Wilson looked up, smiling lightly as House entered his office, 'How'd it go? 'The visit wasn't unexpected, for the last hour he'd anxiously been waiting to hear the news from Jake's trial and judging by the look on his friends face the verdict had been a good one.

'Two to four years if he's a good boy and doesn't drop the soap.' House zipped up his leather jacket unable to hide a smirk. In his opinion Jake got everything he deserved and that included winding up someones prison bitch. 'We're going out for a drink to celebrate...'

Wilson raised his eyebrows at what he assumed was an invitation. Over the last few months, since Mason's trial, the pair had become nearly inseparable but despite his prodding House remained tight lipped on the subject. Even Cameron had been reluctant to share details, so there was no way he was going to pass off the chance to see for himself how far things had progressed.

'You mean I'd actually get to witness your allusive relationship in action?'

House snorted, rolling his eyes at the comment, 'Did I mention it's a retractable offer?'

Before he was able to make good on the comment Wilson was up, jacket in hand, pushing them both out the door. His paperwork had waited this long, it could stand to sit on his desk for another few days.

'Come on, admit it!' He teased, unable to resist the jab as they walked, 'You hold her hand don't you?'

House pulled on his helmet, not caring how ridiculous he looked wearing it inside. All that mattered was he drowned out the incessant remarks coming from beside him. 'What, I can't hear you!?'

A smile broke out on Wilson's face as they made their way to the elevator. The previous vibe of uncertainty over the relationship had all but dwindled away and now he no longer had to walk on egg shells, he fully intended to enjoy ribbing his friend. 'You don't write her poetry do you? Please tell me you do!'

With a sigh, House pressed the down button repeatedly until the doors finally pinged open. There wasn't poetry, or flowers, or chocolates, nothing that even slightly resembled a romantic gesture; he wasn't that sort of guy.

Remaining silent, he stepped inside wondering if it bothered Cameron. She didn't seemed fazed, probably didn't expect it from him, which suddenly made the idea of surprising her a lot more appealing. The occasional show of sentiment couldn't be that damaging to his character.

Arriving on the ground level, Wilson exited first, glancing around the empty floor. 'Where's Cameron?'

'Getting changed, she's going to meet us there.' House moved passed him, leading them outside. The air was warm, signalling the beginning of spring and he was looking forward to seeing Cameron wearing a dress that wasn't accompanied by a jacket or coat.

Stepping over to his bike he rubbed the seat suggestively, 'You want a ride? There's plenty of room for two… '

Wilson shook his head, watching the man secure his cane, 'I've got my car, I'll follow.'

'Suit yourself.'

With surprising agility he swung his leg over the bike and Wilson idly wondered if perhaps Cameron was helping him in more ways than she realized. The engine roared into life and he hurried over to his car knowing House wouldn't wait for long, patience wasn't one of his strong points.

Slipping his key in the ignition, he followed behind the bike, struggling to keep up as they turned onto the road. With driving like that it was no wonder House had gotten himself arrested. Fortunately about three turns later he worked out where they were going; a fairly subdued pub they had both frequented, and he slowed letting the bike in front of him speed off.

Unwilling to risk a ticket he stayed on the limit, ignoring the irritated look as he pulled up ten minutes later beside House who was tapping his foot impatiently. 'Took your time.'

Wilson climbed out of the car, making sure it was locked before turning back around, 'You know red lights are red for a reason, right?'

House just raised an eyebrow. 'Yeah, they're meant to stop bad drivers like you from tailgating good drivers like me.'

He opened his mouth to respond but promptly closed it, knowing there was little point. Unless he was 5'5, with long legs and a penchant to modify his hair colour, arguing wouldn't be worth the effort.

Slipping his keys into his pocket, he followed House inside, spotting Cameron immediately. Not that she was hard to miss. Even in scrubs she could steal the focus of a room and the dress she was wearing tonight was no exception.

'Cameron.' He called out waving her over, intrigued by the reaction of the man beside him. At first he tensed but as soon as she moved closer his shoulders dropped, relaxing his body as she offered a warm smile.

'Bout time you two got here.'

House snorted, indicating with his thumb towards Wilson, 'Talk to grandpa over there.'

Ignoring the insult, Wilson moved pulling her into a hug. Even though in his mind there had been little doubt to what the outcome of the trial would be, it was still a relief to have it all over and done with. 'Congratulations.'

'Thanks Wilson.' She drew back shifting her eyes towards House. Usually a kiss hello was automatic but the fact they weren't alone stopped her. She wasn't sure how he felt about public displays when they were in the company of friends.

Motioning towards a booth, she broke the slightly awkward silence. 'Shall we?'

Nodding slightly Wilson lead them over to one of the dimly lit corners feeling suddenly guilty for intruding on their evening. Though it wasn't his intention to make things uncomfortable, he couldn't help but notice the effect his presence was having and opted to give them some space. 'So what are we having, first round's on me.'

House felt some of the tension dissipate as Wilson took their orders and headed towards the bar. 'This was a bad idea.'

'It was your idea.' She stated pointedly, amused by the way his eyebrows jumped dramatically.

'Exactly. When do they ever turn out well?'

'It'll be fine… Just relax.' He gave no obvious indication he'd heard the words and sensing his doubt, she took hold of his hand underneath the table. It was a subtle gesture but it seemed to work because he lent back, tilting his head casually to the side so he was facing her.

'Nice dress.'

She blushed slightly, glancing down at the smooth fabric. 'Thanks. It was-'

'If you say your mothers,' he held up his free hand cutting her off, 'I'm so out of here.'

She laughed at the call back to the earrings she'd worn on their first date and shook her head. 'I was going to say on sale.'

'Right.' He drummed his fingers against the table stealing a quick look across at Wilson who was handing his money to one of the bar staff. He knew this would happen. Every action he made tonight was going to be scrutinized by his friend but despite anticipating that fact, it hadn't seemed like such a big deal when he'd extended the invitation.

Now it was proving to be a pain in the ass.

'Just wait till you meet my father.' Cameron elbowed him in the ribs gently, stifling a laugh as the colour drained from his face. She knew she should be trying to make the situation easier on him but she just couldn't resist. 'Twice my age, former boss, he's going to love you.'

House winced slightly, obviously trying to picture the man in his head, and Cameron lent over deciding to take pity on him. 'Breathe. In, out...' She brushed her lips across his and smiled as the tension instantly drained from his body. It was almost too easy.

The kiss deepened and the irony of the situation hit her not for the first time. Whenever she tired to use this tactic to manipulate him the end result was always the same; neither one of them held any control.


A glass being placed on the table drew them apart and she flushed as Wilson's eye's gleamed down at her, 'Save it for those who'll pay for the show.'

'Are you saying you wouldn't? I have it on good authority you would.' The retort rolled off House's tongue as he reached for his drink, glad when the man chose to remain silent as he sat down opposite them.

To every ones surprise as the conversation started back up again, it wasn't awkward like it had previously been. They chatted, debated, argued over meaningless things like they always did. The only difference was the non-existent space between Cameron and House as they sat together.

'Wow.' Nearly three hours later Wilson caught sight of the time as his empty beer landed on the table, 'It's getting late'

House swirled the ice round in his glass, enjoying the hazy feeling brought on by the alcohol he was consuming. 'What? Afraid you'll turn into a pumpkin?'

'Funny but no.' Wilson picked his jacket shrugging it over his shoulders, 'Unlike you I actually have a specific time that I have to be at work and besides I'm sure you two wouldn't mind some privacy'

'Excellent point!' He winked slyly at Cameron who blushed under his gaze, 'Unless of course you want to pay,' He turned back to his friend, 'we go by the hour.'

'Didn't need to know that.' His expression was priceless, shaking his head as he waved to them both, 'Night.'

Cameron slapped House's arm lightly as Wilson left, playfully admonishing him. 'That was rude.'

'He'll be back.' House pointed to the spot the doctor had previously been sitting in, 'He left his wallet.'

'I can't believe-' She stopped, of course she could believe it. Crawling over him to retrieve the object, she paused, straddling his lap and smiled. 'Now you're going to have to wait while I return it.'

Attempting to slide off him she was unprepared when he caught her wrist, pulling her down for a heated kiss. After he eventually decided to release her, a large grin played on his lips as she pulled away. 'Don't be long.'

Still trying to regain her composure, she could only manage a nod as she reached down grasping the soft patented leather. The effect he had on her was incomprehensible at times and as she made it outside, the fresh air was a welcome relief against her flushed skin.

'Cameron, hey!' She spotted Wilson already on his way back in, 'Have you seen-'

He stopped, eyeing the wallet and smiled as she met him halfway. 'Thanks.' He shoved the offending object firmly in his back pocket and returned his gaze, noticing the warm glow adorning her features. It could've been due the copulas amounts of alcohol the three of them had consumed but he had a feeling it was something else.

'You look…' He squinted, trying to find the exact word. Happy, joyful, cat who got the cream; they were all close but none of them cut it. Then without warning the realization slipped from his lips before he could stop it. 'In love. You look in love. '

A shy smile touched her lips but it became somber as her eyes flickered away from him. She knew House cared but a small, insecure part of herself still wondered how deep his feeling ran. Would he eventually ask her to move in? Marry him? Would he have second thoughts if Stacey came back?

Wilson sensed her hesitation and brushed his hand lightly along her arm. 'He hasn't said it yet, has he?'

They both knew what he was referring to and she shook her head sadly. 'I just hope…' She took a deep breath, allowing herself to be completely honest, 'I just hope I'm not the only one.'

He held a sympathetic gaze, not because he believed in her doubts but because she had them in the first place. House wasn't good at expressing himself but he'd known the man long enough to be able to see the signs.

'He mightn't say it, at times he might not even show it,' a curt sigh shot through his lips knowing how true the statement was, 'but he cares about you. He loves you and believe me I wouldn't offer that up prematurely.'

Cameron smiled softly at the admission. Though it wasn't coming from the man she would've ultimately liked to hear it from, it didn't lesson the impact of the words. 'Still think I'm going to break his heart?'

Wilson let out a short laugh. 'No, now I'm worried you might actually fix it.'

Her grin widened as she moved forward, pulling him into a hug. They were friends but he had a soft spot for House and she knew he wouldn't give his blessing unless he truly meant it. 'Thank you James.'

He nodded mutely into her shoulder and pointed towards the door as they drew apart, 'Go on, he'll get cranky you know.'

She snorted slightly. 'He's always cranky.'

Another laugh escaped his lips before she disappeared inside and he closed his eyes, contemplating the unlikely pair.

In some ways they were too similar. Overly stubborn, neither able to commit, both scared of opening up but those things paled to their differences. Cameron needed to fix things, she sought out people who were in need of change, House hated change. Anyway he looked at it their fundamental characteristics should have torn them apart. There was no rational explanation, no formula, certainly no logical reason.

Their relationship was the equivalent of someone dividing by zero to reach an answer that worked but made no sense.

And that's why he wasn't worried.

Because that was love; the more ridiculous it seemed, the more like it was to succeed.

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