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It was late; freaking late.

At least, too late for any sane person who had begun work at 8AM that day to still be at said work place. But alas, there he was stalking ever so slowly towards Calleigh's lab to borrow a file from a case she processed about six months ago. Somehow, the idiot he currently had in holding for robbing a gas station in broad day light this morning had also been a suspect in a staged murder-suicide six months ago. Calleigh's case file would hopefully confirm his suspicions, save him about 4 hours of work and put this jack ass away.

'Who uses the same unique bullets in another crime after they've barely escaped a murder charge? . . . Who robs a freaking gas station at 10 in the morning? God people are stupid,' he thought as he rounded the corner to her door.

Normally, he wasn't at all this bitter; he loved his job. But it was inching towards midnight and all he could think about was the soft cotton pillows and fluffy down blankets of his currently empty bed.

In case Calleigh was still working, which wouldn't surprise him; he politely poked his head into the lab and took a quick scan of her workspace. It was mostly dark in the lab save for a dim light emanating from around the corner of the concrete partition where the shooting range was located.

Sliding his body through the glass door he swiftly made his way to her filing cabinet. Quietly opening the middle drawer labelled F-J, his fingers passed over the labels of the folders looking for the one he needed. He could barely see some of the labels as they were written lightly in pencil so with a sigh, he stalked across the room toward the vague outline of a light switch.

Making his way over he oh-so-gracefully tackled one of her desk stools with his thigh. "Shit!" he yelped, rubbing the point of contact. He would run into the only stool in the entire room that was nailed permanently to the floor. 'Great.'

Limping towards the partition he felt along the wall for the switch, but before he could find it, he heard low whispers coming from behind the partition where the dim light was. 'What the hell?' he thought to himself. Before he could make it to the end of the partition he heard a low, manly groan, "Cal..."

'What the... Jesus Christ! Was she in there with a guy? Oh god. He had to get out of there...'

"It's okay, nobody knows we're here. We won't get caught," he heard Calleigh's low purr reply.

Boy was she wrong. Who could she be with? he wondered.

Her and Delko had been dancing around each other for God knows how long. 'I wonder if it's him?' he thought devilishly. He had noticed a definite shift in their relationship at work. He was a CSI after all and Delko was an easy read. Calleigh however he had asked directly and she played dumb. 'Yeah right.'

Turning around from his immediate instinct to flee the scene of the crime, he tip toed quietly to the edge of the partition knowing from memory that Calleigh and whoever she was with wouldn't be able to see him if he kept at a certain angle.

Ever so slowly, he carefully placed a hand around the corner to steady himself. He leaned in just as slowly as he began to peak around the wall.

His heart began to conga incessantly inside his ribcage, thumping twice with each short breath he took.

"Mmm," he heard a throaty moan come from what he hoped was Calleigh.

Despite the guilt he felt for intruding on Calleigh, whom he genuinely liked and respected; he kept leaning forward to catch a peak of her gentleman. God he hoped it was Delko because so far, Eric hadn't verbally let anything slip about him and Calleigh. This confirmation would allow Ryan to put him through hell until they went public with their relationship. He would leave Calleigh alone; she'd been professional and a great mentor to him as a CSI. Despite his rocky start with Delko, they were friends now but he absolutely could not pass up an opportunity to get some revenge.

Oh yes, he would make him squirm.

Finally, as if it had taken years to get there, his gaze fell to the third stall. His focus caught first to Calleigh's red silk shirt pooled in a trail to where she and the mystery man now were. The shirt was followed by what looked like a man's undershirt. 'Damn, that could be anyone's', he cursed internally, his eyes scanning for any of Delko's clothes.

Instead, his eyes next landed on Calleigh's hand, white knuckled, gripping the brick divider and then to her black stiletto clad feet which were parted and dangling just in view. All he could catch of the mystery man was a sliver of his butt which was thankfully clothed in plain black pants. If he remembered correctly, Delko was wearing black dress pants today... but so were half the men who worked here.

"Oh... god," a slow moan came from the stall. He saw Calleigh's hand move from the divider to grip the behind of her anonymous partner. "Uhh."

'Oh for Christ's sake, this is so NOT worth It', he grimaced abandoning the stakeout and shuffled toward the door.

Fighting a gag, he held the door until it quietly shut completely before his spine shivered and he let out an involuntary "Ah!"

'Fuck.' How the fuck was he supposed to act normal tomorrow around Calleigh, his co-worker... who was senior to him after he heard her sex noises. Sex noises. "Eugh," he let out another involuntary shiver.

Not that he didn't find Calleigh a bit attractive, but the fact that he had just heard anyone but himself having sex with someone made him want to scoop his own ear drums out with a spork.

Maybe he could call in sick tomorrow and wait until it blew over... Or, he could just forget the whole thing ever happened. She didn't know he was in her lab. She didn't know he had heard her moaning and... 'Christ.'

'Okay,' he breathed. He would stop replaying it over in his head immediately. He would come into work early tomorrow, bury himself in paperwork and act like a god damn adult.

Fishing into his jean pocket for his car keys he decided the recent turn of events called for him to immediately vacate the building, go home and sleep. Or at least attempt to rid this occurrence from his mind so he could sleep, and hopefully go back to his normal work life.

Taking in a steadying breath, he exited Miami Dade PD through to the parking structure where his car was parked; he then got in and began the journey home.

As he eased out of the structure, he opened the windows allowing the air to flow through the car, washing away the thought of Calleigh moaning against some guy who...

'Oh God. This is going to be such a long night.'


Part 2 Preview:

Obliging more than willingly, he pulled the tank top over his head, dropping it somewhere near Calleigh's forgotten shirt.

"You should be shirtless more often," she drawled lazily into his ears, her hands roaming everywhere and anywhere over his naked torso.

"Mmm, and you should wear these more often," he slurred back, his hands skimming up and down the fabric at her hips.

Silently thanking whichever deity convinced Calleigh to wear a skirt today, he slid the fabric up her thigh before he-


They both froze, breaking their lips apart, Calleigh burying her face in his collar.

"Is someone in here?" he whispered slowly in to her ear.

"I don't know," she replied into his.

Calleigh heard the characteristic screech of the file cabinet drawer being opened, footsteps and then-



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