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A/N: I apologize in advance if I do not get Ianto's character right. I don't and have never watched Torchwood, I've only done some reading. Also, he and Jack are just friends in this story. Sarah-Jane will be in this story, but this Doctor is the Ninth Doctor, not Tenth.

It was Christmas time for Rose and the Doctor, who decided they needed a proper holiday after the incident with the Reapers and the death of Rose's father. The two time-travelers were on New Earth's New London in the fifty-first century.

They had spent most of the evening having dinner, stargazing, joking and laughing and now they were dancing together.

The ballroom of the Queen's castle was heavily decorated with gold, scarlet and silver. Christmas trees, shimmering lights, and beautiful music was everywhere.

Rose was dressed in a fine blue silk and the Doctor had even dressed in a tux instead of his usual battered leather jacket.

"You look beautiful," he said.

"For a human?" she teased.

The Doctor smirked. "No, just beautiful."

Rose smiled. "Thanks for taking me here. I really love it."

"You deserve it and I've got a little surprise for you." He pulled out her TARDIS key which now had a glimmering silver chain, sapphires and diamonds and two words engraved on it.

"'Together Forever,'" Rose read. "You mean it?"

He nodded. "I was broken when you met me but you changed all of that. I can't imagine my life without you. We can have my forever if you'll have it and me. I love you, Rose."

When he saw the tears in Rose's brown eyes, he wondered if he'd made a mistake, but all of that disappeared when Rose reached up and kissed him.

"Yes," she said; when they broke apart. "A million times over yes. I love you, Doctor."

The Doctor grinned his maniac grin and spun her around before kissing her again.

Suddenly, there was an ear-splitting crash and explosion. They were under attack. Quickly, the two travelers began running for their lives to get back to the train which would take them back to the TARDIS and out of harm's way.

"Rose, come on, just a bit further!" the Doctor yelled.

"I'm trying!"

Another passenger grabbed the Doctor's hand and heaved him on the train and then the Doctor held out his hand for Rose as the train began to pick up speed. "Rose, grab my hand!"

"Don't let go!"

She grabbed his hand but then she slipped and fell backwards, hitting her head on the track and falling unconscious. The Doctor tried to get to her but the other passengers refused to let him pass.

"Let me pass! I have to get her!"

"He's gone mad!" said woman.

"She's gone, mate. Sorry," said a man.

"She's not gone!" the Doctor yelled.

"If she's not dead now she will be later!" said the woman.

"No! ROSE!"

The Doctor blacked out as he was hit on the head from behind.