A/N: Sorry this isn't a real chapter but this is important.

If you ever hear someone mentioning about suicidal thoughts or threatening about killing themselves don't ignore it, act immediately. Trust me I know, my own cousin killed himself not too long ago and I feel as if it is my entire fault, I could have stopped it. But every time he ever mentioned anything related to suicide he would say he was just joking, but obviously he wasn't.

My cousin was my best friend and my hero, but just like my story says hero's don't exist you must be your own hero every now and then. My cousin was my role model he taught me how to ride my bike, and how to tie my shoes. He was always there for me when I needed him, he always had the best advice, and I just wish he would have used his own advice once in a while.

Suicide is nothing to joke about, it is important to keep your eyes and ears open for any sign of depression, because if there is depression most of the time there are suicidal thoughts. Please I beg of you don't joke around with suicide, its nothing funny, it's nothing to play around with. Suicide hurts your family and friends even if you think you are doing them well, to get rid of yourself, you're not.

I miss my cousin ever night since his death. We were so close, just like Oreo and milk. My aunt and uncle asked me to sing at his funeral a couple days ago (which is why I haven't updated my stories for a while, that and my grandmother fell.) Like I said life got in the way.

At his funeral I sang Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne. I just hope he heard me; he always loved singing with me. We would have little karaoke acts for our families and at the family reunions.

I just never knew what pain he was going through inside his heart, inside his soul.

Some of the signs to watch for you if you think someone you know is suicidal are:

A sudden change in behavior

Preoccupation with death

Giving away belongings

Direct or indirect threats to commit suicide.

Please this is nothing to joke around with.

If you see any of those signs of suicide please call:

800-SUICIDE: 800-784-2433


Yellow Ribbon Project: 303-429-3530, 3531, 3532

Youth Crisis Line: 800-843-5200

Thank you, Severus Addicted

Austin I miss you…