This isn't really so much as a chapter. The story just needed an ending and D: read on *tear*



While Edward was standing shocked, angry, full of rage. I took It upon myself to dress Bella and myself quickly my eyes never leaving his. I reached out my hand helping Bella up, hugging her tightly "Edward you-you …what are you doing back?" I asked not knowing what else to say.

He just growled in response his fingers curled into the palm of his hands. Then I saw it. But it was too late. I felt Edwards teeth sinking into my neck. I hissed in pain trying to push him off me hearing Bella's screams. "I love you Bella!" I managed to groan out until my eyes closed and I fell into a deep slumber never to wake again...


I roared turning to Bella. "And you, you dare cheat on me?!" I lunged onto Bella pinning her against the floor. "Edward... kill me..." she whispered. I was taken back. She wanted to die? Then I would give her what she wants. I sank my already bloody teeth into Bella's chest ripping her apart. I groaned as I drank every last drop of her blood. I stood up from the crouching position I was in and smiled laughing. I didn't even see Jasper as he lunged onto me sinking his teeth into me....

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