~this sprang from Imp's mind, and although there is no doubt in my mind that we are to get berated for immaturity, there is something some of you need to learn.   Although we may seem to take ourselves a bit too seriously, read this.  This is pure levity, not meant to be taken as though we are writing some sort of life changing "Uncle Tom's Cabin"!  This is our attempt to add a small bit of humor to the world.  If you don't like it, very well, but this is not meant for those of you who feel the need to over dramatize everything.  It's a stupid little story we did one day when imp brought up the prospect of another dimension in which everyone existed- but as their gender opposites!  Thank you and Goodnight.     

It was a quiet day down in the Lair—Lange was napping, Singe was napping, Angie was off somewhere doing things that only goddesses can do, Imp was…somewhere

Erik was moping (everyone awww) and trying to figure out just how many way's there were to kill Raoul with that damn red scarf (he was currently up to number thirty-five: throw the scarf off the opera roof and watch the Fop fly).

            Needless to say, he was just a little too preoccupied to notice that Imp had run back into the Lair, jumping with excitement.  "Lange!  Singe!"  she squealed as she tried valiantly to wake them up. 

            "Gewadonbotherme," Lange mumbled as she rolled over.

            However, considering she and Singe had been napping on the floor in their sleeping bags (because Erik just never seemed to get around to getting them actual beds, and also because of the fact that the sofa was permanently called by Imp) Lange ended up doing the unthinkable and rolled over on Singe—not a wise thing to do to the monkey girl.

            "EH!" Singe screamed in pain as she leaped up.  "EH!  BITCH!"  She then proceeded to leap on Lange and bite and scratch her—needless to say, that when Imp had finally pulled Singe off of Lange, they were all sufficiently awake.

            Imp gleefully helped them up.  "Guess what guys!" she cried, her excitement level drawing dangerously close to overload.

            "Er…the Fop's dead?" Lange asked hopefully.

            "No!  Better than that!" Imp replied as she began rocking back and forth from absolute anticipation.

            "OHOH!!  I KNOW!" Singe yelled suddenly as she jumped around madly.  "CHRISTINE'S DEAD!"

            "NO!" Imp yelled back, frustrated.  "Angie left one of her wormholes lying around, and you'll never guess were it leads!"  She grabbed them by their arms, and pulled them forward.

            She lead them through maze of twists and turns, leading them farther and farther away from the Lair and towards the Opera House itself. 

            Suddenly taking a turn, she led them down one of the abandoned passageways.  At the end of it, was a glowing, pulsating wormhole. 

            "Defiantly one of Angie's," Singe said as she drew near to it and cautiously sniffed it.  "It looks like a pink cloud."

            "Come on," Imp cried as she motioned for them to follow.  "You'll never BELIEVE what's on the other side!  The solution to Erik's bad luck with love!  She's perfect, you just wait and see!"

            They followed Imp into the swirling pink mist, never realizing just what they were getting into…