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Yusei and Aki sit and enjoy a nice quiet afternoon....


"Yes, Aki?"

"What do you think about me?"


"Just wanted to know."

"Well, I guess... you're really cute?"

"Awwww, thanks Yusei."

"Well, what do you think about me Aki?"

"Your pushy?"

"I am not pushy!"

"Oh I'm only kidding," and with that went to sit down next to Yusei and give him a hug. She snuggled close to him and rested her head on his shoulder. Before either of them could say anything, they heard the door bell. Jack was there.

"Jack," Yusei began "What are you doing here?"

"Well... I got some news..."

"Jack what's with the dark look?"

"I should talk to you in private Yusei."


Aki is confused but just waits for Yusei.

Soon he comes back with a grim look on his face.

"Yusei what's the matter?"

He didn't talk. He went and sat down next to her. He held her very closely.

"Aki Jack just told me that....."


"Your father... passed away."

Aki was dead silent. She stared blankly into the distance. She was just getting these thoughts through her head. A tear formed on her face. Then one became many. Yusei grabbed hold of her as she cried on him. She didn't even speak. A lot of tears were forming but she wasn't screaming or making any motion. She was simply crying. Yusei held her a bit longer until her tears recessed. He then got some tissues and wiped the tears off her face. He held her even closer now.


"Yusei... I just can't believe this."

"Look I know... but we'll get through this together."

This made Aki feel better knowing she had someone there for her all the time.


The next couple of days were pretty normal. Both of them didn't talk about it at all and life went on.

One day as Yusei wakes up, he finds that Aki is not home. He also notices she left her cell phone home as well. He gets kind of worried. He searches for her but finds nothing. He searches all over and then realizes where she is. He drives off to their special spot. The rose garden.

As he arrives in the rose garden he finds that Aki just sitting there looking very calm. He also notices a beautiful red rose and picks it. Aki doesn't notice him yet.

"So our special spot huh?"

"Yusei when did you-" but she was broken off as she saw what he was holding.

"Here this is for you."


"That flower really reminds me of you Aki."


"Yea it's thorns are jagged and rough, and they look deadly, but once you see past all that, the beauty of it really shows."


"Are you still upset about your father?"

"Yes but I just went here to calm myself. This place is just so great I forget all my worries."

"I could say the same. This place represents our bond with each other."

"Yea, it does."

Aki was thinking about this wonderful place, and yet somehow her father's death slipped back into her mind. She started looking more depressed. Yusei knew very well what was going on. Aki was unaware of anything going on, as she was thinking to herself. Then Yusei put his arm around her and she got out of her dazed state. She looked somewhat surprised but she knew what Yusei was doing. They drew closer to each other and as they close their eyes, their lips touch. They stay like that until Yusei spoke.

"Aki I'm always going to be here for you no matter what."

"And I'm going to enjoy every second of it," she said playfully.

They head off to Yusei's D-Wheel. Aki sits on Yusei's lap and they enjoy a nice ride home. Aki just rests her head on Yusei and he drives. She closed her eyes, with a smile on her face, and they drive home as the sun sets....


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