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Part two:



"Itachi, you are an asshole"

"Itachi?" he thought

he swirled around with his sharingan activated but then what caught his sight the most was the girl with him, the girl with black hair, her face, it looks exactly just like her, her green orbs, pale face, it's Sakura! but her hair was black, how can it be?

"Sakura?" his expression was unreadable.

There she is, standing beside Itachi, wearing her Akatsuki cloak, with her hair black, and a purple manicure in her nails (A/N he also noticed that, heheh) and a ring that symbolizes that you are a member of the Akatsuki, she, staring at him blankly, while Itachi looked at him, his were cold..

He clentch his fist "No, she's not her, even if she looks exactly like her, it doesn't mean that she's Sakura, Sasuke, stay focus, Itachi's here" he thought convincing himself, not letting his guard down, ready to fight Itachi, even if it cause his life, he wants to avenge his clan, avenge his Sakura….

"foolish little brother" Itachi spoke, breaking the awkward silence, looking blankly at his sibling. Noting that he has grown up from a boy to man, he still looks like his mother, but now's not the time to think of that, there's another issue here that he needs to stay focus than thinking of those things. His family…. It's not him..

"Itachi" he glowered, clenching his fist tighter.

"Hn." He responded wearing his emotionless face,

"Why are you here?" he asked again, venom in it, the tomoes in his eyes swirling with anger, but still, nothing came from the older Uchiha "damn it Itachi! Answer my damn question! Who is she?! Huh? Why did she look exactly like Sakura, if she's not, then do you know where she is?! Tell me!" he yelled, frustrated..

He cant help but to glance at the black haired teen beside his brother, she really does look like her.. it confused him that much, that he wanted this conversation to end by killing them, the girl beside Itachi shifted uncomfortably at the tension between the two brothers, she was, confused, as Sasuke was, why is he calling her Sakura? Who is she? Her name was not Sakura, for goodness sake! Hers was Fubuki, not Sakura.

"Itachi," the girl spoke, wearing a blank face "stop." she continued and averted her green eyes to the other Uchiha, "you can leave us alone, we don't want to waste time fighting you" she said, that cause the younger Uchiha more frustrated "who is she?" he thought with gritted teeth "who is she to talk to us like that huh?"

"get the hell out of this! You're annoying!" he snap, the girl widened her eyes at this,

"you're annoying!"

"that line, so familiar" she thought, Itachi pushed the girl aside, noticing her pacing "stay behind my back" he simply said, "Itachi?" she said confused, "why is he so gentle all of a sudden?" she thought and stayed behind him, convincing herself to stay calm.

"you're still weak, live your life with hatred Sasuke, that way you can be strong." he said, slowly disappearing in Sasuke's view. Sasuke gritted his teeth at this and run towards his brother

"Itachi!" he yelled, ready to punch him, looking at the girl once more before they disappeared completely, his punch that were for his brother diverted to the trees, he knew he wouldn't make it,

"why did I let them escape?!" he thought. Punching the trees again and again, as his mind was drifting towards his wife, not noticing the time. Forgetting about Naruto.

"She can't be Sakura, her voice was sweet and caring, not like her, hers was distant and cold" he said looking down on his feet, feeling weak all of a sudden "maybe he was right" as this words came out from his mouth, he suddenly remembered Sakura's words.

"Don't listen to what you're brother says, Sasuke-kun" "He only want's to make your life miserable," "let your emotions free inside of you, Sasuke"

"Sakura" he said as he cried once more "SAKURA!" he shouted

Sasuke came out of the bushes when Naruto greeted him

"Sasuke-teme, five minutes are way, way over, you're late!" he said accusing a finger at him

He smirk "at least the dobe was here" he thought as he made his way beside Naruto, placing down the wood he picked, "Hn."

"Sasuke-teme don't tell me that you're going to be like Kaka-sensei!" he added, making a fire. Sasuke ignored him not minding what he had said, "why did you took long huh?" Naruto asked "damn! Too many questions, the dobe didn't even change" he thought

"Hn." Was his reply,

"Itachi, you bastard, someday I'll kill you to find some answers, and that someday would be tomorrow" he thought, he didn't even realize, he had activated his sharingan on causing Naruto to back away.

"Neh neh Sasuke-teme, calm down, you don't need to tell me what happened earlier, hehe"

"che, stupid-coward-dobe, I'll keep watch for the night"

"Sasuke, please tell me."

"Hn," he glanced at his best friend seeing him using his puppy-dog-eyes. (A/N haha)

"I met Itachi earlier" he said as Naruto stand up from his seat and dusted his clothes, "What did you do?" he asked as he looked at Sasuke, emotions visible in his eyes, sadness, guilt, anger and hurt? He could tell them right? Is that Sasuke?

"I attacked him, of course, but his with somebody"

"Kisame? The shark ugly guy that pups around Itachi?" he asked "yeah, he's dumb though"

"No. a girl with him" as he said this, Naruto's eyes widened, "neh? He has found a girlfriend already? Oh men! It's too late for him, he's already old!." he said hands on his chin.

-Sasuke sweatdrop-

"You're the dumbest person I've ever met, Naruto" Sasuke said annoyed as he watch the fire. Naruto went silent, not bothering to say another word again, he thought pissing the Uchiha is worthless. He seated once again beside Sasuke when he began to speak. "Tell me Naruto, do you still hope that Sakura's still alive?" Sasuke asked all of a sudden.

-silence-awkward silence-


They both watch the fire silently, not a word coming from each of them, Naruto glanced at his best friend, sadness both in their eyes, "You're losing your hope, huh?" Naruto asked, picking a dry wood then throw it in the fire "I don't know what to believe anymore, dobe." Sasuke said, his bangs covering his face. Naruto glanced at his direction once again, softening his eyes.


"Itachi, who's that man earlier?" the black haired teen said venomously to the older Uchiha, hands balled beside her, glaring daggers at his back

"shut up" he replied yet again icily

"Itachi, even I lost my memories-"

"Shut up! You're annoying." he then leaved the place, her behind

Her green orbs widened, "why is that line so familiar?" she thought

memories then flashed in her mind


"I love you with all my heart!"

"please dont leave!"


"Sakura. Thank you"

"Sasuke!" she shouted suddenly,

"who's Sasuke?" she asked, looking a bit lost as she looked at the spot where she last seen Itachi "that bastard, always leaving me behind." She said and made her way to where Itachi went.

The next day:

"dobe. Were leaving" Sasuke said as he gathered all his things inside his bag. Naruto flopped down on the ground, crossed legged and placed an index finger below his chin as a gesture of thinking. "Neh Sasuke-teme-

"drop the teme, dobe" he glared

"hehe, I was thinking, where we should first search Sakura-chan?" he asked

"Hn. Everywhere." he said and jumped through the trees leaving Naruto behind. "Hey Sasuke-teme! Wait for me!" Naruto said and easily gathered his things to catch up to Sasuke, he does the things clumsily, and jump through the trees and went after his best friend.


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