Different worlds move together. The search for motives underneath the underneath... it has never been explained quite like this before.

At a boarding school, Sakura is the new student trying to find her way in the dangerous pool she has been thrown into.

I, Found

Here I was. Finally I had arrived at the school.

Standing at the gates, I could already tell that this was it. It really was quite the school, consisting of imposing buildings and harboring a lot of space on the inside of the fancy fences surrounding the school grounds.

After taking a deep breath and clutching my bag tightly for a moment, I began to walk to the main entrance—which was rather easy to find, for the path I stood on went straight to it. However, it was not a short walk, even though the path was straight. Ah, and the entrance looked so close!

While walking, I took a look around me. The path I was walking on was lined with trees and occasionally there was a path that led sidewards, around the buildings was my guess. The entire area in front of the main building was covered with grass, and enough trees to provide shadow when the sun hit down hard in summers—which wouldn't be too long from now, for it was spring.

Arriving at the main entrance of the three-storey-high main building, I pushed open one of the two double doors and stepped inside. Immediately my spirits went up when I saw that the inside was much airier than I had expected. It seemed like some sort of main hall. Not that far away in front of me was a wall that was entirely made of glass, with glass doors too, and with a high ceiling that made the whole area light and spacey.

Looking through the glass in fascination, I could see that this main building wasn't a solid block of bricks, like I had thought at first. Instead, it actually had the shape of the letter 'U', with the double doors I just entered at the very bottom. The open space in between the two arms of the building was also covered with grass, but not only that; there were also cherry trees to be found. The trees whose blossoms reflected the unusual color of my hair.

As I watched the pink blossoms wave slightly in the wind, a voice broke through my little reverie.

"Miss, can I help you with something?"

Startled, I quickly turned around and faced the woman sitting at a desk behind a glass window. Of course, I still had to check in; I had completely forgotten. Shaking my head at myself, I walked forward to where the woman was and stood in front of the window.

"Um, yes please. I just arrived here and... Well, here I am." I finished a bit awkwardly, but the woman got the point.

"So you're a new student. Could you tell me your name please?"

"Yes, of course. It's Sakura Haruno."

I waited as the woman typed my name in her computer and she looked at some things. "Ah, here you are. Sakura Haruno, sixteen years old, transferred from a regular school." A couple of clicks later, something was printed and she gave me some papers. "Here. These are some standard files you'll have to fill in, just return them here when you're done, and this," the woman held up a paper with a map on it, "Is the map of the school buildings and the dorms. Last but not least, your schedule."

She handed me the papers and then looked something up on the computer again. "Your room number is 433, can you remember that or do you want me to write it down for you?" Write it down? What did she think I was, a child?

"No thanks, I'll remember it."

The woman smiled, apparently noticing my indignation. "Well then, your dorm is on the third floor. You'll find your uniforms already there. Good luck!"

I decided to smile back. After all, this woman had been kind, aside from that comment. Then again, that may as well have been my interpretation.

I chose to go left when I walked away, and soon—around the corner, actually—I found a staircase and began making my way up. On my trek upwards I noticed, as I passed several floors, that the third floor rooms were numbered with 4-something, like my room; 433. The second floor rooms were numbered with 3- and the first floor rooms with 2-. Good to remember, I told myself. Apparently this entire building consisted of dorms, except for downstairs.

Finally reaching my room, I opened the door, got inside, dumped my bag on the bed and then fell down myself. Headfirst into a pillow. Hmm...nice. After relaxing like this for a couple of minutes, I turned around to roll on my back, stared at the ceiling for a couple of seconds, then got bored and sat up.

My room was rather nice. Completely white, but that could and would soon be changed. I had a large closet against the wall opposite my bed, and next to my bed stood a nightstand with the keys to my room atop of it. Next to the keys lay a folder... of sorts. It seemed more like a guide to the school. I grabbed it and opened it before looking inside. Information, rules, holidays, festivities, classes... I'd read into that later. Tossing the folder aside, I sighed and looked to my window, which consisted of several pieces, took up one entire wall and had curtains with it. White ones, of course. Walking to the window I moved to open a part of it. Inhaling the fresh air, I looked outside. Well, the view couldn't be better. I could oversee the field with the cherry trees, and to my left I could see normal, green trees and... what looked like a pond. I couldn't see it clearly, though.

I leaned back from the window and only then noticed the big—white—cushioned chair. Not wasting a second I flopped down on it. Ah, very nice, large, soft and comfy... I cuddled up in it for a few moments, whereafter I got up to check out the rest of my room. The closet contained my uniforms, and I was happy to discover that they looked okay. A white shirt, white skirt, a black, white rimmed jacket and black over-knee socks plus shoes. Fairly nice and stylish, if I was one to talk. Moving on, I opened a door and found out I had my very own bathroom. Though it was small, it was also mine, which meant I didn't have to share; a fact I was very pleased of. And this was all there was to my room.

I closed the door to my bathroom and leaned against the wall, next to my closet. I still had an entire day to do whatever I wanted, since it was Sunday and midday had just begun. I smiled; this was the perfect chance to explore the school.

A boarding school. Was it really so different from a normal school? It couldn't be that different, could it? I walked over to the bed and grabbed one of the papers spread on top of it. It was the map of Hinode Boarding School, the place I was to be calling my home for the rest of the year. It certainly was a lot more grotesque than Konoha High.

Closing the door of my room behind me and locking it, I made my way down the hall, map in hand while stuffing the keys in my pocket. This building was one of the buildings that was dedicated to the dorms—except for downstairs, all the way on the ground floor. I walked down the stairs while looking at my map. If I saw correctly, there had to be a lunchroom and a library down there. I guessed I could check those out first.

Putting the map down, I suddenly felt someone in front of me, and my eyes widened as I realized that because I was descending the stairs with one foot not touching the ground and having a momentum that a collision was unavoidable! No! But it was already too late. I collided with the person, who lost his footing and we both awkwardly stumbled slash fell down the stairs. Within a couple of seconds we came to a stop against the wall, where the staircase made a twist.

"Ow..." I slumped to the ground and sighed. Nice going, Sakura. Hopefully that other person hadn't gotten hurt.

That other person! My eyes snapped open—when had I closed them? I probably looked like an idiot—and I abruptly stood up and apologized. "I'm sorry! You aren't hurt, are you?"

The person, a guy with long blond hair that covered the left side of his face and with most of the rest of his hair up in a ponytail, stared at me with an annoyed expression. Well, he didn't look hurt. He did, however, look like he wanted to hurt me.

"I really am sorry," I added lamely.

"Right," came his reply. "Watch where you're going next time, hmm."

"I will," my gaze wandered to the ground. "And I'm sorry, again."

When I looked up, he was still standing there, continuing to watch me like a hawk—a rather murderous one—as if he couldn't believe that I was actually there. Then, as he made to walk away, a thought struck me. "Oh, wait! I have a question—" the guy didn't stop nor turned around; he merely walked on, "Um, where is everyone? See, I'm new here and I was wondering—"

"You're new?" he cut me off. Oh, so that caught his attention. "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

Apparently chivalry was only spent on new people. He had now walked towards me with a grin on his face, former annoyance completely forgotten.

"Ask me anything you want. Do you want a tour of the school, hmm? I'd be happy to show you around."

Okay... What a sudden change of demeanor. First he looked like he wanted to kill me, now he acted like I was the most fascinating creature alive.

But oh well, I didn't complain. "Sure, fine with me." What could be the harm?

His grin widened and he gave me a light push against my back. "Come on then! Oh, by the way, my name's Deidara."

I introduced myself too and then we walked all the way down the stairs while Deidara told me stuff about the building. Apparently the first floor dorms were girls only, the second floor was guys only, and I had, according to him, the best floor: mixed. He also had a room on the third, room number 419.

"Unfortunately, I have to share my room." We had reached downstairs and rounded the corner to arrive in the main hall, with the woman at the desk behind the glass window. It appeared she was talking to a boy. "Speak of the devil," Deidara said as we walked closer, loud enough for the boy to hear us.

"Hey, Sasori! Planning the rest of your week in?" Deidara smirked as the red haired boy turned to look at us with a frown plastered on his face.

"Yes, planning, of course," came the agitated reply.

"And you have some planning to do too, Deidara," the woman had spoken from behind the window. "When will you take your responsibility and show up for your hours of detention?"

Deidara turned to watch her, obviously displeased with her interference. "Hello to you too, Shizune." Said woman frowned at the way he spoke her name. "Thanks for reminding me. I'll get to it as soon as possible." His sweet tone was nearly unbearable.

Before Shizune was able to retort, Sasori spoke. "Who's that with you, Deidara?"

Immediately the blond spun around and faced me. "Ah, of course! This, Sasori, is Sakura. She's new here."

Sasori glanced at Deidara and nodded with a hint of a smile, before looking at me again. Out of nowhere, Deidara put his arm around my waist and pulled me flush against him. Unable to hide my surprise, I let out a stupid "Wha—?" before I was cut off by the bold blond.

"Isn't she adorable?" and he then proceeded with giving me a kiss on my forehead. My eyes widened and I froze, completely baffled. I heard Sasori chuckle softly and walk closer to us. "Cute indeed. Though, I think you should release her. Don't want her to faint on you, do you?" Deidara laughed and let me go, at which I took a relieved breath.

"Alright then. Sakura, still want the tour?"

I looked at him and all I could do was nod. He grinned at me and began walking to the right arm of the building, pulling me along with him, an arm securely around my waist. Not that he'd have to worry about me walking away. Sasori tagged along on Deidara's other side. For now, though, I didn't give him much attention. Hell, nothing held my attention at that moment. Nothing but my thoughts that were currently going rampage.

I had just arrived and already something like this was happening! I didn't know if these guys thought it normal to grab a random girl and kiss her on the forehead—which I thought to be a very big deal—and call her cute—in front of her! Of me!—and then nonchalantly walking around while holding her around her waist without even so much as inquiring what said girl—ME!—thought about all of this. I certainly didn't. Not that I had much experience with those of the other gender, but, well, this couldn't be the normal way of doing things. Right? Maybe I was just really naive. Or maybe Deidara and Sasori were womanizers and I had all rights to be suspicious. And every reason to feel like this... Whatever this 'this' might be.

Slowly, as we walked on, I had become somewhat more relaxed in Deidara's hold. I carefully glanced sideways at the two guys. They were both dressed casual, and both had a certain air around them... Hard to place, really. It wasn't exactly unpleasant, but there was something to it... And this 'something' was just a tiny bit unnerving, though also filled with confidence... Power, maybe. It felt as if a stampeding herd of angry bulls could come in their way and they'd still be left without so much as a scratch. As if they'd get away with anything they put their minds to.

There was this small sense that warned me as well. It said: 'danger'. Somewhere in the back of my mind. However, it was quickly ignored, stored away to investigate some other time or to be forgotten.

Deidara and Sasori were both handsome, I'd be the first to admit that fact. Deidara had that radiant sort of aura, or it simply was his hair, which had a golden blond color and stood out. His eyes shone with a bright, light blue color, and he seemed to have a permanent self confident smirk on his face—unless he was angry.

Sasori was different. He, like Deidara, was very attractive; with hazel brown eyes and wild, short reddish hair. His gaze seemed permanently bored with anything and everything. Or maybe he wasn't bored... Maybe it was more like a lazy, or relaxed expression. Like nothing in the world would be able to faze him even in the slightest. His aura was self confident, but it was kind of... dark. Then again, Deidara could be dark too, remembering the murderous look he had given me when I had accidentally knocked him—and myself—down the stairs.

To conclude my little observation: I guess I didn't mind being around them. For now, at least. After all, I barely knew them, and who was I to judge? Sure, for all I knew they may as well be very wrong people to hang around with, but was it really okay to assume the worst from the very beginning?

Deidara looked at me out of the corner of his eye and smiled. I gave a small smile back and looked forward again, slightly embarrassed that he had caught me staring. For now, at least, it didn't matter whether they were good or bad people to have around me. They were nice enough. In some way. For now, at least, I could live with that.

We reached two double doors after we had passed the entire large hallway. To the sides, next to the big windows that parted the wall evenly with the stone material that the latter was made of, were small tables surrounded with cushioned seats here and there. To the one side pink trees were visible through the windows, green trees on the other side. Thus far, this place seemed more like a hotel to me than a school.

When Deidara released me from his loose hold and opened one of the two double doors, I was reminded that this was indeed a school. Because why exactly would a hotel have such a grand library inside? It was huge, the feeling fortified due to the high ceiling, which allowed another story having been built against the walls. Everywhere I looked, shelves and showcases with books. It was amazing, and I guess it showed.

"Like it, hmm?" Deidara looked at me with an amused expression.

"Absolutely! I've never seen so many books at the same place; it's wonderful. I like to read, so I'll definitely visit this place often."

"Good to know. Then I'll know where to find you when you're not in your room." At this I raised an eyebrow. He wanted to look me up in my room? Deidara continued, "You won't find me in here very often. I only read when I have to." At that, he made a face. "I don't know where you get all that patience to read. I always get bored after a couple of pages. It's so monotonous..."

"Idiot," Sasori had spoken up, and I turned around to face him, "The fact that you can't even comprehend the beauty of a story shows just how much of an artistic sense you have."

Deidara narrowed his eyes. "Don't mock my artistic sense! Which is better than yours, should I add."

Sasori huffed. "Better than mine? Don't fool yourself. And I'm not mocking your artistic sense. I'm mocking you."

"What?" the blond snarled, "Why you little-"

"Calling me names, now? You're such as child."

"A child? Ha! I'm older than you, so if I'm a child, then what are you, hmm?"

"I said that when I was ten. You are so immature."

"Don't call me immature! You were the one picking a fight."

"You practically asked for it, brat."


As their argument got more intense, I disappeared between the rows of books. When I was far enough and deemed myself safe from getting involved in their argument about... About what, really? Anyway, I leaned against a showcase of books and sighed. So this was the reason Deidara hadn't been happy about rooming with Sasori. No wonder. Still, what made them go off at each other? The reason wasn't clear to me. Well, I had to find out later. Now, I was standing in the midst of a glorious place called library, and I was sure as hell going to check this place out before my time ran out and those two arguing hotheads found me and wanted me to choose which one of them was right.

Let's see, which section was I in? I picked up a random book and looked at the title. Romeo and Juliet. Putting it back, I grabbed another and read the title: Three kisses. Okay, apparently I found myself among the romances. I walked down the path and turned a few corners. I passed the dictionaries and encyclopedias and was now walking past the history books. I reached a wall which contained child stories and fairy tales. Smiling, I saw one of my favorites as a child: Little red riding hood. Walking on, I came upon a section of very old books, looking rather worse for wear, some of the titles barely readable.

Two paths crossed and I turned, now standing between futuristic and sci-fi novels. Looking at a few and setting them back, I walked on while letting my fingers trail over the rows of books. Suddenly my fingers got in touch with a book that stood out a bit and pulled it out. I watched as it fell on the floor with a thud. Bending down and picking it up, I was about to put it back in its place when I saw something behind the books, carefully hidden away by them. If it wasn't for the book that had fallen out, I wouldn't have noticed it. Curiosity getting the best of me, I tried to wriggle it out, but the other books prevented its release. Giving a yank, I successfully managed to free the, as I could see now, rather large black hardcover book, with the rest of the books on the shelf ungraciously falling to the ground.

Nicely done.

I sighed and then heard someone laugh softly. Spinning around, I saw Sasori leaning against a case of books, looking at me with a small smile. "Tried to get away from us?"

My eyes drifted away in slight guiltiness.

"I don't blame you, don't worry." I looked at him again, saw he still held that small smile—which looked rather good on him—and—I did not just think that—let out a relieved breath.

"So," I began, "who won your argument?"

"I did, naturally." I stared at him at those words and Sasori blinked. "Did I sound that full of myself?"

I smiled and raised an eyebrow, "Yeah."

Sasori laughed softly again, "Well, I didn't mean it like that. But it's true that I won, as I usually do."

"I see," I looked behind me for a second and then watched Sasori again, "Where's Deidara?"

"He went away, probably sulking somewhere." At this, I laughed. Deidara and sulking, I didn't think that was something possible.

"Now, gone just a couple of minutes and already making a mess?" The redhead eyed the ground with books sprawled upon it.

"Um, yeah... kind of."

"Kind of?" Sasori watched me amusedly—that happened a lot lately—before asking, "Need help with that?"

I was about to ask 'with what?', but then saw Sasori starting to pick the books up and placing them back on the shelf. "Oh, thanks." I told him, realizing I must have looked like an idiot, standing amidst a book covered floor and clutching—

"What is that in your hands?" When I look up, I immediately noticed Sasori was standing way closer than before and I jumped slightly.

"This? I found it... on the shelf... behind the books..."

Sasori glanced up at me and I thought I saw a faint hint of a smirk before he glanced at the book again and then took it gently out of my hands. Turning it, he opened the cover and turned the first few pages. Frowning slightly, he remarked that it had no title. Opening the book in the middle and then quickly weaving through the pages, his eyes widened a bit in fascination. "It is written by hand."

"Really?" How weird. Looking in the book as well, I saw that it was indeed hand written. "Interesting. It doesn't seem old and it's in a good shape. I'm gonna try it." I was resolute.

"Are you sure, Sakura?" Sasori clearly had doubts. "Maybe it's not a book meant to be read and someone accidentally left it here."

"And hid it like this?"

Sasori pondered it for a moment, "Hmm... you're right. And the fact that it was hidden only adds to curiosity."

"Exactly!" I was getting enthusiastic about reading the book. "So... how can I rent it?"

Sasori watched me and then his eyes wandered to somewhere behind me, "Usually you have to show your school ID to the librarian, but I don't think you've received it yet, have you?"

I shook my head, even though he wasn't looking at me.

"The librarian isn't around either, so my suggestion is..." he directed his gaze to me, his eyes staring into mine, "...take it."

My eyes widened and an alarm went off in my head, "Take it? As in..." my tone went hushed, "...stealing?"

Sasori smirked. "It's not stealing, because you're not going to keep it. It's really simple;" He put an arm around me and began walking. "Just come with me," We turned a few corners and I saw an exit I hadn't seen before. "We walk outside," he steered me towards the exit and pushed open the door, then pushed me outside and closed the door behind us. "And you're done."

Sasori was still smirking at me, and I felt increasingly more nervous. Every second now, yes, a loud sound would pierce the air and we'd be surrounded by angry guards or something, and then we'd be kicked out of school. And I had just gotten here! Seconds that felt like minutes passed and nothing happened. Sasori leaned against the wall of the building, watching me amusedly with a smirk, which was really starting to annoy me, while I was clutching the book in my hands tightly and stood like a statue. A rapidly breathing and very nervous statue, that is. More seconds passed, or were these actually minutes? Not that it mattered. Nothing was happening. Absolutely nothing.

A slight breeze moved some strands of my hair into my face and I finally moved to get them out of my sight.

"See, Sakura. Nothing happened. Relax."

I took a breath and sighed with relief.

Sasori got up from his position against the wall and walked to me. "It seems Deidara won't be finishing his grand tour today. Want me to walk you to your room, or did you still want to see something?"

Hmm... See something... I still wanted to see everything, actually. That was the whole point of getting out of my room in the first place. However, I couldn't keep walking around with that book in my hands... which wasn't even mine to begin with. That guy... How could he be so laid back about taking something that wasn't his? Or, well, mine in this case. I let out a breath once again and replied to him.

"I actually wanted to see everything today, but I can't keep running around with this... which isn't even mine." I couldn't keep the displeased frown from appearing.

Sasori rose an eyebrow. "Everything? It's impossible to see everything there is to this school in one day. I can, however, show you around a bit. As for the book," he leaned forward and looked into my eyes, "it is yours. For the time being at least."

Then he stood straight and turned his head to look somewhere else. I turned as well, and was surprised to see cherry trees. So that was where we were. But of course. Looking ahead I could see the high glass wall of the main hall. Then... I directed my gaze to the upper floor and soon found what I was looking for. An open window, my room.

"Then, shall we bring your book to your room first?"

I decided not to comment on the 'your book' part and smiled slightly, "Yeah, that's fine."

So he walked me back to my room. We walked down a path that went from one arm of the building to the other, between the pink trees. A door on the other arm of the building, at the end of the path, led to the lunchroom which was empty, save for my companion and I, and just three people who were chatting and drinking something. The lunchroom had double doors too, which led to a hallway with cushioned seats and small tables, and big windows here and there. Much like the hallway in the other arm of the building actually. At the end of the hallway was the stairs and we took it to the third floor. It was only a matter of seconds from there until we reached my room and I put the book on my bed. Only then did a thought occur to me.

"My map. I must have lost it somewhere..." The image of me and Deidara falling down the stairs came to me. Ah, of course. That's when...

"You mean this?"

A map—my map—was waved in front of my face. When I reached up to take it, the thing was lifted out of my reach. I whirled around to face the grinning redhead.

"Where did you find it? And give it back!"

"I found it on the stairs, all forgotten—" he held the map up high as I made a move to grab it, "—and why would I give it back to you?"

I scoffed. "Because it's mine!"

Sasori laughed softly at my antics to take back my map, which all failed.

"Come on!" I said, exasperated. "I'm not going to beg, if that's what you think."

I could almost hear him say it. 'Why yes, I think you will.' He smiled a teasing smile, as if daring me. Making a move to grab my map, and once again failing, I sighed and looked at him with annoyance. "...please."

Sasori's smile turned from teasing to smug. "Hmm... you're getting close. Yet, it's not enough. Tell me, if I return this to you, what do I get out of it?"

I contemplated for a moment. What could he possibly want from me? In other words, what could I give him? Quick, think of something! "Um... my everlasting gratitude?"

Sasori blinked. "Everlasting?"

No way. Did he really accept that lame answer? His smug smirk was gone and he looked serious. No, not serious. His facial expression was blank; I couldn't read him. His hand with my map lowered and he handed it to me. I accepted it and walked to my bed, then dropped the thing on it. Turning around, I eyed him strangely. "Thanks."

Sasori said nothing, merely nodded and headed for the door silently.

The atmosphere was slightly awkward afterward. Sasori walked me downstairs and we went through the main entrance to go outside. We took a path that led around the building and eventually reached the place where I knew was the library on the other side of the wall. However, we didn't turn to the left to go to the exit of the library. Rather, Sasori stepped off of the path and began walking forward on the grass. The ground went downhill a bit and more and more trees came in our way. After not too long a lake filled my sight, trees all around.

"One of the two little sanctuaries," Sasori told me, and broke the silence for the first time. It was like a weight was lifted and I felt at ease again. From that moment, we talked again, Sasori telling me stuff about the school and me asking questions which he answered. Well, most of them. While we took a hike around the lake, I got to learn a lot of things. Now, wasn't this much better than some flimsy folder? On the right, eastern side of the lake, barely visible because of the trees, was one of the two school buildings. It had an art room, and Sasori said it was the best class you could have. He and Deidara took that class, and their opinions on art caused major discussions. Behind the building were the sport fields, and across them was the indoor sport center. Left and right of that building were the two other dormitories. Apparently the dorms all had a name and there was some sense of competition between them. Our dorm was called the 'Dawn' dorm, left of the sports building was the 'Sun' dorm, and on the building's right was the 'Moon' dorm—the dorm where the teachers and staff resided.

When we had reached the far east side of the lake, I could see to the other side and behind the trees I saw another building, which Sasori explained to me was the other school building. The school only had one other building left, apart from the ones he already told me about. The building which contained the 'water stuff'. A big swimming pool, a sauna, and outdoor hot springs. I gaped at Sasori when he told me, but he kept telling me it was true. Unbelievable. However, no matter how surreal the idea was, I couldn't keep the smile from appearing on my face.

"Like it that much? Your smile is unnerving. What are you up to?"

Unnerving? I turned to watch Sasori. "What am I up to? I'm not the one wearing a smirk that makes me wonder whether or not to be afraid!"

Said persons smirk grew. "Are you accusing me of something?"

"If anyone is up to something," I leisurely spoke, "It would be you."

"Really now?"

"Really." I was still smiling, despite feeling just slightly unnerved by him. And he called me unnerving. I didn't even get near his level of unnerving-ness. I decided to switch the topic. "You know, I still don't know where everyone is. I only saw a couple of students in the lunchroom, but that was it."

"Multiple explanations are possible. The biggest reason is because most of the students are on a day trip. Also, not every student going to school here has a room and lives in this place. Some only stay here during weekdays and go home in weekends."

I nodded. "I see. But tell me, why are you and Deidara still here? Aren't you supposed to be on that trip the other students went on, too?"

Sasori huffed at this. "No."

He wasn't going to continue on, but I wanted to know. "But why?"

"Yes, why." He glanced at me, for the first time with slight annoyance. Apparently he didn't appreciate me prying.

I turned my gaze forward again and sighed shortly. Then, as I was about to tell him to tell me already, Sasori spoke.

"Deidara and I aren't really fond of following rules we do not like. We don't take orders from anyone. The teachers and higher ups don't appreciate that, and we get 'punished' a lot by detention and more such things. Desperate measures taken by desperate teachers, in order to try and discipline us. How foolish, but most of all idiotic. As such, we are not allowed to leave the school grounds. Then again, we are not allowed to leave our dorm either, unless we're going to class."

"Wait," I interrupted him, "So you're not even supposed to be here with me?"

"Exactly. But, as I said before, I do not care about rules I don't like."

Unbelievable. I looked at Sasori incredulously. How could he go and defy the rules just like that? Some part of me became more and more apprehensive of the two guys I met today. However, another part was amazed and curious and absolutely psyched about hanging around them. So they were bad boys. At my previous school, I tended to avoid those people. Yet, Sasori and Deidara seemed nice enough to me. Not at all like mean people.

"And even if I was allowed to leave the school grounds and go on that trip, why would I go? Tell me, Sakura. Why would I go on a trip with a bunch of immature, insolent little brats? Why would I waste my time being annoyed by them, when I can also spend my time somewhat more productively here?"

I didn't look at him. Okay, maybe he wasn't so not-mean as I had thought. "You don't like the other students?"

The response was immediate. "No."

I frowned a bit. "You do realize you're no better than everyone else, right?"

I heard him huff as if in indignation once again. "Dear Sakura, I am better than everyone else. Call me arrogant or selfish, it won't change my view on the matter."

I turned my head to look at him, disbelief and a small frown displayed on my face. Sasori was looking forward as he walked, a straight back, face lifted and a calm expression with a distant look in his eyes. Nothing indicated that he was joking around. He meant every word he said. I directed my gaze forward again, and adamantly pressed the matter on.

"Tell me, Sasori, why are you so special."

"That's quite simple, really. Physically I may be about the same age, but mentally I am far more mature than anyone else here." He sighed and continued. "Sometimes I wonder what I'm even doing here. Amongst all these youngsters, brats that are supposedly students, who tend to annoy me out of my mind."

Who would've thought. So Sasori thought himself better than everyone else. That was certainly a point of debate.

"Right. You know, I had heard of people who were narcissists, but I never would have thought I'd meet someone like that. Especially not in the form of somebody like you."

I glanced at Sasori and saw he was looking at me, eyebrow slightly raised. Then he directed his gaze forward again.

"I'm not a narcissist. I don't love myself. Although I admit I think myself better than the other students here, and some of the teachers too, might I add... I am not perfect."

I laughed slightly at his words, "Well, admitting it is the first step."

Sasori chuckled a bit as well. "Good to hear."

The next few minutes we walked in a comfortable silence, which Sasori eventually ended.

"Thank you for listening, by the way. And sorry for venting at you. Then again, you did question me..."

"I did," I responded. "And about me listening, it was no problem."

Sasori nodded, seemingly pleased. The silence returned. We still walked around the lake, now having reached the far west side. Our previous conversation replayed in my mind and I felt the need to, yet again, ask Sasori a question.

"Say, Sasori... Considering what you told me... You don't seem someone who is often listened to. Or am I wrong?"

I watched his face and gouged his reaction. Maybe it wasn't any of my business and I should stop asking personal stuff. But the thing was, I was curious.

"I guess I don't get as much appreciation as I would have liked."

"Ah, I see." What could one say to that?

And the conversation went dead again.

We walked all around the lake, speaking only once or twice. And so we reached our dorm building once again, after walking uphill a bit. Soon enough we came upon the arm of the building in which I knew was the cafeteria. Taking the same door as earlier, we entered. As I was about to walk straight to the double doors to go to my room, my arm was grabbed and I was stopped from doing so. Turning my head, I looked at Sasori questioningly.

"Aren't you hungry? It's the end of the afternoon and you haven't eaten anything yet since you arrived, have you?"

How did he know? Anyhow, however nice it was that he seemed to care whether I ate or not, right now I wanted to retreat to my room for a bit. To think over some stuff, including two certain guys, and to investigate the matter of the black book, which I had planned to start reading if it wasn't for Sasori stopping me right now. He didn't seem like someone who'd take 'no' for an answer. And though he hadn't actually asked a question or something, it felt like an indirect invitation to eat with him. Maybe a subtle declination...

"Um, I'm... not really hungry."

Of course my tummy, having had absolutely nothing since this morning, disagreed. Loudly.

Sasori probably couldn't help that smug grin that appeared upon hearing the grumble my tummy made. I told myself that, as Sasori pulled me after him to a table near a window and told me: "Of course you aren't."

Darn it. Trapped. Those were the words that went through my head when I plopped down in my seat and stared at the redhead who occupied the seat directly in front of me, on the other side of the table. He stared back at me, head leaning on his folded hands, elbows on the table. An expectant look.

"Well?" he inquired, "The table isn't going to serve itself. What do you want to eat?"

"Er..." Unfortunately, no getting away this time. "A small sandwich is fine."

Sasori nodded, "Alright." He paused, watching me. "...I guess I'll go get it, then..."

"Sure, thanks!" I flashed him a smile as Sasori shot me a weary glance and left to get me my sandwich. I observed my nails for a bit and suddenly looked up in surprise as a realization struck me. Sasori had expected me to get my own food, but instead I just sat here and stared at him dumbly like the oblivious light I was, expecting... well, expecting what, really? Expect my sandwich to just randomly pop out of nowhere? And because I acted like an oblivious idiot, Sasori decided to get me my food before I dropped dead, famished and by that time probably still not realizing that I had to get off my lazy ass to get food as not to starve myself.

While thinking, I had propped myself up on my arm, but now I let my head fall on my arms on the table in aggravation. "Ugh.."

Poor Sasori, having to put up with such a clueless person like me. I heard noise nearby and someone sat down opposite of me. So Sasori was back. I didn't look up, not wanting to see the look on his face. He was probably annoyed like hell.

I sighed. "I'm sorry for having you get my food, Sasori..."

A chuckle was heard. "You made him get your food for you?"

That certainly wasn't Sasori's voice. I looked up over my arms. Deidara was sitting there like he owned the world, grinning down at me.

"Nice." The words were spoken with appreciation. "So, after achieving such a feat, what's with the gloomy mood?" He proceeded to imitate me, resting his head on his arms, leaning on the table. "You should be glad." He said it in such a patronizing tone I couldn't help but laugh lightly. Deidara smiled at me. "See? Feel better already. Don't you, hmm?"

I got up from my slouched position and grinned. "Absolutely."

He followed my example and stretched his arms. "So, still want to see something of the school, hmm?"

"No need."

Deidara glanced sideways at the person who'd just returned. Sasori, complete with frown and sandwiches. "Ah, delivery boy returned." Sasori scowled upon hearing the nickname. The blond just continued. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Am I taking up your seat? Hmm?"

"Don't test your luck, brat."

The grin was immediately wiped off Deidara's face and replaced with a scowl of his own. Sasori, in return, allowed himself a more content expression when seeing this. "But no worries. You can have that seat."

After this, he seated himself next to me, while I kept my face carefully neutral. I watched Deidara's face and it was hard keeping my own face neutral when I could almost hear him think that why, damn it, hadn't he thought of that? Just for a few seconds, though. Then Deidara's face was surprisingly placid, yet his one visible eye still radiated pain and doom for the one he was staring at. Which was Sasori. Said person stared back calmly, unfazed by the still, unspoken threats. If anything, I think he was enjoying the fact that he railed the blond up so much. A thought that was strengthened when hearing the next sentence.

"I already gave Sakura a tour of the school. Just in case you were wondering."

Deidara's eye narrowed almost inconceivably. "Did you now, hmm."

"Yes. Everything."

"Everything, hmm?"


Okay, what was this about? My eyes switched between Sasori and Deidara, who were intensely staring at each other. I blinked. "Um.." Both boys glanced at me. I don't exactly know why, but the way they were looking at me shut me up immediately; I couldn't utter a word.

The guys glanced at each other again for a couple of seconds, I felt like they were speaking a language I couldn't understand, and then they directed their attention to me once again.

"So..." Deidara began, eye inquisitive, "Did you like it, hmm?"

Why, oh damn the gods above, did I feel like this was about something entirely different than the tour around school? I answered anyway. "Yeah... I guess."

Deidara glanced at Sasori and raised his eyebrow, then he turned to me again.

"Okay. So, you feel like doing it again sometime, with me?"

I felt positively uncomfortable right now. "Sure, why not."

Deidara smiled at me and I couldn't help but wonder that maybe I hadn't agreed to a tour at all.

"Oh, here's your sandwich."

My attention snapped to Sasori who held out my sandwich, which I accepted. After another glance at the two, I started eating. When I swallowed my first bite, my tummy made a noise of grateful appreciation, and upon hearing it Deidara looked at me weirdly and after a "that's the second time" on Sasori's part the blond promptly burst out laughing. I managed a "not funny!" but I couldn't help but laugh with him. Sasori just smiled amusedly and began eating his sandwich too. Whatever tension there was earlier, it was gone now.

We stayed there at that table for a good hour or more. Deidara had gotten himself something to eat as well, and we talked and had fun, Sasori making snide comments—at Deidara—and Deidara in return viciously defended himself and mocked Sasori. I realized I wasn't verbally attacked by either of them. Although it was fun listening to their sharp arguments, I wanted to say something as well. Of course, that want was quickly crushed when I was asked my opinion and I found out that I wasn't in the very least coming close to their level of word-combat skills—that little conversation with me involved ended rather quickly with Deidara telling me "you know what, let us do the arguing" and me deciding that I should stick with peacemaking, what I did best—and I made the appropriate amendment by shutting up and listen to the pros.

The time went by like that, and I had much fun hearing the two guys do what they apparently did best: Arguing. Eventually, though, after getting us all something to drink once again, I told them I was going to my room. The cafeteria had gotten noisier as more people began coming in. It seemed that all, or most of the students had returned from their trip and they all wanted to eat. Which would only be logical, seeing that it was almost seven pm. But I had already eaten, I had had plenty of drinks—which were for free for attending students—and I wanted to call it a day.

"Going already, hmm?"

Sasori gave him a look. "It's not already, Deidara. We've been here for way over an hour." His tone made me think of the way a parent would talk to a child. Deidara seemed to think so too, as he glared indignantly at Sasori.

"I know that, hmm," and then in a lighter tone, "But it's nice sitting here,"—ah, so he found arguing nice—"so why won't you stay?"

I sighed and smiled at him. "It's been a long day. I just want to go back to my room and relax."

Deidara nodded, "Yeah, a long day..." he looked at Sasori with a quirked eyebrow and a mischievous smile, "I'm sure."

I turned to watch Sasori and saw he wore a small smile, almost a smirk—maybe it was...—and lazy eyes while he told Deidara a languidly spoken: "Absolutely." By now, I had decided not to think about those weird conversations. After all, they were guys. Who knew what went through their heads.

"Well," I said, making them turn their attention to me, "I'll be going now."

I stood up and left them to their own. Then, Iheard shuffling noises behind me and soon after an arm was around my shoulders, which took me by surprise.

"You thought you could get away that easily?" He chuckled, which I could feel since he was holding me, which felt weird, which rendered me speechless for a couple of moments which Deidara took as a sign that I couldn't come up with an answer. "I didn't think so, hmm."

"We'll walk you to your room," Sasori added.

I felt Deidara turn his head. "Yeah, we will walk you to your room, as has been democratically decided by one person."

Sasori came to walk at my other side. "What's wrong, Deidara? Do you have emotional problems with the fact that it's my second time today that I'm walking this pretty lady to her room? And democracy is a fluke anyway."

Some girls we passed by gave us looks as Sasori spoke his words and then glared at me. I felt Deidara huff in my neck which made me shiver slightly. "Um, is this really necessary?" I hoped they would stop being so clingy.

"Yes, this is necessary, hmm." Deidara held me tighter. "And no, Sasori, I don't have emotional problems. Jackass."

Said jackass merely smirked at him, replied with a smug "I'm glad you don't" and proceeded to put my hand in his. That is how we walked out of the cafeteria, leaving many a glare behind us and moving to my room. Less clingy? No. Uncomfortable? Very much so.

"Was that really necessary." It didn't really come out as a question, but I guess I hadn't intended for it to be. I felt exasperated at this point, having finally arrived at my door. I pulled my hand out of Sasori's and got out of Deidara's hold, then eyed them wearily. Seconds passed and the guys slowly formed a grin on their faces while I watched them. Eventually the answers came.

"Yep, really, hmm."

"Oh yes."

I blinked. "That might've been the first thing both of you agreed on today."

"Perceptive little girl," Sasori said while folding his arms and leaning against the wall.

"But I wonder if you saw this coming, hmm."

I turned around, "Saw what—"

My eyes widened as I felt a soft pressure on my lips and saw Deidara's face very close. Even a girl like me knew that this could only mean one thing. His arms encircled me, holding me even closer, as I stood frozen once more.

He was kissing me, and I was shocked, didn't know what to do. Kiss him back? I felt his lips move against mine as his one blue eye looked at me with curiosity. I was sure my face was flushed. It had to be, by the way it felt. My heart beat rapidly in my chest, although to me it was as if it beat in my throat. Closing my eyes slightly, I began returning the kiss carefully.

After seconds that felt like minutes, Deidara pulled back and smirked at me. "You really are cute. Never been kissed before, hmm?"

If even possible, I felt my face heat up even more. Was it that obvious? "Um—"

A finger was pressed against my lips, preventing me from speaking. "Shh," Deidara told me while staring in my eyes, still wearing that annoying but admittedly sexy smirk, then glanced over my head at Sasori. "I know enough."

Then he let out a chuckle and got his finger off my lips, after which I took a deep breath for some reason, relief maybe, and Deidara laughed lightly. While still wearing that damned smirk. He suddenly leaned over and gave me a kiss on my forehead, then wove his hand through my hair and whispered in my ear, "Have a good evening, Sakura..."

He lingered a bit before getting his hand out of my hair and stepping aside, then walked away. Sasori got up from his position as well, gazing at me thoughtfully with an unreadable look on his face. Then he walked away in the same direction Deidara went.

"I'll see you tomorrow, little girl."

That was a promise; I could feel it in my gut.

Standing still for several minutes, staring at the wall Sasori had stood just moments ago, I let the events that just occurred to me sink in. When I felt well enough to move, I finally turned around to open the door and walk into my room, still in a slight daze. Closing the door behind me I walked to my bed and fell down on it. I let out a huge breath an reached for a pillow to clamp on.

I had just gotten my first kiss. By someone I didn't even know. Well, I knew who he was... No, not even that. I knew his name, and some of his views on the world, thinking back to his discussions with Sasori. I sighed. What had I gotten myself into? I shouldn't have kissed him back... Now he maybe thought I liked him! Which I... did.

I wasn't making sense.

Pulling my knees up, I felt them hit a hard surface. Searching with my hand for the object, I grabbed it and pulled it to my face. The black book. I sat up a bit, kicked off my shoes, put on a lamp so I could read, got out of my clothes, put on my pajamas, rearranged my pillow, climbed in bed and opened the book. The handwriting was neat and readable. Stretching and making myself comfortable, I started reading.

I could use a distraction right now.

The main idea is thought up and I know what's going to happen, along the lines of 'something like that'. I'll go with the flow~

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Not every chapter is written from Sakura's perspective (the next chapter is in Sasori's) and I'm playing with the character's ages, so I suppose it's somewhat AU. Also, two of the three settings in which this story takes place are not in Narutoverse... So yeah, it is AU. For those not familiar with this term: AU = Alternate Universe.

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