Title: So, you want a little taste of the Enigma?

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I do not own Jeff Hardy. Nor do I own the other wrestlers that will appear here.

Summary: This is for all my awesome reviewers! Just pick a guy, any guy! This guy will be paired with Jeff Hardy in a collection of one-shots. Here are the rules. It will be hardcore. It will be Jeff on bottom. It will be yummy and It will be your choice. The first one happens to be my favorite pairing, Matt/Jeff. This is just something I wanted to do for fun, something that I know I'll be able to update everyday.

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Here we go!


Jeff jumped when the locker room door burst open. He smirked, watching his brother walk in.

"What's with you?" he asked playfully, sweeping a hand over his blonde/blue locks. He knew exactly what had his older brother so ticked.

The dark haired Hardy growled, "Jeff."

Jeff waited, smiling lustfully.

Matt Hardy's dark brown eyes flashed. "Run."

Jeff took off, leaving the locker room quickly, giggling as he bypassed a bewildered Shawn. "Hi Shawn!"

He could hear Matt running behind him. Jumping through a crate, Jeff rounded a corner, nearly running into the Deadman. "Sorry, Mark!" he continued running.

Mark tilted his head, watching Matt run around him, muttering a quick hello. "What are those boys up to now?"

Shawn walked next to him, smiling. "Adam told me that he saw Jeff rub Matt's cock while they were in the ring. Needless to say, Matt was distracted the rest of the match."

Mark rolled his eyes, "They need to stop fucking in the arenas, it's getting disgusting."

Shawn smirked, "You never said that when we did it."

Mark smirked back, "That's because we're older and more mature."

Shawn chuckled.

-With Matt and Jeff-

As he neared the empty bathroom, Jeff slowed to a stop, trying to catch his breath. He bent over, his hands on his knees. He panted, licking his lips as he did so. He never heard his brother come up behind him, but he sure as hell did feel the sharp slap to his ass.


"Owe!" Jeff pouted, straightening up and rubbing his sore backside, "You suck, Matt! That one really hurt!"

Matt smirked darkly, walking towards Jeff. He watched, his brown eyes gleaming as Jeff took a step back. Pretty quickly, Matt had trapped Jeff against the wall of the bathroom. Grabbing Jeff's wrists, Matt pinned them up over his head.

"You think that hurts?" Matt whispered, barely brushing his lips against Jeff's, "Try wrestling with a hard-on." He gently pressed his warm lips over Jeff's before abruptly pulling away, ignoring the whimper that escaped Jeff's lips.

"You know, Jeffy," Matt began, running his thumb over Jeff's pretty lips, "I figured you were going to do something to distract me during that match, but I never thought it would be grabbing my dick." Sliding his thumb into Jeff's mouth, Matt shivered, feeling Jeff's tiny tongue lick at his thumb.

Kissing Matt's thumb, Jeff smiled, "Can you really blame me? After that hard fucking you gave me last night, I had to get my little fate twister ready for tonight, don't you think?"

Matt chuckled, twisting his brother's hair in his fingers; he pulled back roughly, exposing Jeff's pretty neck. He leaned his head down, sucking on that soft, sweet skin. He bit down on the skin, holding Jeff still when he began to squirm.

Jeff mewled, arching his hips. His hands went down Matt's pants, grabbing onto the long, hard dick hidden inside. He gripped it hard, smirking slightly when he felt Matt groan against his neck. "Let go of me, Matty. You can suck on my neck till you get blood out," he tugged hard on Matt's cock, "But I'm sure you'd rather me suck your cum out than just milk it out."

Matt growled and released Jeff's neck. He stared at the red bite marks that would soon turn purple and smirked, unzipping his pants. "On your knees, Jeff."

Smirking, Jeff slowly slid himself onto his knees. Pulling down Matt's pants, he reached inside and pulled out the thick cock. "Wow, you're so hard," licking his lips, Jeff gently kissed the tip of his brother's cock before wrapping his lips around it.

Matt closed his eyes, running his fingers through Jeff's silky hair, "God, Jeff…so wet," he bit his bottom lip, trying not to make much noise. That proved to be extremely difficult though, when Jeff began to hum around his cock, "Ahh…"

Jeff moaned, licking every inch of Matt's cock. He loved the feel of it, the taste of it in his mouth. Matt really had no idea how wonderful he tasted. Humming, Jeff lowered his head, swallowing half of Matt's wide girth down his throat. He could feel Matt beginning to thrust and he stopped moving, allowing his older brother to take control.

"Shit, Jeff…" Matt grabbed Jeff's hair, pulling him up and down on his cock. He hissed, feeing Jeff suck air around his cock as he went up. "Damn," he could feel Jeff's bar-bell running along the underside of his cock, and he shivered. "Babe, open your mouth wider," Matt breathed.

Blinking a bit in confusion, Jeff stretched his mouth wide open. To his surprise, Matt pulled his cock out of its wet confines and began to jerk it off in his face. He watched, entranced as Matt's fist created a tunnel for his cock. Jeff glanced up when Matt let out a low groan. A moment later, he felt a few drops of cum land on his cheek. Closing his eyes, Jeff tilted his head, catching some of Matt's cum as it burst out of his dick.

Matt aimed carefully, grunting when a good load of jizz landed in Jeff's mouth, and the rest settled on his cheeks, hair and neck. He panted, slowly letting go of his cock. "Now, that," Matt murmured, running his thumb over Jeff's cum-stained face, "Is a work of art."

Jeff smirked, "Think so?" He let out a gasp when Matt forcefully turned him around. He was still on his knees, but now he was facing away from Matt.

"Until I coat your ass, anyway," without so much as a warning, Matt slammed his cock straight into Jeff's ass. He held tight onto Jeff's hips, groaning when Jeff screamed in pleasure. "Keep it down, babe."

"I can't," Jeff whined, "You're so deep that I can taste you," he bit his bottom lip hard, fisting his hands against the cold ground. "Please, Matt…you can't just stay still after you've pierced me that hard…move please, fuck me."

Matt pulled his hips back, slamming them hard against Jeff's. He grunted, feeling his balls slap against the younger man's ass. Leaning over Jeff's back, Matt began to whisper into his ear, "Fuck, Jeff…all night long I've been wanting to sink my cock inside you. And then you go and rub my cock while in a match…god, I was so hard. I wanted nothing more than to fuck you in that very ring…in front of all those fans, just to show them who you really belong to…" he pulled out all the way, then slammed in again.

Jeff tossed his head back, his hair flying around, "Oh, god!" his tightly closed eyes were beginning to tear, "Matt, oh, Matt,"

"Who do you belong to, Jeff?" Matt began to thrust harder.

Jeff tried to respond, but he found that he couldn't. He let out a loud whine instead.

Snickering, Matt smacked Jeff's left ass cheek, watching the red mark of his hand-print appear, "I asked you a question, baby."

Crying out as the sting of the slap sounded, Jeff stubbornly shook his head, not answering, even as his hand was starting to stroke himself off.

"Answer me, Jeff," as he thrust harder, he slapped Jeff's ass cheek again, only this time it was harder. Hearing no response, Matt slapped Jeff's ass a couple of more times, thrusting in sync.

"You," Jeff sobbed, the pleasure becoming too great, "You, Matt! I belong to you!" Jeff rubbed his own cock, feeling his climax approaching fast.

"Good, boy," Matt gripped Jeff's hips hard, causing some bruising, as he began to thrust in a rapid, rough pace.

"Oh, oh yes!" Jeff let out a loud wail when he came, cumming all over his hand. A moment later, he heard Matt grunt loudly, and he moaned weakly, feeling the rush of cum coating his insides. He let out a happy sigh, feeling well coated with his lover's cum.

Breathing hard, Matt nuzzled Jeff's neck, "You're so damn loud, the rest of the company must have heard us."

Jeff smirked, turning his head to glance at his brother, "Like you care. I thought you wanted everyone to know that you own me." He squeaked, feeling Matt slap his ass again.

"Damn right, I do."


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