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Cookie sat at the school gates, waiting for someone.

Toffee bounded over with Sasuke, "Hello Cookie-chan!"

Cookie smiled, "Hello Toffee-chan."

"Who are you waiting for?"

Cookie smiled, "Kankuro."

Toffee giggled, "Ok Cookie-chan, ja ne!" She cried before rushing off with Sasuke.

Cookie smiled softly then closed her eyes, waiting for him.

"Hello Cookie." A male voice spoke out.

She opened her eyes, and a man with purple markings on his face, and brown hair stood in front of her smiling.

"Hello Kankuro."

He smiled then began to go a bit red, Cookie giggled, and then he thrust something towards her, looking away.

A rose.

"Is... this for me?" Cookie asked.

Kankuro nodded, blushing a bit more. She gently took the rose from him, and smiled.

"Arigato Kankuro." Cookie said then stood up, and kissed his check, causing him to go a bit redder.