I heard a collective gasp from shore and couldn't help but look.

The lake god hissed loudly, it's long, slick tongue shooting out toward us as Shima screamed. Shima pressed into my back, squealing and screeching loudly.

I gasped as it's tongue coiled around my ankle tugging me roughly down. "Kirara! Get her to some place safe"! I screamed as I tumbled off of Kiara's back toward the dark water far below.

"So reckless"! Miroku screamed as he and Inuyasha charged toward the lake's edge.

"Hiraikutstu"! I screamed thrusting the hiraikutsu over my head into the lake god's jaws.

But baby I don't mean it
I mean it, I promise

"Stupid fool"! He laughed knocking it back effortlessly as he plunged into the water.

I felt my lungs tighten as we dove deeply into the water. My body froze as his tongue coiled further up my thigh. My strength was quickly escaping me, just as quickly as the air was traveling out of my lungs. I struggled again, kicking and scratching at his tongue with the last vestiges of strength I had in me. He laughed darkly, pulling me toward him as we nearly reached the bottom.

"Wench, it is pointless. I will take you to the bottom and make you my concubine"! He said loudly, his voice vibrating the water around us.

I leaned away from him, struggling once more, with more vigor. This sick, little, disgusting youkai saying such things! Why he was worse than- I froze as several ofuda's flashed onto the lake god's head, shocking and burning him violently.

My eyes widened as I saw Miroku flying at the demon's thrashing head.

I always say how I don't need you,
But it's always gonna come right back to this.
Please, don't leave me.

The lake god writhered and screamed, flying toward the surface wildly.

I gasped as we broke the surface, the water flying high into the air as the lake god screamed.

Miroku rocketed through the air, thudding down on the demon's head and piercing the ofudas with his staff.

I dropped from the demon's grasp, landing heavily on the hard ground. I cringed slightly, placing my hand against my head as I glanced up at the fuming Miroku

I forgot to say out loud how beautiful you really are to me.
I can't be without, you're my perfect little punching bag.
And I need you, I'm sorry.

I watched Miroku grunt and shutter angrily, taking the lake god into his hands as he glared down at him.

"Listen up cat fish!" He screamed in his face, Miroku's boyish face twisted with unbelievable rage.

Was this really the monk who didn't even come after me to appologize? The level headed monk always playing peace maker between Kagome and Inuyasha? No. It couldn't be.. Could it?

"Don't you daretry to mess with my woman again! You got that straight"?! Miroku roared, pounding his fist into the lake god's head.

"You mean she's one of your women too? I am so very sorry monk". The lake god whimpered weakly as Miroku's eyes narrowed.

"Quiet you!" He snapped, striking him again before his eyes flickered up at me. "Sango are you alright"? He whispered kindly to me as I froze.

Please, please don't leave me..

My breath was caught in my throat, unable to navigate past the enormous lump. Why was I not able to answer him? He saved me.. But still. I wouldn't have to even needed saving if he wasn't such an idiot. I turned my head away sharply, just slowly enough that I saw his expression soften and turn confused. Same old Miroku..

I climbed silently to my feet, turning carefully away from him. I smiled as I heard the lake god thud to the ground, Miroku's footsteps following soon after. Finally..

"Hey Sango"! He called as I quickened my pace.

I hurried away from him, bowing my head slightly as I tried to suppress a smile. Finally he was acting how I wanted him to. Chasing after me just as I had chased after him for so long. I almost burst out laughing when he called out to me weakly.

I always say how I don't need you,
But it's always gonna come right back to this.

"Sango... Hello"!

I sped even faster, pacing the perimeter of the empty lake as he chased after me just as quickly.

"I know you can hear me... Sango". He said playfully as I swung my arms roughly at my sides.

"Come on Sango". I heard him say, and I could almost feel the smile creeping up on his face. I was going to draw this out as long as I could. I was going to make this good.

Truthfully I'd forgiven him the moment he saved me. The moment when no one else in the world mattered to him but me. But I wasn't about to let him know that. I kept him thinking I was mad well into the next morning until he finally came out and apologized.

Please don't leave me.
Please don't leave me.

Honestly I would prefer if we fought like this for the rest of the days. Not completely, yet even if a hundred women came out saying they were engaged to Miroku it wouldn't bother me. So long as at the end of the day it was me he was chasing after. And I was the last one to look into those, perfectly decieving eyes.