed in my thoughts until a piercing gaze is felt. Looking up, I notice Miku staring right at me. It takes a moment for me to understand what she's trying to get at. Removing my hand from my mouth, I prepare to rebut. But before a single word slips through my lips, the twin tailed girl grabs me by the wrist.

"Bathroom. Now."

She gives me no time to protest. I'm dragged out of my seat and through the small group of students. Glancing back, I notice no one react to our sudden departure, not even Luka. I sigh, anticipating what is to come next as I'm dragged down the hallway and into the girl's restroom.

Once inside, Miku quickly checks every stall, to confirm that the restroom is empty. My eyes crawl to the door, wondering if I should try and escape. But it's too late. Miku quickly gets in front of me, a scary look on her face. I shrink back.

"I have a good feeling that this is somehow related to your little 'Master', Rin…" She growls. I frown.

"…N-no way! Master Len would never do something that horrible!! He's too nice, too kind…too-"

"That's to YOU. He's nice and kind to YOU. Who knows, he could just be putting on an act to impress you!"

My eyesight blurs a bit. Just the thought of Master doing something like this…it can't be true!

"M-Miku, quit it! I've known Master for years, he'd…he'd never do this!"

"Oh come on, you heard the article! It had to have been done by a vampire!"

"You know good and well Master Len isn't the only vampire in the world! And besides, who knows, maybe it is just some human psychopath!"

"He's the only one in the area! Or maybe his mom or that other red head guy did it! Either way Rin, it's not safe being anywhere near them!"

"Miku, I-"

I'm cut short by the sounds of footsteps. Miku and I both quickly look at the doorway, hoping we weren't overheard. Soon, a fairly familiar looking girl enters. She has long blonde hair tied into a single side ponytail. I recognize her, but I don't think I know her name. Miku seems to know though.


The rather emotionless girl looks towards us.

"…Oh, Miku. I'm not interrupting a confession or anything, am I?"

We both turn a deep red, forgetting about our small quarrel. I step away from Miku as she begins to wave her hands frantically.

"W-what? N-no, not at all, we weren't confessing anything, j-just... having a girl talk, t-that's it!"

Neru simply smirks. She bends down, retrieving a yellow cell phone from a small pouch around her upper leg. She flips the device open and begins pushing away.

"Heh, sure, whatever." Neru mutters as she leans against one of the sinks. Miku and I exchange looks for a moment. Finally, I leave the bathroom with Miku following close behind.

"…R-Rin, I'm sorry for yelling like that, I'm just worried about your safety…"

"I know… Don't worry about it. We're all just a bit shaken by that article. …Miku, can you tell the teacher I'm not feeling well? I want to leave early." I tell her, not looking back. She stops, while I keep going.

"Huh? You don't feel well?" Miku pauses and then continues. "…You're going to see Len, aren't you?"

I nod still walking.

"I just…really want to be with him right now, okay? I'll see you later."

(Len's POV)

I shift in bed, my biological clock telling me night is falling. Not ready to get up, I simply roll onto my side. My legs bump into something though. I open my eyes languidly. Even though my vision is slightly blurred, I can make out a figure sitting on the edge of the bed. My vision comes into focus as I prop myself up on my elbows.


"Good evening, Master." I'm greeted with a gentle smile as I sit up fully in bed.

"Ah….Rin, My Doll, you're here…" I return the smile with a small meek one. Slowly caressing her cheeks with my hands, I draw her face closer. "You're here so early."

"I just wanted to see you~" She giggles as I pull her into a hug. I bury my face into her glowing gold hair.

"Did you have to wait long? Oh, what about school?"

"Please don't worry about that, Master…" Rin nuzzles my chest, and I let it go. A sigh of content slips through my lips, entangling itself into my Doll's hair. I gently pet her shoulder as she sighs as well.

'Hehehe~ My sweet little Doll came to see me early! This is great, too good to be true…'

An obnoxiously loud banging noise emits from the door, causing us to flinch.

"Open up! It's Miku!"

I groan. It IS too good to be true. Rin and I exchange glances before she wiggles out from my grip. I try to straighten out my clothes as she walks to the door. The sound of the door unlocking reaches my ears as I turn the other way.

"Hey Miku…"


I glance over to see the annoying female pointing straight at me.


"…M-Miku, please…I already told you at school that Master Len has nothing to do with it."

"Wait… have nothing to do with what?" I raise an eyebrow, getting out of bed. Rin fidgets.

"M-Master, nothing-"

"Don't act like you don't know!" Miku spits. "I'm sure your kind had something to do with it!"

My kind. Vampires, she means. I sigh, looking over to Rin.

"…My Doll, if it's not too much to ask…"

She looks at me, cheeks a light shade of pink.

"…Could you explain to me what she's ranting about?"

My Doll twitches as the command takes effect. I hear Miku growl at me, but ignore it.

"A-ah…Not too long ago, a few girls were…m-murdered in a town neighboring ours… M-Miku has it set in her head that a vampire is to blame."

"So that's it… Thank you Rin." I look over to the fuming aqua-haired girl, not very amused. "And why are you SO sure that's what happened, Miku?"

"Simple. All three girls were found sucked dry and their bodies torn to shreds!"

I flinch. That sounded… even a bit much for a vampire. But I guess there's a possibility. I take a moment to slowly answer her.

"…I hate… to inform you, but I had nothing to do with those incidents." Rubbing the back of my head, my eyes fall to the floor. I hear Rin sigh, and soon she is standing beside me. The female leans against me, hugging my arm. I blush.

"I just knew you were innocent, Master!"

"Of course, Rin…"

"…You must admit though, it does sound like a vampire, right Len?"

Hearing the deep voice, I look up. All eyes fall on the open doorway. Miku steps to the side as a tall figure emerges from the dark stairwell.

"Akaito?" My Doll asks. The red head smirks and nods. Miku rolls her eyes.

"Oh great, my brother's clone is here." She crosses her arms and turns away, still in a foul mood. Akaito opens his mouth to rebut, but I stop him.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm not too hungry tonight actually…Got bored. So I thought I'd drop in." He walks in casually, taking a seat and making himself comfortable. "Now then, I overheard your conversation by mistake…"

'Yeah right…'

"…And it does sound like a vampire's doing." The male looks over to Miku, then to Rin. "Would you happen to have more information?"

Rin puts a slim finger to her lips and looks to the ceiling. She takes a moment to think before her beautiful blue-green eyes travel to Miku's boring blue ones.

"Miku, do you still have the article with you?"

"Oh… yeah. I've been carrying it with me all day." She says, Rin's voice calming her mood. The girl pulls out a folded newspaper. Miku walks over to Akaito and holds it out to him. He grabs the paper from her, and she sits down as well. Rin and I take a seat on the bed as he reads it.

After a few minutes, he tosses the paper aside and groans. The male hides his face in his palm.

"What is it?" I ask, slightly worried by his reaction.

"This sounds like the work of my brother…"

I groan as well.

"Which one?"

"Wait…Akaito, you have brothers?" Rin asks, tilting her head. I nod.

"Akaito has a lot of brothers and sisters. He comes from a big family."

"It's not my fault my parents reproduce like goddamn rabbits…" He mutters.

"Anyways, who are you talking about, Akaito?"

"Taito of course."

I twitch hearing his name.

"Y-you don't…."

"Yes, I do mean THAT Taito. The psycho one. Is there another one?" Akaito punches the small table by his chair. The well-crafted piece of furniture caves in, the shards falling to the ground. My palm meets my face.

"You're going to have to pay for that…" I mumble.

"Wait, what? Who's Taito?" Miku asks. My gaze moves to her. Sighing, I sum it up quickly.

"Akaito's mentally unstable brother who lives in Alaska, the last time I checked."

"Oh, great… An insane vampire, just what we need." She huffs, standing up and putting her hands on her hips. "And if he lives all the way in Alaska… WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING IN JAPAN?!"

"DAMMIT, WOULD YOU STOP YELLING?!" Akaito snaps back. The red head stands up, stomping over to the girl and getting in her face. "ANYWAYS, WE DON'T KNOW WHY HE'S HERE-"

"Probably to see you or something." I bluntly butt in.


The two continue to bicker like a married couple. I tune it out as best as I can and turn my attention to Rin. She's frowning. I return the sad expression.

"Oh, Rin…" I whisper. "Don't worry about it, alright? I'm here to protect you…"



We both turn to Miku.

"I think we should leave now." She begins walking in our direction. Rin quickly grabs my arm, and my face heats up slightly.

"M-Miku! ….It's S-Saturday, remember? I stay here with Master…"

"B-but Rin, it'd be better if-"

"My Doll is perfectly safe here with me."

Both Miku and Akaito glare at me as I pull Rin into a loose embrace. I close my eyes, hiding my face in her hair, and take in her sweet scent.

"You two can go now."

Miku leaves. Akaito doesn't.

However, the night goes on. I try my best to get through normal nightly procedures with Akaito's eyes plastered on me. The awkwardness begins to get to Rin though, and she goes up to her room for a little nap. Sighing out of annoyance, I grab a novel from the bookshelf and sit down. Akaito stays seated across from me. I pretend to read for a good ten minutes before caving in under his glare.

"…Akaito, why are you still here?"

He smirks, happy to finally be acknowledged. But it soon drops to a more serious expression.

"Something you said earlier…bothers me."

"And what would that be?"

"You said she'd be safe here with you."

"So? She'll be safe here with me."

"That's a lie."

I stare at him.

"It's not."

"That's a damn lie, and I'm positive you know that." He stares right back, face plastered with seriousness. I growl, slamming the book shut.

"Seriously Len… she's your Doll. You're going to kill her sooner or later."

"I will not."

"Look, you've probably set a world record with how long you've kept her alive. But it's inevitable. You're going to eventually kill her. We need human blood to survive you know…"

"I can control my urges."

"For now. You're still growing. You're going to need way much more than you're taking now to survive."

"Shut up."

Akaito sighs impatiently as I look away. A short silence engulfs the room.

"…Well, what else did you want, Akaito?"

"I want you to get it through your thick skull that being in love with a human is pointless and wrong."

I let it go in one ear and out the other. I groan as he continues his scolding.

"Humans are food sources. That's it." He pauses. "…Well, I guess they're fun to… play… with at some times."

"And what do you mean by THAT?"

He chuckles and leans closer. A big smirk is on his lips.

"Oh come on~ Don't tell me you haven't even-"

"Don't even say it, you pervert."

Akaito laughs, leaning back in his seat. "Well you're no fun! Dolls are our property, so we can do whatever we like with them. Including-"

"Oh, so you have?" I glance back at him with a disgusted expression. Sadly, my cheeks are red in color. The male closes his eyes, head up as if he's proud.

"Well, of course."

"I wonder what that says about you, considering at LEAST 99 percent of your Dolls are of the male persuasion, dear Aki~" A rather happy-sounding voice chimes.

Akaito's face turns as red as his hair at the remark. I muffle a small chuckle as we both look towards the entrance. And of course there stands my wonderful mother, slowly entering the room. Akaito opens his mouth to say something, but quickly shuts it as the female sends a smile his way.

"Mom, what are you doing here?"

"Checking up on my one and only son of course~ How are you doing?" She calmly takes a seat next to me. My mother pulls me into a loose embrace. I look away, chuckling a bit.

"I'm perfectly fine…" I reassure her.

"Then what were you two discussing just now?"

Akaito butts in before I can get a word out.

"About how pointless his stupid little fling with his Doll is." The older male shakes his head as if ashamed. I groan before wiggling out of my mom's grasp. But she quickly pulls me back in.

"Leave my poor son alone~ Be happy that he's in love at such a young age!"

"Mom, I'll be turning 141 later this year…"

"Be happy that he's in love at such a young age!"

Squirming to get away, I sigh.

"I'd be happy for him if he weren't in love with a human of all things…" He huffs. "Even if you DO avoid sucking her dry, she's going to get old and die anyway!"

My movements slow as his words sink in. I stare at the floor, thinking.

"…Oh you are kidding me! Don't tell me you never thought about that! Rin is going to get old, wrinkly, and eventually die. D-I-E."

"Akaito, please drop the subject, alright?"

"Why? He should know these things."

"Hush, let my son enjoy this love. L-Len, ignore Aki and-"

"The day Rin dies, I die."

My blunt statement leaves the room in silence. Without looking up, I can tell they're both staring at me.

"…Idiot." The red head mumbles. I look up as he rises from his seat. Mother finally releases me. I watch as Akaito approaches the door.

"…What about Taito?"

"What about him?"

"He's in the next town over."

"…Ah, Aki's….interesting brother Taito is in the area?" Mother coughs, "How fun…"

"We're not even sure it's him." The male stops, looking back over his shoulder. I stand up.


"Look. They're in the next town over, right? This doesn't concern us. If they do anything here, we'll look into it, alright?"

Silently nodding, I sit back down.

(Rin's POV)

"Did you hear?"

"I know…it's so sad…"

I look up from my textbook as I hear a few students chatting before class. Eavesdropping really isn't my thing, but…

"So Akita Neru really did go missing?"

"Yeah…you don't think it was that insane killer from the other town, d-do you?"

I twitch, setting the book flat on the desk. The name resonates in my head a bit before I remember it. Hesitating, I stand up and sheepishly make my way to the group.

"N-Neru went missing?"

"Yeah. She went missing late yesterday night." A male answers me. The rest of the group turns their attention to me. One of them, a pale-skinned and shaking girl with green hair pulled into loose and low pigtails, step towards me. Her eyes drip with sadness. I frown.

"D-do you know anything about Neru's disappearance?! Was it that killer?!" The questions are quick to fall out of her mouth. I guess that the two are friends of some sort.

"…N-no, I'm sorry. I don't know anything."

"O-oh…Forgive me, I'm sorry…" She backs away just as the teacher enters the room. The crowd disperses as we're all told to sit down. Once seated, class begins.

My eyes continuously fall upon the window between instructions. A quiet sigh slips from my mouth. Saturday night's conversation plays over and over in my head.

The day passes with no new information on the subject. Night falls, yet Master's call never hits my ears.

"Anything?" Miku asks.

"No…Let's just go."

She sighs, slumping over. A tired expression covers her face.

"…Hey Miku… I'm sorry about Neru." I say in a quiet voice. My hand finds its way around hers. A light blush appears on her cheeks. She gives me a meek smile, looking up.

"I know…I think everyone is. I really hope that vampire didn't get his hands on her…"

We turn a corner into a back alleyway, away from the main street.

"…Not all vampires are evil, you know."

Miku sighs again, this time closing her eyes and throwing her head back.

"You know, I really wish I could believe that…" She says in a bit of a sarcastic tone. I try to chuckle a bit to lighten the serious mood.

"I really wish you and Master Len would get along… And don't forget, we're still not sure about…you-know-who."

"I'll get along with him when hell freezes over." The girl mutters. I have a feeling that I wasn't supposed to hear that. But I don't say anything about it. Miku pulls me around another corner.

"..Ah, wrong way, Miku. The path is this…"

My voice trails off as something catches my eye. We both stare down the alley, spotting a figure leaning against the dead end. Shadow engulfs most of his form, shielding his face from our eyes. I feel a cool breeze, and shiver.

"…What pretty young ladies." A male voice says before laughing. I scoot closer to Miku, clinging to her arm.

"…I-If you're some homeless guy, we don't h-have any money on us!" She bravely spits at the figure. It laughs again, and she steps back.

"M-Miku, let's go, okay?" I whisper to her.

"Leave? But why, pretty lady?" He responds, apparently able to hear me, "I don't want your money or anything like that. I'm just…curious about you, is all."

The male steps into the moonlight, revealing himself to us. His hair is a dark purple, eyes red. His attire is pitch black, purple ripped fabric draped around his neck. Bandages are seen under his open button up shirt. The man's hands are behind his back.

In the pit of my stomach, I already know we're in trouble. Miku does too. She turns and starts to walk away, taking me along. A strong gust of cool air stops us dead in our tracks. I close and cover my eyes just in time for the mysterious wind to stop. My eyes open to the man now standing just a few feet away from us. He smiles gently, giggling like a child.

"Please don't leave."

We stay right where we are, unable to find the will to run away. Our eyes stay on the male as he slowly begins to circle us.

"I just want to know a bit… more about you." He says, giving us the once-over as he walks, "Such interesting forms…sleek and slender. Quite lovely. And the scent…"

I can feel both our bodies tense up. He comes closer, his face almost touching my hair.

"…So delicious~"

He licks his lips as he backs off a bit. I stare at the male, noticing a… similarity. I decide to risk speaking.


The man looks at me, seeming a bit surprised. After a moment, he smiles.

"Oh…you know my name? Wow…am I popular or something?"

We answer by avoiding eye contact.

"…Well then. You must also know what I am then, hmm?" Taito asks, still keeping his cool. He doesn't wait for an answer this time. Once again, the purple-haired male leans in close to me.

"You should. By your smell, I can tell you've been bitten yourself… a few times, actually. You must be a Doll, I'm guessing." He laughs, "What are you doing out here?"

I ignore the question. Instead, I look down at the cold concrete below.

"Still…even though one of you is a Doll, you'll do fine for my research!" Taito chuckles and smiles happily.


"Yes, research! You see, I'm…infatuated by you humans. I want to know more about you."

Miku gives signs of getting ready to run. Taito begins circling us again to make sure we don't move. I can feel my heartbeat accelerating with every passing moment. The male frees one of the hands behind his back. He taps his lower lip with his finger.

"The biggest thing I want to know…is why you're so irresistible to my kind…so tasty. And I see only one way to do that." The man stops, and begins reaching towards us. A single finger hovers in front of my chest. My eyes dilate as I focus on it.

"The only way is to open you up and see what's inside~"

I gasp. Taito's expression is like that of an innocent child. But it soon drops. He frowns, putting his hand back down. Miku pushes me behind her, and we get a tiny bit of distance away from the psycho. He looks up at the strip of sky that can be seen from the alley.

"Your Master's here… I hope he doesn't interfere."


Our eyes climb up the side of the building to the roof. Within seconds, my Master's silhouette appears. I release Miku's arm.

"M-Master Len!"

The silhouette throws itself over the edge, landing with a thud. Unscathed, he quickly runs towards us and pulls me into a tight embrace. Once in his arms my body relaxes. I feel safe again.


"Rin… Come on, we're going home." Master loosens his grip. He begins pushing both Miku and I towards the mouth of the alleyway. The male stops as a creepy laugh echoes from behind.

"Len? You're one of my brother's friends, aren't you? I'm here to see him you know." Taito states. I don't look back towards him. But in the blink of an eye, he's in front of us. Master Len pulls us away.

"Heh, I hope you don't mind that I'm going to use your Doll as research. In return, I'll help you find a new one, how does that sound?"

"Don't you dare touch her…"

The man frowns for a moment, but then his strange smile returns. From behind his back, Taito pulls out an ice pick. It seems to be encrusted with something, but it's too dark to tell what. I have… a good idea what it is though.

"But she would make such a nice specimen… So I guess I must insist~"

"You'll have to get through me before you do anything to my Doll!"

"W-What about me?!" Miku suddenly snaps. Master Len pulls us back again.

"Whenever you see a chance, run." He quickly whispers into our ears. Miku growls.

"You don't have to tell me twice-!"

Master gently pushes us off to the side. We both hurry to the wall, Miku forcing me behind her again. I quickly look to our savior, extremely concerned. Even Master Len said that this guy isn't mentally stable…

"I'm sorry, Len. But I don't want you to interfere, okay?" He sets the weapon down. Master stares at it for a few moments before emitting a low growl. The angered male suddenly charges, only to be forced back with little effort on Taito's part. He lands on the hard concrete, sliding back quite a distance. I gasp, Miku pushing me back.


"Rin, calm down! Don't worry about him and stay back!"

"B-But Master…" I don't finish my sentence. We both turn our attention to Taito, who is focusing completely on Master Len. He retrieves the ice pick from the ground, slowly approaching him.

"…R-Rin!" She whispers, "This is our chance, let's go!"


"Even HE said for us to run when we got the chance. Come on!!"

I hesitate as Miku runs for the mouth of the alley. There's a good amount of distance between us before I jog after her. But we're soon stopped by a scream. My eyes widen as I look behind me.

The source of the heart-stopping sound is my Master. He's propped up against the wall, the ice pick stabbed into his shoulder.

"…Master Len!!"

"Rin, no!"

Without thinking, I run back to his side. Blood is pouring from the wound. I want so badly to embrace him, but I might hurt him more.

"Y-You're…you're hurt…."

"…R-Rin…" He hisses, "Get out of here, please…it's just a small wound, I-I'll live…"

"N-No! You're hurt! It's my fault!" Water clouds my vision. I sniffle, falling to my knees. He tries to smile through the pain.

"…Don't blame yourself…okay? I'll…live…" He closes his eyes. My body shutters, eyes falling to the weapon.

'…Maybe if… I pull it out…'

"Even if you do pull it out, it'll be going straight back into him~"

My head snaps around to see Taito right behind me. He's smiling and laughing.

"If he didn't interfere, he would've lived… Now excuse me, your turn will be very shortly."

My shaking hand finds its way to the handle of the ice pick. I stare at the other, vision blurred from sadness and fear. I hear nothing but my own heart threatening to jump out of my chest. Taito leans his face close to me again. I close my eyes.

My body…acts on its own out of fear. It happens so fast. Eyes still shut, I feel some sort of liquid splash against my face. I can feel my hand still in a fist around the handle, but my arm is in a new position. I hear another scream. Just what did I do?

I open my eyes. The ice pick is no longer in Master Len's shoulder, but in our attacker's right eye.

Taito quickly pulls away, the weapon remaining in its place. But it only takes a millisecond for me to drop it. As it falls to the ground, I turn around and hug Master, closing my eyes. The tears pour into his clothing. A heavy gust of wind, and I know he's gone.

The sounds of footsteps fill the night air. I can make out Miku's voice, and two others- Akaito and Meiko. I'm too lost in my own hole of guilt and regret to answer them. I continue to cry. The sky soon joins me, releasing rain it had been holding onto for the last few days.

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