It wasn't often they got to hang out together. Heather, Jess, and Raven sat on one side of the large table, with Borden, Drake, Kitson, and Carson on the other. KITT and KARR themselves were parked outside, keeping an eye on things both inside and out. There was also a practical side to deciding to hang out in the club. No one could really think of the holograms by different names, so here no one would overhear the original names being used.

"Hey, Raven." Heather had to raise her voice to be heard. "That guy over there is checking Jess out."

Jess' head whipped around fast enough to give her whiplash. "Who?" Her eyes locked onto the guy in question and she groaned. "More like he's waiting for us to slip and reveal our true nature."

"Don't tell me he thinks you're gay." Borden muttered, twisting around a little to get a look. Drake glanced behind him and almost choked on his drink.

"Better yet – he thinks they're witches." eh said with a laugh. He turned his focus to KITT and KARR. "That's the idiot who thinks Heather and Raven curse people. He's under the mistaken impression they gave his best friend mono."

"That was his stupid fault, not mine." Raven said with a laugh.

KARR tilted his head in a gesture of confusion. His scanners were already locked onto the boy in question. "so what do we do about him?" he asked.

"Who says we have to do anything?" KITT demanded. "It's just rumors."

Heather fished a red Sharpie marker from Jess' purse, ignoring the girl's protests. She grabbed a napkin, sketched something on it, and stood up, flashing KARR a grin. "This is what we do." She slipped through the crowd and seemed to materialize at the boy's table. Jess and Raven were already snickering, while Borden and Drake watched with interest. KITT and KARR exchanged confused looks.

They watched as Heather leaned over the boy's table and whispered something to him as she handed him the napkin. He turned white as a sheet and jumped away from her. "Get away from me, witch!" he shouted, fear raising his voice an octave or two. "I didn't do anything to you!" Heather simply flashed him a smile and slinked back to her own table.

Jess and Raven were rolling with laughter. Drake was biting his lip to keep a straight face while Borden simply rolled his eyes and smiled. "Cute, sis. Real cute."

"Hey, he was asking for it." Heather said with an innocent smile. "Besides, I told him the curse would wear off in a week or two."

"What did you supposedly curse him with?" Jess chuckled.

"I left that to his imagination." Heather's innocent smile changed into a smirk.

KITT had to admit, it was funny, but still – "Did you have to do that? That kid didn't do anything to hurt you."

"No, but some rumors just have to be helped along." Heather said. "That was one of them. Stupid, really."

"You shouldn't scare people." KITT chided gently.

KARR couldn't help himself. "Next time you might want to wear something that could pass as a charm."

"Don't encourage them!" Exasperation flooded KITT's voice. KARR simply laughed at him.

Heather, Jess, and Raven exchanged looks. "Are we getting lessons from the master?" Raven asked with a grin.

"After KITT starts recharging."



AN: I have no excuse for this bit of insanity other than to blame it all on Jess. She's the one who said, "You know, what if KITT and KARR . . ."

We really should stop having those conversations. She keeps giving me ideas for one-shots.