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Chapter 1: Candace

Oh boy....Sometimes I wish I didn't have brothers. There is always something unbelievable in the backyard, and I end up looking like an insane lunatic. I sighed, and looked at the small heart-shaped picture of Jeremy Johnson in my locket. Jeremy! He's only the cutest guy in school, and I have an irresistible crush on him. But Alas, my brothers always get in the way of a relationship yet to come.

"Candace!" my mother yelled from downstairs. "Come in here before your breakfast gets cold!"

"Coming mom." I grudgingly obliged, trudging down the carpeted stairs into the kitchen. I ate the pancakes on my plate with no real appetite.

"Guess what mom!" Phineas, my younger brother screamed. "We're gonna create a building that is so tall it beats the world record!"

"How nice boys!" Mom said, not really paying attention.

"You know, Octopus blood is blue." Ferb, my other brother, inserted one of his random trivial answers.

"Candace, your father and I are going to go to the mall today so keep an eye on your brothers, ok?" Mom sighed. "And please don't call us again telling us that they built a rocket to the moon or something, alright dear?"

"It's not like you would believe me anyways." I mumbled.

"What was that dear?"

"Oh nothing" I said and walked up to my room. I whipped out my cellphone, and called Stacy, my best friend.

"You know what Stacy?" I sighed. "Today I'm not going to even try to bust my brothers...What's the use?" Just then my cellphone beeped like it did when another person tried to call me. "Hang on Stacy I gotta take this call." I sighed again. "Hello?" I spoke into the phone, depressed.

"Hi Candace!" I heard Jeremy's melodious voice, and I instantly perked up.

"H-hi Jeremy!" I said.

"Candace, I was wondering if you'd like to see a movie with me..." Jeremy sounded a bit embarrassed. "If you want to..."

"Sure!" I said, happiness consuming me.

"Great! I'll pick you up at noon." he ended the conversation.

I was gideous with glee! I made up in my mind that today would be the day I 'd tell Jeremy I liked him...Hopefully nothing else horrible could happen in my life. I glanced around.

"Hey, Where's Perry?" I inquired, my eyes scanning the room for our semi-aquatic mammal. I shrugged.