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Sarah looked out onto the blue green waters of the Pacific Ocean from her room in Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica. It had been two days since they arrived and slowly she felt the tension and anxiety slipping from her body.

She was in bad need of a vacation; especially since working with Chuck required her to do twice as much than would've been needed if he just had stayed in the car. But finally she was able to relax and spend the next few days not thinking about who was going to be after him next. Although once this mini-vacation was done, she knew she would be hard at work tracking Fulcrum down.

A voice came out of the room and Sarah turned to face him. "What did you say?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to head down for some dinner. I'm starving."

Sarah smiled, "Sounds good."

"You know I'm glad that you finally agreed to come with me here. I remember you shot me down the last time I asked if you wanted to go on vacation with me."

"That was then, this is now." Sarah turned to face the ocean once more, trying to hide the passing look of sadness on her face.

"Well let's enjoy it while it lasts; after this it's back to work."

"I know. By the way, thanks again."

"For what?"

"For breaking cover and waiting for me."

"It was no problem. I'm just glad you're with me Sarah."

"I'm glad too, Bryce."

2 weeks prior:

Sarah sat alone in her room. Her thoughts all swirling about in her head, all concerning what she did earlier or more specifically what she didn't do earlier.

They were sent on a mission with Bryce Larkin to recover a disk containing decrypted information about Fulcrum. All Chuck needed to do was make the exchange and secure the disk. But that's when it all went to hell in a hand basket. Somehow a Fulcrum agent learned of the meeting and decided to crash the party.

Bryce was able to grab the disk but the agent was able to grab Chuck. She placed a gun against his head and demanded the disk for his safety. Bryce knew she was hiding behind the far wall and had a clear shot at the agent. So reluctantly he kicked over the disk and shouted for her to take the shot.

But nothing came.

He shouted at Sarah again to take the shot.

But still nothing. Sarah had hesitated; she couldn't risk hitting Chuck despite her prowess with the weapon.

Luckily Casey was able to take the agent out and save both the disk and Chuck. "If you want something done, do it yourself" he grunted.

Sarah looked at Chuck with teary eyes; they both knew it. She hesitated. She could've easily taken the shot but she didn't because of her concern for Chuck. Concern for him not as an asset but concern for a loved one. Sarah knew that he and the rest of them could've been killed. It was at that moment, she made her decision.

Sarah looked out onto the L.A. skyline. She recalled she had promised Ellie that she would be her bride's maid and that they would look over dresses tonight. She also had told Chuck that they were due for a talk; one where she was going to tell him finally what she really felt. But that was before the events of the day.

Sarah texted a message to Casey letting him know what she had planned and to break it gently to Chuck. Her next text went to a number that she thought she would never have to use, Bryce's phone number. She quickly sent the coded message to Bryce, signaling that she wanted to meet up with him.

With that, Sarah Walker exited Chuck's life.

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