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Destiny's Choice

part one:

"Sasuke" the Hokage stated, sadness evident in her voice

The said man glanced up, his emotionless face turning to a confused and worried one. Waiting impatiently what Tsunade was going to say. He doesn't know why the Hokage called him at the sudden, he just came home from a dangerous mission when she called him. And to think of it, he haven't seen Sakura since then. He became worried even more but didn't let anyone see it, so he straitened up.

"Their bodies were found near the hideout of the Akatuki's." she started, Sasuke still had his emotionless face, turning more confused.

"I've already send higher and advanced Anbu to search for the bodies of Sakura's team"

Sasuke's eyes widened "Sakura's team?" he began to panick inside but stay emotionless afterwards.

"What happened?" he asked trying his voice to sound calm but his eyes betrayed him

"I assigned her on a mission to deliver a sacred scroll to sand with her Anbu team, that scroll is the most important thing the kazekage wants, it has the forbidden jutsu's written in it, Orochimaru, as well as the Akatsuki want that scroll to be in their hands." She continued, intertwining her fingers above her chin looking at the Uchiha,

"What happened?" he tried again demanding some answers, getting impatient, trying not to think about Sakura being found dead.

"As I told you earlier, her team was found dead near the Akatsuki's place, unmoving and lifeless,-" she trailed noticing the young Uchiha's troubled face

"It can't be" he thought

"But, Sakura's body was missing, only hers, so there's a high possibility that she had escaped the battle, and a possibility that she's still alive."

He sighed in relief, knowing that his wife is alive. "Send me to search for the bodies as well" he said

The hokage glanced up, "No, I'll send you to a different mission" she coldly said

"Sasuke, have faith on her, she can handle herself now, she's no weakling anymore"

"I know that" he answered, his bangs covering his face, a tear forming in his eyes, preventing it from falling, he cant show weakness to everyone, especially to the Hokage herself.

"I'm sending you to find Uchiha-Haruno Sakura's body, and bring her to me, alive or-.." she hesitate "or d-dead" she finished quite stuttering and dismissed him quickly waving her hands. Shizune, beside her, worried.

Sasuke flinched once he heard the word "dead" but nodded afterwards, he was about to leave when Tsunade spoke again.

"You can leave whenever you want, but please-" Tsunade begged

"-give her back to me, to konoha, and.. to you.."

He stared at her, and answered "I will" and dashed out the Hokage tower, jumping roof to roof at his full speed heading home.

Once Sasuke's out of sight, Tsunade let her tears fall from her face freely, "Sakura, please come back to me" she said holding her chest, crying her pain out, Shizune tried on comforting her, Tonton in her arms. "she'll be back with Uchiha-san, have faith on her, like you told him." she said eying Tsunade worriedly.

"Sakura, wait for me" he thought

Sasuke felt alone yet again after hearing the news about his wife Sakura, missing, or worsed,.. dead. When he went home, completing his mission, he was expecting to be welcomed by Sakura's kisses and warm hugs, worrying if he had any cuts or wounds, oh how he love her that way, but the dobe is the only one there to welcomed him, even Kakashi-sensei was not there. The dobe told him to go to the Hokage tower to talk to Tsunade, as request,

"Sasuke, you need to talk to Tsunade-baachan" the blonde said and walked away, not turning back, not another word spoken. At the very first beginning, he had figured it out, Naruto's serious tone, he didn't even called him "teme" he called him by his name, which was rare, he only calls him by his name when he's serious or something wasn't right, and at that point, he already knew, there's something wrong.

As he entered his and Sakura's house, worried has overcome him, what if the Akatsuki caught her and was torturing her right now? Or.. that Snake-bastard had had her, and now was killing her slowly, because i betrayed him and now he comes to get Sakura?

He shook his head removing those thoughts away from his mind,

He headed at the stairs which led to their room, opened the door and entered dropping his Anbu mask on the floor and flopped down on the bed, putted his arms on his forehead, closed eyes "how could you did this to me Sakura?" he asked particularly to no one then a tear roll down in his smooth pale face.. "Why did you lied to me?"

Flash Back:

Sasuke came home late at night together with Naruto at his house.

"Training again guys?" a sweet and caring voice was heard when they entered the house.

"Neh Sakura-chan, I win in our spar!" The blonde cheered, his hands on Sasuke's shoulder supporting him from falling.

"Dobe. You're heavy," Sasuke said irritated, Sakura giggled and walk towards where they are to help them and healed their wounds, again.

"Naruto you're such a baka!" she teased and help Sasuke carry Naruto to the couch

"Sakura, what's for dinner?" Sasuke asked her, sitting beside Naruto, as he watch his wife heal his best friend/rival's deep wounds.

"Hmm.. what do you like?" she asked him, finishing healing Naruto's wounds turning her attention to his husband.

"I LIKE RAMEN SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto yelled having his strength back..

"Okay! and tomatoes for Sasuke-kun" she said and headed at the kitchen after healing Sasuke's wounds.

After about a minute Sakura yelled from the kitchen calling her boys to come in

"Dinner's ready boys" she said peeking from the kitchen to the living room seeing the two having a nice conversation about missions and other common things. Sasuke glanced at her and nodded, mouthing "we're coming" and motioned Naruto to go to the kitchen as well.

Naruto flopped down on his chair and ate his ramen hungrily while Sasuke took his seat next to Sakura and started eating tomatoes.

"Kore wa oishi Sakura-chan!" Naruto complimented

"Baka, I just added hot water in your ramen" she replied eating her food


After the dinner, Naruto went home thanking Sakura for the food..

"Sakura, any missions you're assigned?" Sasuke started, reading a scroll on the couch

"hmm.. I have" she replied looking at his husband

"What kind of mission?" he asked glancing up from the scroll

"I don't remember" she lied, making herself busy , if she tells the truth, he might stop her and worried for her, she doesn't want that, she's doesn't want to be a burden and a weakling girl anymore.

He raised his eyebrows at her unbelievingly.

"W-well, it's not that dangerous Sasuke, it's just a simple mission about delivering a useless scroll" she said

"Aa, you sure?" he asked

"Yes. How about you, any missions?" she asked changing the topic

"Hn. I was assigned to go to the Wind village" he said, returning on reading the scroll

"oh, well good luck then Sasuke-kun" she said


"I'm leaving tomorrow morning at five Sasuke" she said and headed at the stairs

"forgive me" she thought "Sasuke-kun"

End of Flash back:

Sasuke packed his things in his bag, that is, useful for the mission, he opened some drawers but stopped when something caught his eyes,

Their picture when they were still genins

He smirk remembering how crazy Sakura when it came to him, and the dobe being the dobe and Kakashi-sensei being the pervert one. And he, being the deaf one, he sighed and placed the picture above the table, and took his mask from the floor when someone knock on the door, he made his way through it and opened it wondering who was it, and hoping that it was his wife Sakura.

He opened the door to reveal a blonde boy with his bag on his back

"Neh, teme, I'm going with you" he said grinning

Sasuke was shock and speechless for a while but then motioned his ex-teammate in.

"Wait there, I'm going to take my things upstairs" he said


Then Sasuke packed his weapons in his bag and headed downstairs

"Come on dobe, we're leaving now" he said passing by at Naruto to the door

"Hey wait for me!" Naruto yelled and run up to catch to him after closing the door.

They jumped roof to roof on that night, when they reach the Konoha gates, they nodded at the guards for acknowledgement and ask them to tell the Hokage that they already left. Once they were out the Konoha, they jump trees to trees and searched for Sakura's body, dead or alive. Sasuke was yet again, debating at himself

"Have faith on her Sasuke, she can handle herself now, she's no weakling anymore" Tsunade's words rang in his mind. "she's right, have faith" he said to himself

After about an hour for searching and jumping on the trees, they took rest and decided to sleep on the night and just continued searching tomorrow. Naruto started to fix the tent he brought while Sasuke looked at the dark sky, Sakura's face was all he could see, it pained him so much, one of his love ones was yet again, near to death because his weakness.

"I'm weak Sakura, forgive me" he thought, he stand up from his seat and called Naruto's attention, which he did.

"Naruto, I'm off to find some woods to make fire" he said and received a nod from Naruto. "Be back in five minuets Teme" Naruto said which caused Sasuke to smirk "Why? Afraid of the dark dobe?" he said hands in his pockets as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Bastard" he said and continued fixing their tent, he sighed once his finished and wondered at the dark sky, like Sasuke did earlier, "I hope Hinata's fine" he said. Speaking of "fine" he's more worried about Sakura, he vowed to her that he will save her with all his might, he also promised that to Sasuke when they we're still genins, before Sasuke betrayed Konoha.

"I'm a weakling, how can I be Hokage if I cant even save my friends life?" he asked to himself looking down

Sasuke was picking dry woods when something caught his eyes, a dashed of blurry pink was what he sees there in the springs "Sakura?" he said unsure walking to have a better view, hiding behind the bushes.

"Get dressed, we're leaving" the man said icily, his voice was very familiar to Sasuke but shrug it off caused his too busy figuring if that really was Sakura or not. But then when he had the better view of the place, the girl's hair he saw earlier was not really pink but black. "I'm imagining things" he thought, he stand up and turned around back facing them, and was about to leave when the girl spoke.

"Itachi, you are an asshole"

"Itachi?" he thought

he swirled around with his sharingan activated but then what caught his sight the most was the girl with him, the girl with black hair, her face, it looks exactly just like her, her green orbs, pale face, it's Sakura! but her hair was black, how can it be?


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"Itachi, who's that man earlier?" the black haired teen said venomously to the older Uchiha, hands balled beside her, glaring daggers at his back

"shut up" he replied yet again icily

"Itachi, even I lost my memories-"

"shut up! You're annoying." he then leave the place, her behind

Her green orbs widened, "why is that line so familiar?" she thought

memories then flashed in her mind


"i love you with all my heart!"

"please dont leave!"


"Sasuke!" she shouted suddenly,

"who's Sasuke?" she asked herself.

top from bottom

Sasuke-kun likes Sakura-chan!

..To be continued…