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1 or 2 It's Hard To Tell

3 Months:
Draco woke suddenly to the sound of his husband dashing out of bed towards their large bathroom, sounds of retching followed soon after. The tall blonde rose to a sitting position, is head turning slightly to land on the shaking form of his young dark haired lover, "Harry," he called lightly, "What's wrong? Are you alright?"

Harry lifted his head slowly, still shaking, and glanced at Draco, one hand moving to lay on his stomach, "Dray, I think... I'm pregnant."

The blonde stood suddenly and ran into the bathroom, kneeling down behind Harry, his arms circling around the shorter man, one laying flat on his stomach the other on his hand, "Are you sure? How can you tell? I'm going to be a father...?"

Harry rolled his eyes and reached up to flush the vomit down the toilet before removing Draco's hand from his body and standing up, "Draco, I have been sick for nearly 3 weeks, unexplainably I might add. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a baby."

5 Months:
"We're going to be late if you don't get out of bed Harry."came the frustrated voice of Draco as he pushed open their bedroom door to find his husband curled up in a ball underneath the covers.

The lump of covers moved before Harry's head poked out the top, a glare on his face, "I'm not going and you can't make me!" he yelled a little to loudly.

"Harry, there isn't anyone in this school qualified to take your place right now. Severus went off on vacation with my father to renew their vows remember? He's not going to be back for another 2-3 weeks. You can lay around all you want when he comes back. I promise." Draco walked up to the bed and pulled the covers off of his husband.

The glare on Harry's face became darker, "I AM NOT GOING! Look at me! I'm fat! I'm not going anywhere like this! Get the hell away from me!"

9 Months:
"Can you believe it's almost time Dray? In a little over 2 weeks we'll have a little baby to fawn over." Harry whispered, his hands rubbing his exceptionally large belly, smiling lightly when the baby kicked.

One of Draco's eyebrows rose to form a questioning look, "Are you sure...? That big stomach of yours looks like it could hold at least 2 babies..."

A few seconds later Draco was slammed against the wall by the force of Harry's wandless expeliarmus, "Don't you EVER call me fat again Malfoy! Or you won't even be here to see the birth of this child!"

Draco was decent enough to let a slight blush grace his well defined features before standing and straightening his robes, "I was simply telling the truth Harry." He raised his hands over his face at the angry look Harry sent his way, expecting another painful blow.

2 Hours After Birth:
Harry looked up at his smirking husband and let a frown appear on his lips, "Don't even say it Malfoy."

The smirk grew larger as Draco began to talk, "What? You mean 'I told you so?' Because I did."

The sounds of two crying babies stopped their bickering, they looked down at the small bundles in each of their grasps, "Darien." Harry whispered lightly to the little blonde bundle.

"Eris." Draco whispered to the dark haired bundle in his own arms.

Albus Dumbledor stood in the doorway of the hospital wing smiling brightly, that irritating twinkle in his eye, "Prince Darien amd Princess Eris. The wizarding world will welcome you whole heartedly."

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