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Title: Troy and Gabriella

Authors: WiLdCaTgIrL414 and HSMandChelseaFCfan

Full summary: East High and West High. Two rival schools with students who never ineract with people from the other school. When Gabriella Montez - a beautiful and intelligent West High student - nearly drowns in the local lake, Troy Bolton - the East High basketball captain - rescues her. They soon realise it's impossible to stay away from each other and begin a secret relationship - only their mothers knowing. With everyone around them so against them being together and with college just on the horizon, they must stand up and face the music, trusting that their bond is strong enough to withhold anything.

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Troy Bolton glared viciously at his opponent. It wasn't an official basketball game, exactly. Or at all actually. It was nine thirty on Friday night and he and his friends had come across them. Them being their rivals. Their enemies. Basically trouble. They were West High Knights. They literally hadn't said a word to each other but as long as they were within a ten feet radius of the other, a fight would surely break out. And if it wasn't a fight, which they saved for when they were no where near either campus, it was a game where it was guaranteed that someone – Troy refrained from thinking the name – would get a little too competitive and a fight would break out anyway.

Troy lifted his chin and a strangled growl escaped his throat. It had started out as a game, honestly it did. But…as always, as the game was drawing to a close and Carl Montez – West High's basketball captain – had realised that they were losing, a fight had broken out.

"Come on, Knight. Bring it on. I'm sure a damsel in distress is waiting to be rescued from me." Troy snarled sarcastically.

Carl glared from under his dark bangs at Troy's mocking of West High's mascot. "Guess what? Wildcats aren't the fiercest feline in the jungle. That title belongs to lions. Do your research."

"But, we have a bigger roar than you. And a bigger trophy." Troy's best friend, Chad Danforth, added from his stand-off position opposite one of Carl's many brothers, Landon. Landon – as all the Montez men had bee – West High's basketball captain.

"You better watch it, Danforth." Landon hissed. "You haven't got the trophy yet. It's anybody's."

"Have the last three years meant nothing to you?" Jason Cross, another of Troy's friends, asked sarcastically. "One year left before the class of two thousand and nine won the basketball championships for the full four years of their high school education."

Carl growled. "Please. There is no way you'll win. The Knights will make the mother of all comebacks."

"You want to bet on it?" Chad challenged.

"Hell yeah, we do!" Zeke Baylor, Carl's best friend who had been silent until now, exclaimed.

Carl's cell phone suddenly started ringing and the six teenagers froze. He looked at the caller ID and groaned, slowly flipping it open. "Hey, Bells. What's up?" He asked carefully.

Troy, Chad and Jason snickered at the angry female voice on the end. "Mommy wants you home?" Troy asked patronizingly.

"No, no, no, Bells. Please. We'll be home soon." Carl pleaded.

Landon rolled his eyes at Troy. "Why would he call our mom 'Bells'?"

Troy shrugged. "You have a disturbing relationship with her?"

Carl sighed. "Okay, so maybe we are about to fight some Wildcats. I'm sorry, Bells. We're sorry. We'll be home soon, I promise." He hung up and thrust his phone back into his pocket. He turned to Zeke and Landon and sighed. "Bella wants us home."

"Now?" Landon exclaimed.

Carl nodded. "Unfortunately." He turned back to Troy and glared. "Be thankful this ends now. You'd be in hospital within five seconds."

"Of course." Jason muttered sarcastically.