It's Always Been You

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Chapter 1

Troy sat in a large leather chair staring at himself in a mirror that was surrounded by small round light bulbs as an eccentric woman with pink, black and purple locks brushed his hair for what seemed like the 500th time. She said she wanted to perfect his signature swoop while still highlighting his blue "make the girl swoon" eyes, her words, not his.

"Alright Troy…I've tortured you enough…you're done."

Troy nodded and let out a sigh of relief, "thanks more stroke and I think I would have died in agony"

Melissa laughed, "come on baby…it's not every day you're asked to be featured on the cover of Vanity Fair's Young Hollywood issue…it's worth a little pain"

Troy chuckled, "oh I know…it's just you never get use to it…you know?"

Melissa grinned, "honey…it's only going to get worse."

"Awesome" he said in a sarcastic tone.

"Troy" a woman called.

Troy whipped his head to the left and saw his publicist Shelia approaching him. Her blond hair was pulled tight in a bun and her face fixed in the "fuck with me and I will ruin your world" positioned, that it was regularly featured. Troy was grateful she was on his side because being on the opposing would be ugly. She was the best though and always did him right.

"Okay. I'm going to take you to the set where you and the others will begin the shoot. Just smile do what they tell you and it will be over before you can say "fuck the paparazzi"

Troy laughed, "Gotcha"

Moments later Troy found himself entering a large studio like room that had been transformed into what looked like a college dorm room. A double bed was placed in the corner of the pseudo room; a blue and red plaid comforter adorned the mattress with four bright red pillows leaning against the wooden head board. Posters of the various movies that a few of the people involved in the shoot had been featured, including the flick that had made him a house hold name were tacked in a variety of different directions along the wall. A few basketballs and college text books were sporadically tossed around the set. Male and woman's clothing scattered the floor and the few chairs that were present, as well various food condiments and drinks littered the open spaces.

Something about this shoot made him nervous. He wasn't exactly shy. He had posed for various photo shoots over the past couple years, but something about this one alerted a six sense, if you will.

Troy for the most part kind of kept to himself the best he could. His face covered various magazines and celebrity websites, but not because he was getting fucked up and then found himself having a hard time finding the sidewalk as he stumbled out of TAO. It was because for some odd reason his workout regimen and eating habits were a need to know by all of America. He did his best to take it all in stride, but he knew that nothing about the life he found himself surviving in would ever be something he would truly come accustomed to.

As Troy approached closer to the set he ran over the list of names involved in this issue. He knew a couple of the people, but there were a few he had heard of, but had no formal introduction. Just like everything he did in life, he wanted to do it perfectly and not knowing every element made him a bit uneasy.

He approached where the various actors and singers who would be in the shoot were standing around waiting to be positioned.

"Dude...It's about time you made it over here"

Troy laughed and slapped Chad on the back, "I thought you would have loved being surrounded by all these hot ladies"

Chad looked around, "oh…I'm loving it and I'm really loving that you, me and that singer who sings all that " I want to kill myself" music are the only guys, but you know me, I only good for staring…talking…not so much."

Troy laughed again. He and Chad had met a couple years back at a casting for a new pilot on the CW. Troy had been cast, Chad had not. The show had been canceled after the first season so no harm no foul, but Troy and Chad stayed in touch and had become pretty good friends.

"So, I hear your name is being thrown around to work with Al Pacino" Chad asked as he nudged Troy.

Troy smiled, "yep…talking about it"

Chad raised his brow, "really…"

Troy laughed, "I'll put in a good word"

Chad nodded and clapped his hands, "yes…good man….good man"

"Alright, if I can get everyone's attention. We're going to get started." The photographer looked around at the group of young people, "Okay…you with the hair take a seat in the chair by the computer desk and grab a basket ball"

Troy laughed, "I think she's talking to you man" he said as he pushed Chad in the direction the photographer had directed.

Chad did as he was told with a weary look covering his face.

"You're a hard ass baby…act like one" she demanded with a smirk, her gaze obviously fixed on Chad's apparent discomfort.

Chad gulped and did his best.

"Okay…Gabriella, is it?" The photographer asked the petite girl with long dark curls.

She nodded.

"You go stand over there by." She looked at her clipboard, "uh… Mr. Heartthrob" she said with a smirk as she pointed to Troy.

Gabriella giggled and then walked over to where Troy was standing.

Troy felt his mouth go dry as the space between them became less and less. He had never met her, but he had been awe stricken when he had seen her at a premiere a few months back. Her beauty and raw sex appeal had captured his attention for most the night. Keeping his distance he had observed the sweetness that she seemed to display on everyone she encountered. He had opted for no introduction, admiring was more his thing…for that moment anyway. After a few subtle conversations with various individuals he had learned that her record had gone to number one its first week. This only heightened her appeal. She was not only breathtakingly gorgeous, but immensely talented.

"You must be the heartthrob?" she asked in her sweet sing song voice. She had heard and boy had she seen this heartthrob standing a foot away. Of course he was better known as Troy Bolton, known to make woman swoon with one glance from his piercing ocean spheres. She had seen him at a premiere a few months back and his amazing good looks had made her smirk in delight, but the way he carried himself in such a laid back nonpompous manner had led her to sneaking random glances at him throughout the night. She had wanted to meet him, but never got around to it, seems fate was giving her another chance.

Troy ran his fingers through his hair and immediately regretted it, "Shit"

Gabriella laughed, "Something wrong?"

Troy shook his head and let out a low laugh, "I fucked up my hair"

"Oh no…you're one of those" she joked.

Troy shook his head profusely, "no, no, no…I uh…I just feel bad because Melissa…she uh…fuck"

Gabriella chuckled, "calm down heartthrob, I was kidding. Here…let me fix it"

Troy felt a low growl building in the back of his throat as her fingers ran through his hair in a smooth delicate manner. He watched as her beautiful caramel eyes naturally smiled as she tended to the mess that was his strands. Her lips were fixed in a perfect crimson smile and her long midnight curls stood out strikingly against the stark white ripped tank top she was wearing. She was far more breath taking than he had remembered.

"There…perfection" she said with a satisfied smirk and a sugary giggle.

Troy hadn't noticed she was no longer dealing with his mess. His eyes were transfixed on the small satin black skirt that her top had been tucked into and magnified her sexy as hell legs. He cleared his throat upon hearing a light giggle and brought his eyes to look at hers trying to hide the obvious embarrassment of being caught red handed, "umm…thanks"

"Not a problem heartthrob…wouldn't want to spare the world of those beautiful blues"

Troy wet his lips, "Troy" he said as he stuck out his hand.

Gabriella bit her bottom lip, "Gabriella"

Gabriella and Troy hadn't noticed that the photographer had placed everyone until she began yelling in their direction.

"You two…crawl onto the bed." She directed.

"Didn't think I'd hear that today" Troy said between tight lips as he did as he was told.

Gabriella let out a light giggle, "but you're not complaining."

"Hell no" Troy said under his breath so only Gabriella could hear who immediately felt a slow heat rise to her cheeks.

"Heartthrob…" the demon photographer began.

Someone yelled Troy. Troy thought it sounded a lot like Shelia. God bless her.

"Excuse me…Troy. I want you to lean against the headboard and lift the knee facing me while letting the other one lay flat."

Troy followed her direction. He brought his jean clad leg up a bit while his other laid idle.

"Gabriella, I want you to sit in between his legs…oh, and would you be a doll and straighten his shirt for me?"

Gabriella nodded and turned to position herself correctly, but not before straightening his white v-neck which allowed her to feel every ripple of his abdomen and boy did that delight her. Her smile widened at the pleasant surprise, "she's a bossy one, huh?"

Troy laughed trying his damndest to ignore the pleasurable jumping that was taking place in his gut from her delicate touch, "I think she would give Shelia, my publicist a run for her money."

Gabriella wiggled in his lap and leaned into his chest, naturally resting her arm on the leg that was lifted, "oh yeah. I've heard she's a scary one, but I'm certain Cruella over there could definitely work a number on her."

"Gabriella, I want you keep your head rested there under his chin, but remain against his chest. Maintain body contact…I'm sure that won't be a problem…right" she said with a wink.

Gabriella giggled, hell no, "Nope"

"I think we're the couple of the shot" Troy whispered against her hair, nuzzling his nose into the sweet smelling strands that he instinctively inhaled.

"It would seem so" Gabriella responded in the same hushed tone as she drug her teeth along her bottom lip, trying to keep her eyes from fluttering close from the instant contentment she felt.

The photographer came back to Troy and Gabriella after messing with the others in the shot, "Troy I want to you imagine that Gabriella is that girl you have been eyeing from afar and you finally got her and all you want to do is touch her."

Troy smirked and immediately went into character. He nuzzled his nose deeper in her dark trestles letting his lips linger lightly in a slow caress along their softness as he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and with his chin still resting on the top of her head turned to look at the camera.

The photographer smiled, "perfect"

"Well…that was fun" Troy said with a hint of sarcasm as they went to leave the set.

Gabriella playful patted his arm, "ah please…you loved it. Especially when you got cop a feel."

Troy narrowed his eyes, "I did not cop a feel"

Gabriella laughed, "right...your hand accidently fell there…by the way, my boob says thank you"

Troy stopped, "she's the one who told me to lay on top of you. My hands did what my character told me babe"

Gabriella snorted, "Uh huh…acting"

Troy rolled his eyes and went back to walking again, "whatever"

Gabriella smirked at his minor tantrum, "I didn't say I was complaining heartthrob"

A pleased smile without hesitance curled his lips, "of course not"

Gabriella chuckled, "okay…well…this is me." She searched through her purse for a pen, finally finding one she grabbed his hand twisting it palm up and began scribbling her number on his firm flesh, "you should call me sometime….we could hang out"

Troy smiled, "I'll hold you to that"

Gabriella tilted her head upward in acknowledgement, "Please do" she said with a coy grin as she climbed into her waiting car, but not before several flashes went off capturing the entire scene.

2 years later…

"Troy it's your twenty second birthday. You have to do something" Gabriella protested as she pushed her large sunglasses atop her dark curls as the two took a seat in the back of the café.

Troy rolled his eyes, "Why Gabriella? It's not that big a deal"

Gabriella groaned, "Not a big deal? Troy…all birthday's are a big deal. Plus it's twenty-two. Not only is it fun to say…twenty-two…see? " she said with a sweet smile, "It's a double birthday, two, two. It's special."

Troy shook his head as he let out a chuckle at her adorable tactics, "something tells me that you have a retort for every refute I could muster"

Gabriella nodded as she leaned back into the booth knowing that he was conceding, "Don't I always?"

Troy smiled as he admired the beauty that she was, "yeah…you do"

Gabriella nodded, "good…it's settled. I'll start planning…it's going to be amazing, and as a bonus it's like a week after we do that "where are they now thing" for Vanity Fair. Double celebration Troy…two..two"

Troy threw his head back, "Ohh goody" he said laced with sarcasm.

Gabriella giggled, "hey…I'm giving you two months…two months to get use the idea….I'm being considerate of your feelings Troy."

Troy was beginning to hate the number two.

"Uh huh…you're lucky I can't resist that cute little smirk Ella"

Gabriella rocked her head back and forth in pride as she sipped her coffee, "yep…best tool I have"

"I can think of others" he said under his breath.

Gabriella scrunched her brow as her dark eyes caught his, "are you mumbling again?"

Troy ignored her and looked at his watch, "hey…are you almost done? I have to be on set in an hour"

Gabriella tilted her cup up and crashed it to the table as if it were a shot full of whisky, "done"

Troy laughed, "I can't take you anywhere" he said as he stood from the booth waiting for her to step in front of him.

Gabriella rolled her eyes, "whatever…you would take me everywhere if you could" she said with a grin as she pulled her glasses over her eyes as they made their way for the door.

Troy sighed, "yeah…I would Ella" he said meaning every word.

Gabriella laughed and hooked his arm in hers, "come on heartthrob let's face the music."

"More like the invasive crap storm" he said under his breath causing Gabriella to let out that sweet little laugh that made his heart sing.

The flashes and questions suddenly filled their eyes and ears as they entered the circus of paparazzi.

"What's it been two years Troy?" one of them questioned.

I wish

"Did you two have a nice breakfast date Troy…Gabriella?"

Not a date

Gabriella giggled, which was her normal response to anything they ever asked her. Too bad it wasn't that easy for him. Nope. He got stuck with the death glare as his response or the backwards walk.

Lucky for them Troy's car was not far from the building. He opened the door for her, rolling his eyes at the fake awes the leeches supplied. He pulled the handle of his door and began to climb in when one of the vulchers muttered the name that made his stomach drop and bile rise in his throat.

Michael Miller.

"You better watch out for Miller Troy…he's gonna steal your girl"

Troy growled as he pulled the door shut forcefully. He took a deep breath as he inserted the key into the ignition and sped off.

It's not stealing if it was never yours