"Special Delivery"

Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan sat very still as she peered into the microscope at the latest victim. In the past four hours, she had run many tests. As of now she knew was that she was Caucasian, female, 19 when she died. And that the death had occurred about 80 years earlier. Some would have gone home hours ago, but to Dr. Brennan this girl deserved a name and a face as much as anyone.

It shouldn't have been a shock when the FBI had dropped off the skeletal remains to the Jeffersonian, but it was odd that Booth didn't accompany it. He usually made initial contact with her, even if it wasn't a case where he was planning on taking a personal interest. She enjoyed the way he bustled in, gave her the specifics and exchanged pleasantries. Not to mention he prevented her from having to deal with some of the other, rather condescending and cavalier "G-men".

Booth made it known that he appreciated and respected her work. They had worked together for nearly 5 years and partners for four of them. All in all he represented the most satisfying part of her career. One of the greatest decisions of her life was demanding that he take her into the field. It was odd how she had even come to appreciate his all-American boy persona that had initially irritated.

Perhaps Booth he had the day off, or was busy with another assignment. She had to admit it was rare that he didn't keep her informed, but sometimes things come up; Parker being one of those things. She made a mental note to give him a call when she finished analyzing the depression at the base of the victim's skull.

"Hi" a gruff man's voice broke her train of thought "I am here to drop-off a FedEx package for a Miss Temperance Brennan?" Without so much as looking up from the microscope, she waved him away. "Dr. Brennan" she said with a hint on annoyance "and you can just leave it on the table." This was how she worked, avoiding interruptions, tuning out all that was around her. She was so engrossed in the cranial analysis that it never occurring to her that it was late, and the lab was empty and no one ever delivered packages at this hour.

It was terrible, life changing mistake. She didn't even notice that he had crossed over to where she was sitting. She didn't feel his ominous presence. There was no understanding that he was even still there until she felt the stun gun at her neck. Panic did not even have a chance to hit as all went into blackness.