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Chapter one

The nebulous dark of space. Stars dotted the pitch, along with small pieces of debris. Then… a source of foreign light, a stark contrast to it's surroundings, weak and fading though it's brilliance was. On closer examination, you could see the yellow-green light had two masks nestled in its depth, with no color in the eye sockets. Indeed, this creature gave all appearances of being dead, or of only barely clinging to life.

Suddenly, as if a switch had been flicked, it stiffened, and the eye sockets glowed with a red luminescence.

Gemini was awake.

It looked like things were finally settling back to normal.

I mean, as normal as possible for someone like me. I'm… not really the most typical person, and that's really something, considering the people I know. You see, I… I was abandoned by my parents when I was young, which set my life to be atypical from the start. And then, last year…

Well, yes, last year was a weird time for everyone. What with all the beings trying to destroy the world and all. But for me… it was different than everyone else.

I lost my memory. I lost it and have given up hope of gaining it back.

There is a six-month gap in my memory. It was only a few days after I met Subaru-kun, who later became my closest friend. Then, while I was crossing the street, I was hit by a semi-truck. I was pinned down under the crashed vehicle, and if that wasn't enough, it caught fire. Then… then I wake up in the hospital, unsinged but with other injuries, with no memory of anything past getting hit. I had not been in a coma or anything— they made no attempt to hide that from me— I had amnesia. I got the feeling Subaru-kun knew what happened during that time, but for some reason he refused to tell me. He just said we'd have to make new memories. And we did, although not until a while later.

I was confused at the time, really— Subaru-kun said we'd get closer, but after the first three weeks we barely exchanged more than a passing greeting for almost two months. During that time there were whispers and rumors around the school about strange attacks and coincidences, but I didn't pay them much heed. It wasn't any of my concern, after all. And I'd watch Subaru-kun, recently a member of Luna's "fan-club", waiting for him to notice me again. I chatted with him and Inchou and her gang a little, but he seemed distracted most of the time. Things only really changed when there was a Hibiki Misora concert and the Class President invited me to watch it with her "lackeys" and Subaru's family. Of course, I accepted.

Once the concert was over, Subaru revealed the truth; he was friends with an alien that he could fuse with to become the famous (or infamous) Rockman, and fight evil. I didn't completely understand how such a thing could happen, but he introduced me to "War-Rock", and during the next four months we slowly grew to become best friends.

However, he wasn't my only friend. Subaru had gotten so close to Luna, Gonta and Kizamaro (personally, I also think he grew to have a crush on the pretty blonde girl) that we rarely spent any time with just the two of us. I didn't mind; actually, I was somewhat thrilled to find myself being called "friend" by not one but four people. I had never really had friends before— acquaintances occasionally, but nobody I could truly feel comfortable around. And now Luna, Gonta, Kizamaro and Subaru were all friends or mine.

Of course, Subaru-kun was still my closest and best friend. And I was positive he always would be.

"Hey, Tsukasa-kun!"

I shook my head and glanced over at the person who called my name. Gonta grinned back.

"Inchou invited all of us to her house! Wanna come?"

"Sure," I replied, smiling softly as I walked with him to where Subaru, Luna and Kizamaro were standing.

My life was perfect. I couldn't see how it could get better than this.

Of course, I should have realized then… that if things can't get better, they must get worse.

The alien frowned to himself as much as one could without a mobile mouth. How could he have failed? He had been so close to completing his goal, so close to destroying the earth and gaining control of the FM planet, and then Cepheus had come along, and…

Gemini nearly winced at the memory. It had taken him almost half a year to regain his strength after being forcibly separated from his host. A slight feeling of smugness crept over him. Well… at least he was still alive. The FM King and War-Rock's pathetic host probably thought he was dead, unable to pain them anymore. Oh, that was far from the truth. He had been damaged badly, for a while he was almost at the point of death, but he had now recovered… and was starving for revenge. Yes, his vengeance would not be long in coming. He would rid the universe of Cepheus, then take his place as ruler of the FM planet. But first… first he would rid himself of his only other serious threat, Rockman. Gemini's elation grew as he mulled over his plans. He would enjoy disposing of Rockman.

But of course, he couldn't just fight them as he was. He'd need a greater source of power than himself… he needed a human. Of course, that wouldn't be a problem. That boy would do just fine. If he was how Gemini remembered, he'd be itching to gain Gemini's partnership again. And, if he changed his mind… it would be a simple matter to control him.

With that thought and the notion of revenge burning in his mind, Gemini sped off towards Earth.

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