He was Never Meant to Fall by AndromedaMarine

He was never meant to fall. For thirteen years he stood by my side, learning all I know, surpassing even my abilities – becoming a much more talented Jedi than I could ever hope to... I listened to Qui-Gon – I listened to him! Anakin was supposed to be the Chosen One...

The same pain I felt after losing Qui-Gon ripples through me as I collect Anakin's lightsaber and walk away from his burning body. I didn't want to leave him. Loyalty to democracy and the Jedi Order forces me back to the Nubian ship. 3PO hurries as fast as he can down the ramp and back up again to tell me Padmé's status. She is comatose, all because Anakin couldn't control his anger. I force back another choke of emotion.

I can't think straight even as we lift off, not knowing if Anakin was dead or not. He was never meant to fall! Out of every single Jedi-capable child in the galaxy, why did Qui-Gon find Skywalker? How is it that we happened to be closest to Tatooine on that "diplomatic" mission to "negotiate"? At this point I'd like to wish the Trade Federation had kept to themselves. What could've possibly possessed my old Master when he made me promise to train Anakin? How could Master Jinn not have felt the dangerous mystery surrounding the boy?

Anakin remained under my wing for thirteen long, often hard (if not rewarding) years of tutelage. So I wonder what went wrong. Why did this "Chosen One" turn to the Dark Side? He was supposed to restore balance, not become a Sith himself! Anakin was my brother! Yet, as much as it pains me so, I would kill him again if Master Yoda told me to, but not without much protestation. I can't forget that Anakin is the cause of the Jedi Order's downfall. I can't forget that Anakin essentially killed Jedi Master Mace Windu. I can't forget we were all drawn into Palpatine's lie – but Anakin is the only one who believed him.

As I lift Padmé's limp, pregnant body into my arms, I realize that she is his legacy. This child she carries will be a threat if Anakin somehow survived the fires of Mustafar.

I stand with Senator Organa outside the maternity ward on Polis Massa. I am at conflict with myself. I obeyed Master Yoda's command, however much I didn't want to, but I did! Anakin is too dangerous to live, just as Palpatine is. The Sith themselves are too dangerous.

Padmé fades even as I plead with her to stay strong – if not for herself, then for her children. The twins. Luke is cradled, tiny, in my arms, asleep and oblivious that his mother is now gone from the galaxy. I can sense even now Luke's strong connection with the Force, just as his father had been and possibly still is a powerful Jedi-turned-Sith.

Bail Organa offers to take young Leia as his own daughter, a family to be raised on the ill-fated Alderaan. I promise Yoda to accompany and look over Luke Skywalker on the desert planet of Tatooine, his now-infamous father's Homeworld. But I'm still preoccupied thinking about these past thirteen years spent with Anakin Skywalker as my Padawan; my apprentice.

So I am filled with pain. Losing both the Master and the Padawan, and I am the only remaining in this line of Jedi Knights. Now we are the only remaining... Yoda and myself are the only remaining Jedi of the Old Order. And I always come back to this one statement summing up everything Anakin caused.

He was never meant to fall.