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"Okay team we have a choice since the client lied about the mission. We can either head back, or we can keep going? All for going back?" None of Kakashi's team raised their hands.

"All against?" All three genin raised their hands making him smile, this group was surpassing his expectations everytime.

"Okay Tazuna we'll go with you but when this is over you'll have to pay the difference understood?" Tazuna nodded and bowed.

"Thank you so much, don't worry when this bridge is complete you'll easily get your money and more." Tazuna said with a smile that assured the four ninja with him that he was confident in his words.

Meanwhile in Konoha, in the vault of the Dokueki household...something ancient stirred.

Jigo never minded going into the vault of the house. Hell he loved pouring over scrolls to improve on something or teach his kids. But he hated the part of the vault he was about to enter, the part of the vault only he himself could access, he hated it for one simple reason. Inside the mini-vault as he liked to call it were a few clan artifacts but it was one in particular he loathed, the main reason his clan was called what it was. It was because of this 'artifact' his clan became something more than just poison tasters, they became an actual ninja clan. As he channeled his chakra into the vast seal array that locked the mini-vault he watched with interest as the seals dissolved leaving only a large spider design on the door.

'I can feel it's aura even through the door.' Jigo thought as he pulled out a kunai and cut his thumb placing it on the spider's eight eyes and on the top and bottom part of the hourglass shape on its abdomen watching as the seals glowed bright red before the door opened letting the smell of old scrolls and a hint of metal assault his senses. Jigo stepped in making sure to turn on the lights as he felt an overwhelming presence in there with him. In front of him on a small wooden pedestal was a metal box with numerous seals painted onto it and a sutra scroll placed on the lock.

He could feel the power of the being held within the box and knew that only his son Naruto could possibly control such a being. Many before in his clan had tried only to either be drained by the creature, driven mad, or worse...become an even bigger monster. Hence why it was sealed in two containers, its original one and this safebox. Jigo could feel it trying to speak to him as he placed his hand on the safebox.

"Normally you would never see the light of day again parasite but from what the Hokage has told us, we're going to need every weapon we can get in this upcoming battle." He could feel the creature's anger at being called a parasite and being challenged but he knew that if it ever broke free from its original container then the safebox would make sure it was destroyed. Jigo would make sure this thing never had a chance to escape, it began with his clan and it would end with his clan.

"Rest assure, you will experience life again....but it will be on our terms." Jigo walked away from the box and shut off the lights closing the mini-vault door and sealing the symbiote in darkness once more, until it was time to release it.

Inside the safebox in a large cylindrical glass tube the creature known as the symbiote stirred, its ooze-like body sliding all over the tube that held it captive. After so many long years of being imprisoned after landing on this planet in this universe it was finally going to get a chance to truly feel again. It could feel that the person that was just talking with it was not a good host, too many poisons in its systems to make for a long-lasting relationship but from what it felt from the humanoids emotions and what it was talking about the poison human knows of something or someone that could be a perfect host. Parker and Brock were great hosts while they lasted but after landing in this universe and on this planet so long ago the symbiote had developed a taste for not only adrenaline but for the energy the humans of this planet called chakra. While it needed adrenaline to survive and shinobi as these humans called themselves had it in large amounts chakra had a much more sweeter taste. Like a nice dessert after a good meal...or a drug fix as Parker once called their relationship. It needed more chakra and even though it was locked in this thrice damned safe it could feel many humans with large amounts of chakra though only one was worthy of notice. Soon it will find this one and feed, feed like never before and the world will know once more just who it was, who it and its host would be.


Naruto for some reason felt uneasy and he turned towards his squad.

"What's up dobe?"

"You guys ever get the feeling someone is thinking about you? And not necessarily in a good way?" Sasuke perked up at this.

"Yeah actually, I get that feeling a lot. Like someone has plans for you and it won't end well concerning you."

"Glad to know I'm not the only one." Naruto continued walking with his hands cupped behind his head. A noise off to the side startled him and he threw a kunai towards it.

"Naruto you baka!" Sakura screamed as she was right next to him when he threw it causing her to jump back a little. She walked over to where he threw the kunai and noticed a white rabbit that was scared to death of the kunai the had sunk into a tree behind it, no less than an inch above its head.

"You nearly hit a rabbit baka! Scared the poor thing half to death!" She said coming back towards the group with the shaking rabbit in her arms. Kakashi took notice of the rabbit and his mind was already thinking.

'A white rabbit this time of year? That can only mean one thing...'

"Everybody down!" Kakahsi yelled as he grabbed Sakura and Sasuke leaving Naruto to grab Tazuna as a large object went sailing over their heads.

"Damn didn't hit a single one of you, and is that the famous copy ninja Kakashi I see? No wonder the demon brothers couldn't kill the old man." Everyone's heads immediately turned in the direction of the voice only to see a man in a peculiar outfit standing on top of the object that nearly took off their heads. On his head was a scratched Mist hitai-ite while his face from the nose down was covered in bandages. Kakashi immediately knew who they were facing but before he could say anything Naruto beat him to the punch.

"Momochi Zabuza, A-rank Missing-Nin from Kirigakure. Famous for Silent Homicide Technique and being a former member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist."

"I'm honored that even fresh genin know of me but I'm sorry to say I must cut our time short and kill you. Nothing personal, just business." Zabuza put his hands in the tiger seal and immediately a thick mist rose up everywhere along with Zabuza's killing intent making Sakura, Sasuke, and Tazuna all freeze in place. Naruto seemed only slightly affected and his mind went through all the different ways he could dispel the mist. Then an idea hit him.

"Fuuton: Reppuusho!" Naruto clapped his hands together and the mist surrounding the three genin was dispersed allowing them to fully see their sensei. Then Zabuza's voice came through the mist.

"A wind user in fire country? Now that is a rare thing too bad you're still gonna die." Kakashi looked back at his genin squad and all noticed he was smiling.

"Don't worry guys, I won't let anything happen to you." As Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto calmed down Kakashi's head was taken off his body before his head and body turned into water.

"Impressive, able to copy my technique even in this thick mist, you truly are worthy of your rank Kakashi. But their deaths..."

Zabuza appeared right in the middle of the genin trio his sword positioned to be swung in a wide arc to cleave them all in two.

"Are inevitable." Zabuza then felt two kunai on him. One on his throat from Kakashi and the tip of another where his heart was from the blonde genin.

"You're finished Zabuza." Naruto said making Zabuza chuckle.

"You really think so kid? Well sorry to be a dissapointment." the Zabuza they were about to stab melted into a puddle of water.

"Mizu Bunshin, Naruto stay alert."

"Too late for that Kakahsi!" Kakashi turned and at the last second blocked Zabuza's blade but the sheer strength put behind the blow sent him flying towards the water.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura yelled while not leaving Tazuna's side. Kakashi noticed the water felt strange as he stood up and before he even had the chance to escape a large bubble of water surrounded him with what he could only assume was the real Zabuza as his captor. Kakashi turned towards his genin squad, a look of worry on his face.

"Get out of here! Take Tazuna and run! This battle was over the moment he captured me!" But to Kakashi's surprise none of his students ran, in fact Naruto laughed.

"As if sensei, those who abandon their friends are trash remember?" Kakashi had to smile that they were taking his lesson to heart though he wished it wasn't against an A-rank Missing Nin who was also a jonin. Naruto looked at Sasuke and tossed him a fuma shuriken. Sasuke looked at the shuriken and then realized what Naruto was planning.

"Fuuton: Reppuusho!" Naruto directed his violent wind palm at the ground beneath him causing him to rocket into the air while simultaneously drawing another fuma shuriken.

"NOW SASUKE!" Both Sasuke and Naruto threw their shurikens while Naruto used another reppuusho to make his shuriken fly at an ungodly speed at Zabuza who blocked his shuriken and somehow blocked Sasuke's as well only to have his cheek cut by the second shuriken Sasuke had hidden.

"Nice trick but that won't work on me." Naruto came falling back down to the ground with a smile before exploding into a cloud of smoke.

'A shadow clone? How does a kid like that know that jutsu and when did that brat have time to make one of those? Wait a second, that means that shuriken..." Zabuza turned around only to see the shuriken erupt into another Naruto who drew four shuriken and launched them.

"Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" The four measly shuriken began doubling once, twice, three times, until there were twenty heading towards Zabuza who had no choice but to release the water prison so he could dodge. Kakashi upon being released pulled up his headband revealing his sharingan eye and immediately took off after Zabuza clashing his kunai against the large sword. Over and over they clashed ending in a stalemate when one tried to overpower the other.

"This ends now Zabuza." Both pushed away and stared at each other before going through handseals.

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