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Toffee had her face pressed against the window, happily, as snow fell down from the sky. She jumped off of her bed, and ran out, running towards Sasuke's room. She kicked the door open, and rushed in.

"C'mon Sasuke-kun! Wake up!"

Sasuke grumbled, then pulled the covers closer. Toffee growled, then grabbed the covers, and pulled them away. He shot up, at the sudden coldness.


"C'mon! It's snowing! We can build snowmen, and have snowball fights!"

Sasuke groaned then flopped back down. Toffee grabbed his leg, and pulled him off of the bed.

"Fine! I'm getting up!" He muttered then stood up.

Toffee smiled, then rushed out going to get changed. Sasuke quickly got dressed before Toffee came back in.


Sasuke stared at the snow, he had never really had fun in the snow. All of a sudden, a snowball hit Sasuke. He whipped around, to find Toffee giggling.

He growled then picked up some snow, and threw it at her. She dodged, and threw one back at him. It hit him in the face.

He growled, this means war.


Toffee, and Sasuke lay on the pouch, panting. They had only just stopped throwing snowballs at each other.

Toffee jumped up then walked over to a bit of snow that had been untouched. She smiled, and began to write something. Sasuke came up behind her, and smiled.

Toffee had done, ToffeeXSasuke forever.