"huh." sonny sighed walking out of the school building.

Chad followed swiftly behind her, she was biting on a knuckle, to ease her pain from having to walk to the new juice bar. Chad followed her his stare burned into the back of her head.

She spun around quickly noticing the gaze "uh can I help you Chad." he broke his stare at her snapping back to reality. He didn't talk just walk right past her.

"ok he is scaring me now." she thought to herself

"Chad?" he turned around looking like his perfect annoying self again.

"yes?" he asked in his annoying perfect voice.

"something wrong?" sonny asked actual concern spread through her voice like wild fire

"nothing a little star like you needs to worry about." He mocked, turning around walking again instantly regretting his rude comment.

"Excuse me?" Sonny gasped -goodbye concern hello anger- Chad sighed turning back to her,

"never mind." he patted her head turning around AGAIN. She rushed in front of him.

"no, no never mind I'm tired of that, you don't get it another day in the perfect life of Chad, but that doesn't make everyone else's day great. You think you can go around doing that to people." Sonny blared,

"look," but sonny cut him off

"no you'll listen to me, you just don't get it being Mr. perfect form Mackenzie falls. Getting everything you ever wanted, I've had to work to earn simple things even now I still have to work. I'm just as much a part of a star's life as you, so don't call me a little star." sonny Held back tears from remembering her old life.

"Every day I work and learn and still obtain crap from people like you." Nico and Grady came out of the juice bar walking up to Sonny.

"sonny let's just go," Nico put a hand on her shoulder pulling her back, she shrugged it off.

"Chad I think you should think before you speak, I've had a tough day and I don't want it made worse by people like you. Mr. perfect, I guess a big star like you has no feelings." Sonny started over heating she started walking away with Nico and Grady, but began getting dizzy

Nico caught as her arm as she slipped and fell to the ground.

"sonny!" Nico and Grady called in unison, Chad turned around to see her collapse

"Sonny?" he yelled running up to her.

When sonny woke up she was in her dressing room, Nico was wrestling with Grady and Chad was sitting by her on the couch playing with a bouncy ball tossing it back and forth in his hands

"Ouch my head." she groaned opening her eyes. The two boys rushed up to her.

"Sonny! Are you ok?" they yelled excitedly Happy to finally see her ok

"yeah I'm fine? What happened though?" Sonny said rubbing her head.

"over heat, basically you got heat stroke." Nico chimed Sonny looked at Chad he didn't let go of the ball in his hands. Nico looked at Grady and back to sonny scrambling out the door.

"are you ok?" Sonny asked sitting up from the couch.

"are you?" He said smiling back at her, she showed her white gleaming smile back at him

"I'm sorry sonny I didn't mean to make you feel bad." she smiled and hugged him thought fully leaning back against the couch again.

"Thanks sonny for pointing out I'm still a normal person." he said kneeling next to her on he floor by the couch,

"want to Talk about your bad day?" he asked, she smiled at him excitedly but before she could start he leaned in and kissed her.

"what bad day?" she joked, smiling at him even more excitedly.