Title: So, you want a little taste of the Enigma?

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I do not own Jeff Hardy. Nor do I own the other wrestlers that will appear here.

Summary: This is for all my awesome reviewers! Just pick a guy, any guy! This guy will be paired with Jeff Hardy in a collection of one-shots. Here are the rules. It will be hardcore. It will be Jeff on bottom. It will be yummy and It will be your choice. The first one happens to be my favorite pairing, Matt/Jeff. This is just something I wanted to do for fun, something that I know I'll be able to update everyday.



For: Dark Respite


The kid had almost beaten him.

That pint-sized, lithe, and painted faced baby had almost taken his title. Everyone saw it almost happen. Hell, J.R. was nearly ejaculating all over the thought and the fans screams were nearly deafening.

Taker was rather surprised. Surprised and very much amused.

The kid proved himself and he'd earned respect from many tonight.

He'd even raised the little punk's hand in the ring, and the look of complete consternation on the smaller wrestlers face was enough to stir something up in Taker.

It was, dare he fucking even think it, adorable.

He shouldered his belt as he looked around for the kid. It was pretty crowded backstage…

It was just his luck that he made a right turn and ended up glancing inside of an opened trainer's room.

Jeff was sitting on a bench, a trainer behind him. His back was being pressed on, probably looking for sore or weak spots.

Stratus was kneeling in front of Jeff, gazing up at him with brown bedroom eyes. Her plush lips were curved into a grin as she and Jeff talked in low undertones.

Mark blinked. Stratus and Hardy?

Since when?

"They're not together," a voice spoke from his left.

Taker looked down, his eyes meeting chocolate colored hair.

Matt glanced up at him, offering a small grin, "Trish treats Jeff as if he's a baby. Well, not like everyone else doesn't, but she takes it to the extreme. Watch," he said, gesturing towards the couple in the room.

Taker looked back, eyebrows raising a tad in curiosity as Jeff began to fidget under the trainers hands.

"Alright, alright, lay off already," Jeff said, voice highly aggravated, "I took some bad bumps. Happens all the time, but I'm fine. Can I go now?"

"In a minute, Mr. Hardy," the trainer said, voice tight, "I need to make sure you don't have any serious injuries."

Before Jeff could let out another whine, Taker watched as Trish pulled out a lollipop from the pocket of her long coat.

Amusement from the baby Hardy once again hit the Deadman as he watched the boy's emerald eyes light up. He heard Matt chuckling and he couldn't help the small smirk that crossed his features as Trish waved the lollipop around, Jeff's eyes following it hungrily.

'Wonder if he'd do that if it were my cock dangling around like that…' Taker snickered to himself, earning an eyebrow raise from the older Hardy.

"So, did you want to see him?" Matt asked. "Congratulate him away from prying eyes?"

…The older Hardy was very smart.

He nodded once, hoping Matt wouldn't ask anything else.

Thankfully, the older Hardy understood and he let himself into the room, smiling down at his baby brother, who was suckling on the cherry lollipop. He pressed a kiss to Jeff's forehead, and gestured for Trish to follow him out of the room.

The buxom blonde did, although she faltered a bit when she saw Taker. Frowning, she walked past him, "You'd better not injure him," she said over her shoulder.


The girl had more balls than half the guys in the locker room.

He stepped inside, his footsteps heavy. He watched the trainer glance up at him and he narrowed his eyes at him, jerking his head, a clear sign telling the other man to leave the room immediately.

"Uh…well, Jeff, seems like you're fine," the trainer quickly gathered some things before rushing towards the door, "You're all set." He scurried out, not looking back.

"Wait, what do you mean?" Jeff turned his head, catching sight of Taker. "Oh, hey, man." He moved the lollipop around in his mouth so that it was held against his right cheek. "Awesome match we had, huh? Lots of fans seemed to enjoy it."

Taker stared at the bulge on Jeff's cheek made by the lollipop. He could feel his cock twitch in the leather pants he wore. He could vividly picture the bulge his cock would make if it were in Jeff's mouth.

He swallowed thickly, clearing his throat so that he could speak. "It was a good match," he said truthfully, "You bruised me pretty good."

"Did I really?" Jeff asked, eyes shining in excitement, "Can I see?" he eagerly got up from the bench, pulling the lollipop out of his mouth, tapping it against the seam of his lips as he looked up at Taker.

Taker smirked.

Oh, that's just too damn easy.

He wondered if the kid was a virgin. He knew Matt kept a tight leash on him. Jeff was barely ever left alone. So…why did Matt willingly leave Jeff with him?

Shaking his head, Taker set down his belt and lifted up his shirt. The angry bruises left behind by Jeff's ladder play were evident on his skin.

"Sick," Jeff whispered, eyes wide. The hand that wasn't holding onto the lollipop reached out, fingers touching at the bruises. "Man…do they hurt?"

"A little bit."

Not really.

"Oh, Taker, man," Jeff's lips formed a frown, lollipop pulled away from his mouth, "I'm real sorry…guess I shouldn't have messed with the ladder so much…"

"It's alright," Taker replied gruffly, "You put on an amazing show."

Jeff's lips quirked up into a grin, "Thanks…you did too." He blinked after a few minutes of silence. "So…have a nice night."

The small blonde turned to leave, but was stopped, Taker's large hand settling heavily on his shoulder. He blinked, letting his eyes move up to Taker's, giving him a confused frown.

"I came here to congratulate you in my own special way," Taker said calmly, trying not to scare the kid.

Jeff blinked up at him, lips quirking, "Okay…" his hands moved down to his hips, hands tightening against the waist-band of his baggy pants, "Go ahead."

The boy didn't know what he had coming.

Taker grabbed Jeff's belt-loops, pulling him flush against his bigger body. He smirked as the Hardy's mouth dropped open in surprise, the lollipop slipping out and falling to the floor, breaking on impact.

"Damn," Jeff murmured, staring at his fallen treat. He turned annoyed eyes to Taker, "I really hope you've got a good reason for...wait, w-what are you doing?" his cheeks began to color, lips parting as Taker's tongue traced over his mouth.

Taker's eyes slipped closed, relishing the cherry-like taste left behind by the lollipop on Jeff's lips. His tongue slid into the smaller man's mouth, making sure to move his tongue over Jeff's, groaning as more of the flavor hit his taste buds.

"Taykur," Jeff spoke, his words slurred as his mouth was invaded by the older wrestler's long tongue. His hands curled up against the man's shirt, a low whine spilling from his mouth.

But Taker wasn't going to stop. He wanted to completely engulf Jeff's taste. And engulf it, he did. His lips pressed bruising hard kisses to the smaller man's swelling mouth, sucking in all the air from the baby Hardy's lungs.

Finally, Jeff's small hands shoved at his chest as he whimpered, needing oxygen.

Taker finally pulled back, panting hard against Jeff's face as the younger man tried to catch his breath. He stared down at the boy, seeing the reddening of his mouth, now pouted from confusion.

"What is going on?" Jeff mumbled, staring up at Taker with eyes completely lost.

"Shh," Taker gripped Jeff's tank top, bunching it up before tearing it off, pulling off the remains from Jeff's body. His eyes ran over the boy's body, feeling his cock twitch in his leather pants.

Jeff's skin was pale, smooth and warm. His fingers moved over to the piercing dangling from the boy's belly-button. He tugged at it carefully, looking up as Jeff let out a small sound, his emerald eyes closing as his head moved back.

"This is…a way to congratulate me?" Jeff breathed, shuddering as Taker's hand laid flat on his stomach, his rough palm rubbing at his skin.

"It's my special way of congratulating you for earning my respect," Taker rasped, sliding his fingers into Jeff's hair. He pulled lightly, tipping his head back, focusing his eyes on the long, graceful neck.

"What makes it so special?" Jeff breathed, arching up on his tip-toes as Taker pulled him up lightly from the hair, so their mouths could meet, barely an inch separating them. His tongue trailed over his lips, lightly grazing Taker's lips also.

"You'll see."

Jeff felt Taker's fingers slide into the front of his baggy pants, pulling him in closer. He panted, eyes closing as Taker nails scratched into the skin of his abdomen. His own fingers trailed underneath Taker's shirt, his polished nails raking over stiff nipples, inhaling sharply as the older man growled down at him.

Taker grabbed Jeff's left hand, moving it down so that it rested against his hard cock, trapped beneath the leather. He let loose a low growl as the smaller man's slender fingers wrapped tightly around his bulging member.

Jeff let loose a startled yelp as he was turned around roughly, his body bent over. His finger-tips touched at the cold, tiled floor, his mouth parting in a gasp as Taker's hands grabbed the waist-band of his pants, pulling them down roughly.

He managed to slide his leg out of one of his pant legs before his ass was grabbed in both hands, stretching him open. He shuddered and bit his bottom lip as Taker noisily spit at his pucker, pushing the saliva in with his finger.

Taker smirked, feeling the tight walls clench around his finger. So…the boy truly was a virgin. Fantastic. He popped open the button on his leather pants as he fingered the tight hole, his cock jumping each time Jeff let out a mewl of pleasure.

He shoved the leather material down past his thighs, but didn't bother to pull them off entirely. Gripping his cock in one hand, he slapped it against Jeff's boycunt, growling as Jeff whimpered, moving back to grind against him.

"Spread yourself open," Taker husked, reaching over to grab Jeff's elbow, pulling his arm back so that he could place those pale hands at those tight asscheeks.

Jeff did so, trying not to fall on his face. Taker's hands gripped his hips, and he let loose a deep breath, staring down at the tile. He felt Taker's cock rub at his hole a bit more, precum and spit the only things helping him not to tear so bad.

Taker's hands gripped so tight to Jeff's porcelain hips, he was sure he'd leave bruises. He began to push in slowly, groaning at the sight of that sweet little pucker getting stretched open by his thick meat. He snarled lowly as Jeff loose a low cry of pain, his fingers tightening against his lily-white ass.

"Oh, god," he cried out, eyes clenching shut. He bit onto his bottom lip, trying hard not to scream. He panted, feeling more and more of Taker's thick cock slid into him, inch by fucking inch. He could barely contain his moan of pleasure as he felt heavy balls touch lightly at his rim.

Taker hissed, blinking sweat away from his eyes as he looked down at the sight of his cock fully embedded into Jeff's hole. The skin around his cock was stretched so tight. It looked like Jeff wouldn't be walking for quite a few days.

Trish and Matt would not be pleased.

Shaking his head to clear away the thought, Taker began to thrust harshly, groans and grunts escaping his throat as he fucked against the small boy, making sure not to let him fall.

Jeff was letting out tiny squeaks and drawn-out moans as he was slammed into. "Oh, fuck…harder…please, harder."


Did the boy want his ass to be torn open?

Taker began thrusting a bit harder, his head tossed back as his cock moved in and out. Every pull out was met with a cool rush of air before he sank back into the hot, velvety walls.

Jeff gasped, his hands slipping from his ass. His palms bit into the tiled floor and he let out a hiss, his body bending down in a painful-looking angle. As flexible as he was, he couldn't deny it hurt.

And he also couldn't deny that it felt amazing.

"So good, shit," he whispered, his fingers trailing down to touch at his member. His finger moved around the slit on his head and he ran his nail lightly over it. Several more hard thrusts were all it took and Jeff lost it, wailing as he came all over the tile floor.

Taker grunted, reaching down to Jeff's hair. He pulled him up so that he was standing straight, his head resting back against the bigger man's collarbone. Taker moved a hand up to Jeff's neck, holding him down as he thrusted up against him roughly.

Jeff let out a choked whimper as Taker erupted inside him, his seed filling him with hot, jerking bursts. He could feel a good amount of it push out of his hole, trailing down Taker's balls.

Growling huskily, Taker pulled out, moaning as more of his cum squirted out of Jeff's pucker to coat his pubic hair and wet cock.

Jeff hung his head, swaying a bit. He grunted as Taker held him up, staring up at him sleepily.

Taker smirked down at him, "Congratulations."

"For surviving the match or for surviving the fuck?" Jeff breathed.

"Both, kid. Both."


So then…

Next up: Cena/Jeff

For: Dark Respite.

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