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Calleigh had just nearly finished putting away her last test fire for the night. She had gotten behind when four cases needed bullet comparisons on top of the five she was already working on. Normally, she would have only had to stay about an hour or two longer than her usual departure time, but Eric had insisted they take a late lunch together at his place. He had made an incredible batch of Cuban food especially for their lunch date the night before, so there was no way she could say no. Plus, the way his lip curved upward shyly and his chocolate gaze lowered boyishly to hers when he asked her over, there really was no way she could say no.

She blushed instantly thinking of this afternoon. They hadn't even heated up one dish before they ended up ravishing each other on his kitchen table.

They'd gotten about 1/3 of the pre made lunch out of the fridge before he not so innocently leaned in, curving his body over hers to grab one of the containers.

She closed her eyes, shivering at the feel of his hot breath contrasting with the cool temperature of the refrigerator. They stood like that for just a second after he dropped a light kiss on her neck before standing up and moving toward the stove.

She giggled quietly at how much he made her feel like a giddy sixteen year old.

"What," he asked, mirroring her chuckle.

"Nothing," she said, her giggle still lingering in her words. She placed the container on the table, spooning the contents evenly onto the two plates. Looking over to him she started, "It's just . . . it's nothing." She shook her head, another playful chuckle leaving her lips.

"C'mon Cal," he urged. Before she could even process a response, she felt him behind her again.

His hands were on either side of her gripping the wooden table. The back of her body was pressed flush against his front; one of his legs came to rest between her own.

"It's n-"

His ducked his head quickly, anticipating another evasive answer and planted a silencing kiss to her beautiful lips. "Tell me," he whispered, only a breath away from her tingling lips.

"You," she stated immediately, her head clouded by his actions. She took the initiative this time capturing his lips and moving against them urgently. He complied willingly for a few long moments before pulling away.

"Me?" he breathed.

"Yeah . . . you just-," she let out a sigh with a breath. "You make me-" she shook her head in defeat, really wishing he would just kiss her senseless and stop asking her questions. She tried to claim his lips again, but he moved his head to her ear, "What?"

'Damn,' she thought. He's using his sexy voice.

"You make me-" her cheeks flushed and her gaze fell to his chin, "-happy".

His heart melted completely as she spoke the last word. God he loved her.

"Really?" he asked as he waggled his eyebrows, spinning her around and lifting her to sit on the table. He pushed her knees apart with his thigh pulling himself as close as possible to her. "You make me happy too," he said, resting his forehead on hers.

"Really?" she mimicked playfully. "Is that what you call it?" She asked playfully, her gaze falling to the bulge in his pants.

He chuckled, shaking his head slightly before pushing aside the lunch on the table and lowering her down, his lips kissing their way toward her-

She snapped out of her lustful daydream when she heard the telltale click of her door shutting immediately followed by slow footsteps.

Instinctually, she busied herself again with the box of casings and the gun, placing it into the evidence bag. She felt the penetrating gaze of her guest on her back, but continued to work until she heard a low voice, "Hey."

She smirked instantly, still leaving her back towards him. "Hi," she replied, making her way over to the third stall on the firing range to retrieve her glasses and headphones.

For the second time that day, before she could turn around, his warm body found its way behind hers pinning her firmly to the surface in front of her.

"How was the rest of your day?" He asked his voice husky.

"Mmm, okay," she murmured as he nuzzled behind her ear.

"Not nearly as good as your afternoon I hope," he flirted, kissing and nibbling at her earlobe.

"Never," she winked, manoeuvring herself so she was now facing him.

His eyes were dark, just as they had been this afternoon, his cocky smirk plastered across his mouth.

She ran her hands over the tight dress shirt he wore, feeling his muscles swell underneath her travelling hands. As if by their own volition, her fingertips pulled the bottom of his shirt out of his pants and began scratching at the bare skin underneath. His hands moved from the surface she was pinned to and cupped her rear to lift her on top of it. Her legs immediately clung around his hips and he clutched her calf, stroking all the way up to her thigh.

The contact was sending her into a frenzy, and needing some release she hungrily took his mouth with hers, pulling him harder against her. He moaned into her mouth as she began to undo the clasp on his belt.

'Twice in one day,' he thought. He seriously would never get enough of this woman.

He was thrilled and surprised that she was allowing this to escalate in her lab, at work. Although it was nearing midnight, some of the nightshift workers used her lab occasionally for test firing and he was worried someone might catch them.

She began to unbutton her shirt, their mouths still mashing together heatedly. He could see the curve of her breast covered in the same black lace that had made an appearance earlier. Despite having already seen it today, his breath still caught in his throat at how god damn sexy she was.

Finishing the last three buttons for her, he slid the silky fabric of her shirt off her shoulders and tossed it carelessly behind him. She followed suit, ridding him of his, raising her eyebrow allowing it to drop somewhere behind her. He moved in to suckle on her neck but she ducked out of the way, whimpering and tugging at the thin fabric of his undershirt.

Obliging more than willingly, he pulled the tank top over his head, dropping it somewhere near Calleigh's forgotten shirt.

"You should be shirtless more often," she drawled lazily into his ears, her hands roaming everywhere and anywhere over his naked torso.

"Mmm, and you should wear skirts more often," he slurred back, his hands skimming up and down the fabric at her hips.

Silently thanking whichever deity convinced Calleigh to wear a skirt today, he slid the fabric up her thigh before he-


They both froze, breaking their lips apart, Calleigh burying her face in his collar.

"Is someone in here?" he whispered slowly in to her ear.

"I don't know," she replied into his.

Calleigh heard the characteristic screech of the file cabinet drawer being opened, footsteps and then-


Eric gasped, "Is that Wolfe?!"

"Shhh!" She said quieting him, listening to see if he had left. It did sound like Ryan...

She heard him shuffling along the wall of the partition. The slab of concrete that separated them from Ryan seemed increasingly thin as the shuffling moved along the wall.

"Do you think he heard us," Eric asked, their bodies still frozen in place.

"I don't know," she whispered back.

Suddenly, the shuffling came to an abrupt halt. Calleigh waited for the light to flicker on, but she quickly deduced that their intruder had figured someone was in there.

"He knows," she snapped, keeping her voice low.

"Well shit . . . what do we do," he asked, giving her thigh a little squeeze.

"We . . ."

Her brain kicked into over drive, hand diving into the front of his pants grasping at his hardness as if it would somehow make Ryan disappear from the lab.

"Cal. . ."he moaned half in pleasure, half in protest.

She shook her head at him as he pulled her hand away. She motioned for him to go along with it, beginning to assault his neck. If she knew Ryan and he heard what they were doing, or, what they were about to do, he would freak out and leave.

"It's okay, nobody knows we're here. We won't get caught," she stopped, purring her words loud enough for Ryan to hear.

He hung his head back, shaking his head and chuckling in disbelief. If Ryan caught them he would never hear the end of it.

His head snapped back again, his gaze levelling with hers. She looked just as guilty and panicked as he felt. "What the hell," he whispered, pressing his lips to hers and nipping at her lower lip. She smiled into the kiss, pulling him closer into the stall and toward her.

He began a slow trail of kisses across her cheek stopping to ravish the spot just below her ear.

"Mmm," she let out, involuntarily.

He grinned to himself knowing that she wouldn't be able to hold back and Ryan was hearing everything. . .

She heard him chortle breathily below her ear, and with a devil's grin, she pushed her hand into his pants again teasing him in just the right way.

"Oh. . . god," he moaned. She grinned wickedly placing a slow kiss to his pulse, her hand moving to playfully squeeze his rear.

Two could play at this game, and if Ryan hadn't left yet, Eric was pretty sure he would after this. He pulled her body harder against his, angling her as he slowly ground their hips together.

"Uhh," she moaned, her mouth gaping open, eyes wide at his actions.

They both stopped, as they heard shuffling against the partition again. There was complete silence until they heard Ryan's muffled voice from the hallway.


Well. That clearly worked better than she'd imagined.

The both giggled to each other, Calleigh hiding her blush in the crook of his neck.

He moved out of the way picking up her shirt for her and draping it over her bare shoulders. "Maybe we should continue this somewhere else," he giggled as he thumbed the buttons shut on his own shirt.

Slipping her arms through the cold silk of her own, she quickly buttoned up and straightened her outfit. "My place?" she asked.

After closing the clasp on his belt, he took a long stride toward her placing both hands on her hips. She immediately grasped at his biceps, tilting her head to look at his. "Sounds perfect," he said lowering his lips to hers. Her hands moved to his waist, pressing her lips harder to his. Breaking it before the point of no return, she grabbed his hand and moved toward the door.

He stood planted on the spot and she turned when she felt his resistance. Her eyes looked questioningly at his before he pulled her back for another kiss. "Let's give him a head start . . . we wouldn't want to get caught, now would we?"

"No," she giggled into his mouth. "We wouldn't."


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