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Warning:There are some graphic violent attack descriptions and explicit sex scenes in this story. M rated for adult content.

A/N: This story starts from New Moon where it is Victoria who finds Bella in the meadow instead of Laurent. This one single change of events brings about a whole new world into Bella and Edward's love story.

Chapters will have different character POV's

All That Remains

Chapter One – Act of Death

Alice's POV.

I had kept my promise with Edward by not looking for Bella's future. So when her future flashed before me, it was not by my doing. At first I didn't know who it was I was looking at, there was so much blood on the ravaged face. I looked harder and then I saw. My breath turned into gasps, my eyes wide with horror.

Nothing could have ever prepared me seeing these vivid and violent images being flashed before me. My whole being desperately tried to reject my visions, I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to give what I was seeing any credence or validation. But there was no escape from seeing Bella's tortured eyes. The fear and pain streaked across her face tore me apart inside in ways I had never felt before. I fell into my hunting crouch to protect her instinctively as a vicious snarl burst from my chest.

My body froze into ice the moment I saw Victoria's unmistakeable flaming red hair and menacing face come into view. Her blood-filled red eyes narrowed with pleasure as she viewed Bella cowering from her, helpless and frightened. Victoria sneered as she cruelly snapped Bella in an iron clad hold, trapping her like a cat plays with its prey. Bella's shrilled cry of agony pierced the air feeding Victoria's amusement as her lips turned up at the ends seeing Bella suffer.

I could feel my mind becoming unhinged witnessing Victoria's sadistic torture on Bella, but I knew what I was feeling would be nothing compared to what she was enduring. It was sickening to watch.

Then I saw the worst of vampire evil being unleashed as Victoria's nails gouged into Bella's skin tearing it apart, exposing flesh but not so deep to cause death, she wanted to keep her alive, to torture her. Bella's bloodcurdling scream of agony ripped through the air, the trees swayed from its force as I watched her eyes roll back from the unimaginable magnitude of pain being inflicted on her. To hear this, to hear Bella's pain had me completely come undone as my own ear-splitting scream erupted from deep within me ricocheting off every part of the house.

Jasper was the first to be by my side with the others following moments after. The horror they saw engulfing my face as I watched the visions being played out in my mind drew their own gasps of fear. Jasper first reaction was to hold me tight, I knew he was talking to me but I couldn't respond. I could hardly breathe. My mind was totally focused on Bella, nothing in this world mattered more to me than what she was going through. I desperately looked for some miracle to save her, something, anything. There had to be... my mind was overloading looking for answers to somehow free Bella from this terror.

Gasps of horror escaped me as my body repulsed seeing and hearing more of Victoria's satanic attacks on Bella. My mind couldn't comprehend this, how could it be happening to someone I loved. It was so alien to me... a vampire – a creature the same as me, could be this insane and cruel to inflict this kind of pain.

Victoria's animated crazed wide eyes watched Bella's tear streaked face as she just found new depths of torture to inflict on her. Bella's lungs expelled unearthly shrieks of pain as Victoria scraped her nails into the opened bleeding flesh wounds on Bella's body, slicing in slightly deeper.

"NO!" half cry half scream burst from me seeing this. No! No, Bella, not Bella. She's going to die! The words in my mind tormented me at the realization of Bella's fate. I have never felt so helpless in my life before, I was powerless to stop Bella from being in pain, to save her from death.

I was caught in one of those moments, when you know you have to move fast but your movements are so slow and sluggish. I forced myself to make my arm move retrieving my mobile phone out of my pocket. I had no strength both physically or mentally to do what I needed right then. Seeing Bella in what had to be her final moments before death claimed her was too much for my mind to absorb.

Jasper holding me looked deep into my eyes, I saw his own filled with fear.

"What did you see?" He demanded shouting at me to respond. Jasper knew I was in turmoil of the gravest kind. The only thing he didn't know was why.

My eyes unfocused as another vision of Victoria's attack on Bella flashed before me. I cried out in again. In all the years Jasper has known me, he has never heard me like this before. I had never seen anything so horrifying, let alone it happen to someone I dearly loved.

"Tell me" he pleaded, yelling his words out for me to speak.

"Bella" I gasped through my tearless sobs.

"We're too late" I cried softly as the phone dropped out of my hand. Jasper caught it with ease. My legs gave way from the grief overwhelming me, he helped me sink to the floor as he protectively pulled me into his chest. Without hesitation, he dialled the airport.

Another vision claimed my mind that had me frozen solid with shock. Bella's savaged face had suddenly become composed, serene even. To see this, defied what I had believed a human was capable of. I watched with amazement at Bella's ability to do this, to hold herself together enough to speak her last thoughts.

I love you Edward. Know I have always loved you. Goodbye, I love you. Bella whispered.

Hearing Bella utter these words in my mind, knowing she was about to die pushed me over the edge. She knew I would see this. Every ounce of my being cried out to her wishing somehow I could change her fate. If Edward only knew how much she loved him, right to the very end her last thoughts were for him. But it was clear what she wanted me to do with this last vision I had of her. It was a message for Edward, her final goodbye to him with words of love.

Wracked with despair, it took me sometime to compose myself enough to find my voice.

"Victoria" I said as another soft sob escaped me.

"She has found Bella alone and is or will torture her brutally before killing her" I couldn't move, I could barely breathe hearing these words from my mouth. My family saw in my expression the unbelievable pain I had witnessed. Jasper's arm tightened around me. My family froze from the shock they were in hearing this.

I vaguely comprehended Jasper had finished making the bookings for us to fly back to Forks when he was dialling someone else.

"No, Edward it's me Jasper" he paused listening to Edwards question but interrupted him.

"Alice is fine, listen; there is no time to explain. I have booked you on the next flight out back to Forks. You must make that flight." I could hear Edward's voice was buzzing through the earpiece.

"You have to get back to Forks, NOW, we will meet you there," Jaspers said urgently.

"Edward, I won't tell you a lie it's bad, very bad. You need to know that Bella is in grave danger and we may be too late." Jasper patiently listened to Edward pleas to tell him what happened.

"Focus Edward, I'm sorry I can't tell you more yet but you must get to Forks as soon as you can, for Bella sake." Jasper hung up on him.

One thing about Jasper, he was well disciplined in emergencies. I could not have been so calm talking to Edward. I was very grateful my brother wasn't here right now and seeing what I saw. I felt like I was drowning from the emotions of grief and loss as they washed over me like an endless tsunami of waves, but what I felt would be nothing compared to the suffering Edward would feel. I wouldn't allow myself to look into Edward's future for fear of what I might see.

"Alice, when will this happen?" Carlisle asked. The stress in his voice was clear.

"Bella's final moments will happen later today, the sun was almost set. I don't know when exactly, but Victoria already has Bella, I am certain of that." My breath hitched trying to speak of what I had seen.

"Carlisle the pain she is enduring, I can't help her" I was shaking, I felt so weak, I still couldn't grasp such an act happening, especially to Bella. Lost in my thoughts I felt Carlisle take my hand, it felt cold even to me and could only guess what he was feeling. He loved Bella for bringing Edward to life, for loving his son for the creature he is without hesitation. He loved Bella as if she were his own daughter and had hoped that she would be. That was until his hopes were shattered when Edward left her in his effort to give Bella a 'normal human life'.

My thoughts of Carlisle were interrupted as another vision burst into my mind of Bella. I could see her face, she looked startled by something but I couldn't see what. I could hear a strange snarl in the background. My emotions were conflicted as I was sure this was Victoria making her final attack, giving Bella the gift of death. I wanted this for her so she didn't have to suffer any more. But if this was the case it would also mean we failed Bella in the worst possible way by not reaching her in time to save her. I had clung on to this hope desperately of getting back to Forks in time. My heart lurched in my chest as it broke from my conclusion.

Bella astounded me to the very end as I watched her face while she met her fate. Her expression... she was smiling, like she was happy as her eyes closed accepting her death with peace.

There was no more for me to see. I felt like I had been slammed into solid stone feeling the crush of my emotions and love for her overwhelm me. Bella had gone into the folds of blackness where I could not follow. Her life was gone from me, from us.

All that remains now were the memories of her. It was seeing Bella smile as her life ended that gave me comfort, to see that she was calm and where ever humans go to after life – I knew in my silent heart that she would find peace.

I pulled on Bella's strength I had witnessed making me find the focus I needed to do what must be done now. My voice half returned in volume but it was enough to convey more information to Carlisle.

"Carlisle, she will suffer the worst kind of death, Victoria will not let her die easily or humanely." He winced hearing my words.

"I just saw her final moments before her future went black. I can say this, which I think will help. Bella will die smiling and seemed to be at peace" I was hoping this offered some comfort but Carlisle could not see that. For the first time in his life probably, he was enraged.

"No!" his anger spilled over. Carlisle's love for her and to hear this news was equal to any parent hearing of their child meeting a violent death. Esme wrapped her arms around him also lost in pain. He tried to compose himself.

"Where is this going to happen? Why?" His words filled with rage still.

"They are at the meadow where Edward would go on sunny days." I replied.

"I saw what triggered Victoria, she is consumed with revenge. She is killing Bella to repay Edward for killing James. Mate for mate." I saw Carlisle hands fist up. I wondered if he would lose control when he caught up with Victoria. Nothing had ever made Carlisle lose his composure before but this was different, this was family.

"That is where we will go then." He said decisively.

"When will Edward's plane arrive?" he asked Jasper.

"Twenty minutes after ours" he replied.

"When we arrive at the airport Alice, you should wait for Edward with Esme before joining us at the meadow." He instructed. I nodded my acknowledgment of his wishes. He then got up and faced the family

"The rest of us... We will find Bella" He said through clenched teeth.

"Carlisle" I tried to explain we would be too late but he interrupted me.

"I don't want to hear it Alice, until I see Bella with my own eyes..." I didn't argue, the pain in his eyes spoke more than his words.

"After we know Bella's condition, I want Victoria found!" he said vehemently.

Carlisle paused for a moment, thinking.

"Alice, will we find Victoria at the meadow?" he asked.

I searched for Victoria's future. Nothing, nothing came up, just the blackness as Bella's life had ended. I tried harder, there had to be something after Bella died of Victoria's future, but again I saw only the blackness. I looked at Carlisle, my expression was of confusion.

"I don't know what to tell you, I can't see anything of Victoria's future after Bella... It just goes blank" I couldn't understand this at all.

I could see Carlisle expression; it was clear his mind running through scenarios of what could have happened.

Emmett offered a possible explanation.

"Maybe that is when we get there; maybe we end Victoria's life." I could hear the pain in his voice over what Bella was going through, but there was a hint of vengeance at the possibility of being able to rip Victoria apart for what she had done.

Jasper interjected "Alice, can you see us doing that?" he asked

Again, I looked and saw nothing of us finding Victoria. "No"

"That doesn't mean anything, we will find her. Edward would want this" Emmett was very sure of this. We all were.

"When do we leave?" Emmett asked Jasper. His tone expressed how anxious he was to get to Forks. I knew from his mood he hoped that we would somehow get there in time to save Bella. He too had come to love Bella like a sister. Only Rosalie in our family did not respond the same way, her reaction was indifferent to Bella's impending death. Wisely, she kept quiet.

"Within the half hour" Jasper replied. His own emotions and love for Bella began to break through his voice as well. His hands began where shaking, but it wasn't fear I saw in his eyes. He would have imagined what Victoria was doing to Bella, how she was being tortured her death. He would be plotting Victoria's own death. And though he knew Edward would want to kill her himself, he would help. He would show no mercy, for a moment he would not be a Cullen and restrain himself. I knew this much of Jasper.

"I have to leave now, I can't stand here waiting." Esme's emotions released her enough to speak through her tearless sobs. She was not alone in her wishes.