Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns the characters. I'm borrowing them.

Instead of going to sleep, Bella decided she wasn't quite done with Edward for the night…



She grinned, placing her hands on my cheeks and leaning forward to gently place her lips against mine. I finally worked up a little more of the energy I barely had and walked around the bed, slowly bending down and carefully placing her on the bed. Her legs fell from around my waist and softly hit the hardwood floor beneath us, her hands still on my cheeks.

I backed away from her, smirking at the pout on her lips before I stood up straight. Her hands trailed down my stomach as I did so and I sucked in a deep breath as I grabbed her wrists in my hands.

"Get in bed," I whispered, leaning down to kiss her once more. "You have to work tomorrow."

"And if I said I still needed you?" she whispered back, raising an eyebrow at me.

A shiver ran down my spine, my overworked heart pounding against my ribs again and my mouth suddenly going very dry as I felt myself hardening again.

"Bella," I managed, swallowing hard. "You need to get some sleep."

"I will," she said innocently, nodding as she worked one of her hands out of my grasp and reached forward to grab me in her hand.

Well, fuck.

"When I stop needing you," she answered quietly, her thumb swirling around my tip.

I gasped, letting go of her other hand and leaning forward to anchor my hands on either side of her hips and rest my forehead on her shoulder.

"Which will be…?" I panted as her hand gripped me firmly and slid down.

"Never," she whispered, ducking her head down to place a kiss on the bottom of my throat.

One of those damn strangled cries left my mouth again as I involuntarily thrust my hips forward into her hand.

"I'm always going to need you," she whispered, her hand moving in time with my hips. "That'll never change."

My mouth dropped open and I moaned into her shoulder as she swirled her thumb around my tip again.

"I need you, Edward," she whispered, nipping on my collarbone before moving her hand from me.

I groaned in protest, looking up at her as she slowly slid up the bed and laid down on it, her legs slightly parted as she met my eyes.

One of these days, I was most definitely going to take things slow with her.

Today, however, was not going to end up being one of them.

I grabbed her knees and yanked them further apart as I crawled over her again, barely giving her any time to react as I slammed into her. She cried out, her back arching as she reached out and dug her fingernails into my chest.

I grabbed her hips, lifting them as I continued to thrust into her, disregarding the flash of pain that her nails were creating in my chest as I concentrated on everything else that was happening.

How she felt around me, the way my name was falling off of her lips each time our hips met, the way her head was thrashing back and forth on the bed.

I began moving faster, leaning over her to gently bite down on one of her nipples. She screamed, her back arching again as she moved her hands from my chest and slapped them on the bed, curling the sheets into her fists.

"Edward," she moaned out, her breath sobbing out of her chest. "More."

I grabbed her thighs and pulled them on my shoulders, moaning almost as loudly as she did at all the spots I was now able to hit. I slowed my thrusts, clenching down on my teeth tightly as I slowly moved out and then back in again.

"Not fair," she breathed, shaking her head as she tried moving faster against me with her hips. "Faster."

"Not yet," I ground out, grabbing her hips tightly in my hands and holding them until she slowed as well.

She threw her head back into the bed, her arms raising to cover her eyes as she finally listened to me.

"Oh, God," she moaned, low and long.

I leaned forward again, kissing every inch of her breasts and reaching up to flick my thumbs over her nipples. She squeaked, wiggling around and ultimately, twisting her hips against mine.

My eyes rolled back in my head at the sensations that caused and I lost it; pounding my hips against hers and relishing the tingling in the pit of my stomach.

"Oh!" she screamed, her hips working just as fast against mine again. "Yes! I'm…!"

"Bella," I growled, burying my face in her neck. "Bella, Bella…"

Her back arched yet again, her chest meeting mine as I felt her burst around me, her body shaking underneath mine and her hips jerking up into mine. I dug my fingertips into her hips, waiting for her to ride hers out before I finally let go, moaning and biting down on her shoulder as I stiffened.

She cried out again, my name falling from her lips as I felt her explode around me once more.

I did collapse on top of her this time, her legs sliding off of my shoulders and my breath sobbing out of my chest as I raised my limp arms to wrap them around her. I rolled us onto our sides and slowly slid out of her, holding her tightly as she snuggled into me.

"You are quite possibly the most," I breathed, swallowing hard and burying my nose into her hair, "amazing woman I've ever known."

"As it should be," she breathed back, looking up at me and gently kissing my chin. "I love you, Edward."

I looked down at her and gently placed my lips against hers again.

"You have no idea how much I love you, Bella," I whispered, my arm still limp and shaking slightly as I ran a hand down her hair.

"I beg to differ."

I smiled, kissing her again. "Go to sleep, love."

She nodded, burying her face into my chest and throwing a leg over my own. I took a deep breath and held her tightly to me, burying my face into her neck before I let myself fall asleep – completely tangled up and gloriously spent with the woman I love.