Slash, M/M, Jeff/Edge, graphic sex, language. Takes place after the Smackdown taping for Friday the 13th 2009, before No Way Out. No relation to 'Captive', or any others. :P I wanna explore who is doing bad things to Jeff. Is it Edge? Is it Matt? Is it someone else? Some AU, OOC. Standard, Edge is unhappily married to Vickie, Jeff is single (slash). I don't really like doing OC's, so. I dunno, I like the fantasy concept of it all-- let's see where it takes me. Besides, I was having a wonderful dream featuring Edge, Jeff, and that hot red car, and I got woke up!

Don't own WWE, don't own Jeff Hardy, Edge, Matt Hardy, or anyone else in this fic. Unless I have to create an OC, then I'll let you know that I own them. But still, I'm making no money, dude.


Chapter one/ 'Conflict'
Rated; M/ L, S, V (this chapter sorta clean)

Edge watched Jeff in the parking garage. What a shitty time he was having. Hardy had waited backstage awhile, talked with some superstars. Glad his 'brother', Matt, was no where in sight. It's not like the night went much better for Edge. The audience saw Edge spear Big Show. What they didn't see was Vickie yelling at her husband for ruining her main event.

Edge knew Vickie didn't really give a shit about the event. She was petting on Show, making sure the 'talent' was alright. He stood out there and saw the looks on their faces. The guilty looks. Edge wasn't stupid. He knows his meal ticket cheated on him. Shit, some would call it poetic, wouldn't they? Getting his 'just desserts' for all he's done just to get ahead and be on top. Hell, he's cheated. Cheating is as breathing for him. Cheat on your girlfriend, cheat on your wife. Cheat in matches. Cheat and win. Cheat and die. So, it must be like some sort of fucking poetic justice that he becomes the one whose cheated on.

Edge stood watching Hardy. The younger brother folded his arms on the car hood and laid his head, with that rainbow colored hair, down on top of them. Burying his head down in them. Anything to find a bit of darkness. Edge watched him, his head down on that little red car. So much conflict, so much angst and frustration in one man. It was beautifully tragic. The pain and suffering he'd endured. The betrayal of his own flesh and blood. The agony was enticing. The violent rage he felt radiating off Jeff was... arousing.

Hardy was a gray area alright. And in gray areas, anything can happen. Things you don't expect. Things you don't see coming and have no way to prepare for. It explained the reason he was called the Enigma. You never did know what he was dreaming of doing next. Edge knew that first hand. He can only hope his old adversary, Matt Hardy, Jeff's 'brother', knows the same. He should very well know what Jeff's capable of. He should know that when he finally pushes Jeffro too far, chaos will follow, and they'll be no way to prepare.

Hell if Edge would warn Matt. They've been through enough shit to drown their souls forever. What does Edge care, let the Hardy bitches kill each other. He'll sit back and watch for a change. How fitting was it for him to be the one Matt 'helped' win the title when he cost Jeff the strap anyhow? What a statement. 'I'm so sick and tired of carrying you, Jeff, that I will cause you to lose to the only man who has perhaps caused me more pain.'

Edge nibbled on his bottom lip, scanning up Hardy's legs and thighs. Hardy was unfinished business in so many ways. More so then the title, and yet so much because of it. Everyone blamed Edge for Jeffrey's recent misfortunes and hardships. It's funny how in one daunting moment, Matt became public enemy number one. Edge turned his head, looking at the gold strap on his shoulder. Damn Hardys, always causing him grief. Both of them.

Edge began making his way over to the Rainbow-Haired Warrior. He didn't look like a warrior right now. He was broken. Edge reach out slowly, licking his lips. Jeff must of heard someone behind him because he looked back, seeing Edge and ducking out of the way. He stepped back. Edge was about afraid he'd run. So, Edge stood still, dropping his arm to the side.

"What the hell do you want?" Jeff snapped. Tears stained his cheeks. His beautiful green eyes were bloodshot.

Jeff didn't look like he'd slept in awhile. Edge watched as he wiped his eyes on the sleeve of his coat. He probably didn't like, or want Edge seeing him like this. But at the same time, he was probably tired of giving a shit. Edge just stared at him.

"Huh? What the fuck do you want?" The younger Hardy repeated.

Edge shook his head. "Why are you still here?" It was a lousy question, he knew, but he was going somewhere with it.

"None of your damn business." Hardy snapped.

Edge shrugged, "You were looking for Matt, weren't you?"

"Fuck you, Edge." He turned to leave.

Edge grabbed his coat sleeve and pulled him back. Hardy jerked his arm away.

"Hey. I don't give a shit what brotherly spat you and Matt are having. I am your WWE champion. You don't take that tone with me." Edge snarled.

"Whatever, man. I don't need your shit." Jeff opened his car door.

Edge grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away.

"Hey, don't turn away from me." Edge glared at him. The look sending a chill through Hardy.

"Why are you bothering me, man? Thanks to my brother, you have the title back. You don't need to assault me anymore." Jeff practically whined.

"You still think that was me?" Edge pointed to himself.

Jeff nodded. "Yeah, I know it was you."

"And no other recent events have swayed that decision? You still think it was me?"

"I think Matty's pretty goddamn heartless right now, maybe out of his mind, but I don't think he'd try and kill me." Jeff hadn't jerked himself from Edge's grip yet.

Edge let him go and got in the driver's side and shut the door, setting the title beside him. He rubbed his hands on the wheel. Jeff stared at him confused.

"Dude, what the fuck?" Jeff waved his arms out to the side.

"Get in the passenger side, Jeff. We're going for a ride." Edge gripped the steering wheel tightly. He didn't know where he was getting at himself. Seeing Jeff like this was making him think crazy thoughts. He just wanted to take him away from this. Take him somewhere and do things to him that would make Matt Hardy seem like the last of his worries.

"I'm not going anywhere with you." Jeff opened the door and tried to pull him out. Edge grabbed his wrist tightly.

"Stop being a little prick and get in the car. We're going for a ride." Edge repeated. His eyes burned holes through the younger wrestler.

Jeff growled in frustration. In his gut he knew he shouldn't. But he didn't know anyone else whose life was crumbling as bad as his was. Jeff stared down into Edge's eyes.

"You've been drinking anyhow. Keys, please." Edge held out his hand, wiggling his fingers asking for the keys.

Jeff sighed and dug them out of his pocket, reluctantly handing them over to the Rated 'R' Superstar.

Edge smiled and took them, sticking them in the ignition, turning them to make the red car start. The lights came on and the ride roared to life.

"Get in." Edge commanded.

Jeff looked toward the other end of the parking garage, and back at Edge. He didn't think he could trust the man, but something in that smile, and in those eyes, made him want to. Jeff slowly walked around the front of the car, running his hands along the hood. Edge watched him carefully. If Hardy was going to run, Edge wanted to stop him. But Jeff didn't run. He looked down at the door handle, breathing deeply, before lifting it up and popping the door open. Jeff slid into the empty seat, getting situated and trying to relax into the cushions. He shut the door. He knew he was stupid for doing this. Taking a ride with Edge may be the last one of his life. It's amazing how he didn't seem to care anymore about small things, like breathing, anymore.

After all, Edge may be right. He had Matty in his ear night and day, convincing him that Edge was the guy behind everything. Then the night of the 2009 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Matt lays him out with a chair. What if, he was just saying all those things because Matt was behind it all along? Make him believe it was someone else, so he'd have his guard down when Matt needed him to? Jeff buckled his safety belt as Edge sped out, jerking him back further into the seat.

I like rewriting and messing wrestling 'storyboards' up. Like 'Captive' what happens on the show is real. Hey, it's just fanfiction. Oh, and Matt did turn on Jeff in this one. He's the 'bad guy', so to speak. Time for an old fashioned 'who dun it?' I probably won't follow the storyboards that are to come in follwing weeks. I will most likely create my own fabrications. With anything else, I try to keep people in character, and stick to the shows events. But w/ wrestling I like to do OOC and AU for some reason. Let's see where it takes me. This one closer to 'Captive' and not 'Cotton Candy'. Not related to either. Tell me what U think :)

Title from one of my favorite Rob Zombie songs 'Ride' off of 'Educated Horses'. I don't own that either.