So to make a long story shorter, the Phab Phour explained the whole dimension thing-of-ma-bob to Erika and Erik.  Now, Erik's first thought was that the girls desperately needed to get out more.  But his NEXT thought ran more along the lines of…

"So you" he asked Erika.

            "ONLY FEMALE!" Imp squealed happily

            "So in essence, she is exactly like you!  Isn't it wonderful?" Singe asked blissfully.

            By now, Angie was a bit tipsy, since she was trying to drown her woes about the AWFUL consequences of the others' actions in lemonade.  Another loud belch escaped her lips as she looked at her mug appreciatively.  "Lemonade good…"

But the brooding goddess was ignored.

Singe leap onto Erik's shoulder, and hugged his head.  "Just think!  We all know you love yourself, and therefore she'll love you!"

"But still," Angie whined, "we still don't know how badly we've screwed up things!"

"Oh, stop being so anal Angie!" Imp snapped as she slammed her mug down on the coffee table.  "It'll all work out!"

But Angie didn't become a goddess by being optimistic.  "We can't do this and not think about the consequences!"

            "Oh, HANG the consequences!" Imp snapped again.  "And if they do rear their ugly heads, then we'll fix them!"

"You are THE omnipotent goddess here!" Singe sneered in her monkey-girl way.  "YOU do something!"

"Yea!  Like get us food!" Lange commanded.

            Angie made a godly noise of disgust and disappeared, only to reappear with some monkey biscuits and pasta.

            "EE!" Singe exclaimed as she leapt into the kitchen and return laden with…QUIZNOS FOR EVERYONE!

            There was much rejoicing.  The WWAD had deep appreciation for food—especially quiznos.

            But Erika didn't.  She sniffled in a totally adorable and heartrending way.  "Christian..." she sighed.

"Christian?" Erik asked.

"Now DON'T start that again!" Lange said as she threatened Erika with a half eaten Quizno.

            "You see, Erik," Singe said, trying to explain.  "There had to be a Christine equivalent."

"Oh…see," Erik nodded sagely.  He's quick to pick up on things, that Erik.  "So you love Christian...but he doesn't love you," Erik said to Erika.

            Erika could only sniffle and nod.

            "Did he unmask you by any chance?" Erik asked.

Erika sniffled again.  "Just did."

Erik gently placed his hand on her shoulder in support.  "I know what that's like.  There was once this chorus girl name Christine…what a mess that was!"

            Erika looked up into Erik's face, and suddenly, the two mad, deformed geniuses became very shy.  "Er...please...sit down," Erik said as he let her to the couch.

            Even Angie had to give a little giggle, half drunk as she was.  "Awww…it's kind of cute..." she said as she lowered her pint of lemonade.

            It was only a little while later that Erik and Erika finally became comfortable around each other.  By then, they were deep in a heated discussion.

" ...and she didn't give a shit about the countless hours I'd put into singing lessons!" Erik complained, throwing his hands into the air in disgust.  "Not to mention the thousands I'd spent on her!  Shoes... mirrors... dresses..."

            "See!" Angie suddenly cried, forgetting the lemonade.  "That's one of the reasons we hate her!"

"She's a bloody ingrate!" Imp cried broodly, threateningly cracking her knuckles at the thought of the ditz.

            "Tell me about it!" Erika said, her own blood boiling.  "and if that wasn't bad enough, just today this little bitch named Raoulina comes marching into his dressing room, pulling a dominatrix schtick!  She's going to mess with all I worked for, I just know it!"

            "Raoulina?" Erik repeated, a bit taken aback. 

"Yea...raoulina..." Erika replied, her eyes narrowing in hate.  "She's a bossy little thing, and she has my Christian wrapped around her little finger all ready.  She just came waltzing in and carried on about a damn red scarf!"  Erika 'hrumphed' as Imp gave her a cup of tea.  "He didn't even remember the scarf!"

Singe interrupted them before they could continue.  "Let's get off that subject, okay!  You guys now have each other, you can be happy!" she exclaimed, finishing off the last of the quiznos.

"So…" Erika started suddenly, "did you even extort from the managers?"

"You know I was just thinking…" Singe mused out loud.  "What if they have sex?  Is that going to be like... masturbation for both of them?"

As all eyes turned on her, Singe realized she shouldn't have said that so loudly.

            "I love mortal TV shows.. sex?!" Angie said, her conversation with Lange suddenly interrupted by the new train of thought.  She looked over at Erik and Erika, who were Blushing with a capital B, cause they are so....naive like that.

Angie burst out giggling.  "That'd be so cute!"

"It WOULD!" Lange cried.

             "Er...ixnay on the exsay!" Imp said, since she could be rather prudish about the subject.  Hey, cut her slack…she's a bred Catholic.

            Singe shrugged nonchalantly.  "Well if they do stay together it would be inevitable."

Lange started giggling again.  "They'd both be so apprehensive and touchy!"

It was then that Imp thought to hell with prudish-ness and gave into the warped part of her soul.  "Hehe..." she giggled, inappropriately visualizing.  "They would!"

By now, the giggles had morphed into chuckling.  "Both would burst out crying whenever they were kissed—it would take forever!"

Angie, who by now was just pissed drunk on lemonade in a BAD way, got up woozily, grinning, well…drunkenly.  "Teehee…Gonna whip out yer little phantom and shtick it in her lair."  She laughed stupidly, and then collapsed, dead drunk.

            The remaining Worthier Women fell over laughing.

Singe has clutching her sides in pain as she tried to speak.  "Then they'd be all like 'Okay!  We've done it!  Leave me now!'"

Needless to say, Erik and Erika  were NOT happy, as they blushed more and got all indignant.

Angie—who gets over being dead drunk quickly, since she IS an omnipotent goddess—got up off the ground and looked at Erika and Erik.  "I'm guessing you didn't think that was very funny…"

Erik cleared his throat loudly, showing his discomfort about the subject.

But who are the Worthier Women to take a hint?

            "Hey!" Singe exclaimed, hopping with excitement with her new idea.  "Would you guys have sex for us right now?  That would be so cute!"

The Worthier Women stopped mid-laugh, and an awkward silence filled the Lair.

Imp looked at Singe strangely, and slowly backed away.

Singe looked at the others for support.  "Come on, guys!  You know you want to see them do it…er…guys?"  She looked around desperately.  She was not one that took alienation easily.  She turned towards Erik.  "Erik, please talk to me!" she pleaded.  "I'm sorry!  But it would be cute!" 

"This... isn't... appropriate!" Erik finally said, in the highest sense of awkwardness.

Needless to say, Imp had gotten prudish again as the Catholicism bit back.  "Er, Singe...ix-nay on the ex-say."

Singe looked around desperately for SOMEONE to comfort her.  "I'm sorry but... wah!"  Singe ran off to the lake edge, weeping inconsolably.

            And there was yet another awkward silence.

As Singe sat by the lake, hating herself, Lange was trying to ameliorate the situation.                            " too really don't have to have sex...really!"

Singe wasn't trying to be subtle in her misery.  "Noooooobody likes me!! Eeeeeeeverybody hates me!"

Angie sniffed the air, suspiciously.  "I smell trouble…" She sniffed her armpits to check. 
"And it's NOT me."

             Suddenly, the earth starts to tremble as an announcement was blared through out the Opera House.

Singe rose her head in bewilderment.  "Since when does the opera have an intercom?" she asked.

"Gah!" Angie screamed as she collapsed to the ground.  "Now I sense trouble!"


"What the hell..." Lange started as she prepared herself ot run around in a panicked state.

"Wrinkle... in... time..." Angie moaned from the ground.

"Dah!  Shit!" Singe yelled as she ran back into the House and for Erik.

"Oh...of all the frelling luck!" Imp cried in frustration as she watched Angie writhe on the ground, foaming at the mouth.

Angie rolled over her glasses, and they snap.  Just because she's all powerful, doesn't mean her glasses are.  "My glasses!" she screamed.  "Now I'm half blind!"

That was the final straw for the poor, abused goddess.  She then pulled a wrathful goddess schtick, growing to twice her size, making all cower at her wrath.  "I tooooooold you!  I toooold you!  But no!  Don't listen to the OMNIPOTENT BEING!"

 She got a hold of her self, and shrunk back down, breathing heavily.  "Fools!" she muttered.

Singe was trying  to cling to Erik for dear life, but she soon discovered that his arms were full.  Erik and Erika had leapt into each other's arms in the panic, and as Erika whimpered and placed her head on his chest, Erik looked like he was about to burst from happiness.

"Damnit!" Singe whined pitifully.  "He's not holding me!  Shit—me and my nobility—Ach!"

Lange stopped panicking long enough to hug Singe.  "Better?" she asked.

            Singe sighed in contentment.  "Thanks"

            Lange shrugged.  "I try."

            "Come on guys!" Imp said optimistically.  "Even though the world is ending, look at Erik!  He's so happy!"  But then, as she looked away from Erik and Erika, and looked at the total suckiness of the situation, the difference proved too overwhelming for the poor girl.  "GOD!  MY TEA!  I need my tea!  Ihave fragile nerves!" she screamed desperately, as she trying to claw her way to the kitchen.

            And just as suddenly as the world had started to end, it stopped.