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All That Remains

Chapter Two – Angel's Landing

Alice's POV

Esme and I had stayed behind at the airport waiting for Edward's plane to arrive. Every ounce of my being didn't want to be here, I didn't want to see my vision from earlier of my brother's world being completely shattered becoming my reality. I know it will be from me that Edward finds out and sees what has and is happening to his Bella. How Victoria's sadistic and torturous attacks on her leaves Bella barely recognizable as she meets her death. I could feel my body wince, repulsed at seeing the images in my mind.

My silent heart was breaking, for Edward, for Bella. I wanted nothing more than to be punching the accelerator of this sports car I just hired and race to Bella's aide in what I knew would be a vain attempt at stopping her fate coming to fruition. But Carlisle and the rest of my family were doing what they could to reach her in time. It was up to Esme and me to get Edward to Bella as soon as his plane landed.

My mind searched continuously for some glimmer of hope she will be saved but I couldn't see any changes in my visions of her or Victoria's futures. I only saw the darkness for them both. I tried to force myself to believe this could mean Bella survived, to think anything differently was more than I can bear.

I noticed a uniformed man walking towards me. He was a thick set man of about six three in height. His face was stern and with his size it was obvious he was hired to look intimidating. If I were human I am sure I would be cowering in my seat, but I'm not. His uniform suggested he had to be one of the airport parking officers. He reached the front of my car and looked me over for a moment.

"Miss, you can't park here" He said firmly but not unkindly. I wondered how well my vampire persuasive abilities would work on him.

"I won't be here long" I said forcing a smile to try and sway him into letting me stay where I was.

"It's a drop off only zone. You must move sorry." He said coming closer leaning down so he could talk to me through the passengers opened window.

I wasn't going to get anywhere with him. He was too hardened to be vulnerable to suggestive influences but I was not going to budge and I was not going to argue with this human.

"I am not going anywhere!" I said through gritted teeth as a low growl rumbled through my throat warning him he was on dangerous grounds.

His skin paled to a sickly chalky white as fear filled his eyes backing away from me. I had scared him more than I intended. He didn't take his eyes off of me for several minutes as his hands went up in a surrendering motion. I felt slightly guilty for frightening him so much but now was not the time for me to take pity and felt relieve when he let me be.

Before Esme made her way back inside the airport to meet up with Edward, she had pleaded with me to search Bella's future again. There was nothing new for me to tell her, I wished with all that I am there was as I knew Esme desperately wanted something to cling onto, that somehow Bella would survive this.

I couldn't be so cruel and describe those images to Esme on just how horrifically Bella was being tortured. I only wished I had an explanation as to why I couldn't see any further than I had for Victoria's future, for her to disappear as well was inexplicable. It is impossible for a human to kill a vampire and this part of my visions has confused me to no end. This alone gave Esme a glimmer of hope, as faint as it was. I would not deny her that.

It nearly broke her when Edward decided to sever ties with Bella. Esme had already formed a mother daughter attachment with Bella that was so strong. She fought Edward aggressively in discussions when he told us of his decision. But he would not be swayed. Eventually she relented and agreed to not be in Bella's life and abide by Edwards decision. However, he had no control over her love for Bella, which would remain with Esme as it did for all of us for the rest of time.

I didn't give up hope as I searched again to find a different future for Bella but I was met with the same black images that blanketed her fate. It didn't get easier to do this, to look for an alternate outcome. Each time it felt like a piece of me died seeing and feeling what Bella was going through.

My focus moved to Edward. The only hope I had of blocking his ability to read my mind and seeing the graphic details of Victoria's sadistic cruelty she inflicted on Bella, was for me to avoid eye contact with him for as long as possible. If I could do this long enough he may be able to reach the car in reasonable shape.

The one thing I had no control over was Esme's mind. The motherly love she felt for Edward made her mind an open book for him to read. I know she would try to block him but I had already seen that she would not succeed in her effort. I knew Edward's plane was near and I had to start blocking him now from my mind. I began reciting a long Russian Poem in my effort to protect him and I will just keep repeating this in my mind till he was at least in the car.

It was a relief to me that none of my family, apart from Edward of course, could see the graphic images of Bella's mutilated body and Victoria's vicious attacks. But of course this was temporary as soon as Edward's eyes met mine. It was this reason that made Esme was the better choice to meet him inside and not me.

I had seen a vision earlier of how their reunion would transpire. It will break Esme's heart the moment her eyes met Edward's. I have never seen his eyes so dark, he has not hunted in a long time but it was his whole demeanour that shook me and will Esme, he looks lost, whipped. Her mind will open like a book for him to read and it is then he will get the first notion of what Bella is enduring. He reaches breaking point at that moment and struggles to get to me as his mind goes into overload.

There is nothing definite I can focus on after that point as Edward keeps changing his mind on what he was going to do. I was grateful Jasper had enough presence of mind when he called Edward, to withhold the details about Bella torture. It would have made Edward's journey here an even bigger living hell to endure than he already endured, so far he only guessed what had happened which is the far kinder option.

The loudness I recited the Russian poem in my head was deliberate to force myself to focus and not let Edward in. He was flying above me and was within range of hearing my thoughts. I just had to keep this up for another ten minutes before he reached me. The time seemed to take on an unusual amount of length to pass. Now that Edward was here I wanted nothing more than to see him, so we can be on our way flying like the wind to Bella's side.

When I glanced at the door keeping an eye out for them I tried to scream the poem even louder in my mind to keep Edward out but as soon as I saw him, seeing his face so distraught, I let my guard down for the briefest of moments. It happened so quickly, Edward dropped to the ground as his legs gave way. I knew instantly he had seen my thoughts. I was out of the car and helping Esme get Edward into the front passenger seat. We had moved at a speed that could probably expose us but I didn't care, Edward needed me and he was my sole priority. His body was being tormented from the images he had seen. I tried desperately to block him out of my mind again.

"Stop blocking me Alice!" he yelled

"Edward, no..." I didn't want to hurt him – I didn't want to be the one to destroy my brother's soul.

"Show me everything!" he demanded aggressively through his clenched teeth.

His breathing came through as gasps as I began to recount in my mind what I had seen of Bella with Victoria. His eyes did not look at me once and he ignored Esme comforting hand on his shoulder. What I did see through my peripheral sight was Edward's face being tortured, his body curling into himself from seeing more of what had happened to Bella. The muffled cries of unbelievable pain coming from him as he watched tore me apart; it was killing me to do this. I wanted to stop tormenting him but I knew if I held anything back he would never forgive me.

Edward, Victoria has attacked Bella." I tried to explain in my mind to him.

It's bad Edward; I don't know what to tell you. I was without comforting words; I couldn't find any that would make this easier for him.

After he had seen all the visions of the cruelty Victoria had inflicted on Bella, I focused on the part where Bella was saying goodbye to him, how she expressed so much love for him and was only thinking of him in her final moments.

I hoped that would help Edward in some way but I saw the expression on his face. He was dying a thousand deaths in the pits of hell as Bella lost her battle to survive. Edward drew his legs up into his chest as he sat there; he buried his head into his knees as his arms wrapped around his legs. Moments later his head snapped to the sky as the most gut wrenching sound of his grief ripped through the car shaking it violently. The sound was comparable to nothing. His soul destroying cry of the pain he felt would ripple through time and space, it would shake the gates into heaven itself.

There was nothing I could do to take his pain away. Esme had her arms wrapped around his chest as best she could from the back seat, her tearless sobs where whispers compared to Edwards cries. He was broken, shattered so completely, a man without hope as his world was ripped from him in the cruellest way imaginable.

I tried in vain to offer him hope.

"The others are on their way to her already, Edward. They are trying to reach her before. . ." My voice trailed off, I couldn't bring myself to finish the sentence.

"I promise you I will have you there as fast as this car will fly. I will get you to her Edward."

This promise I just made to him would not change the outcome for Bella, there were no new visions coming to me. All I could offer him now was less time in transit. I had no hesitation in breaking this car pushing it to its limits as I punched hard down on the accelerator. This is where my foot will stay to give him precious moments with Bella.

Edwards jaw was tight and rigid. I could only guess what he was feeling. He had been silent except for his ragged breathing since his cries of pain. I would be haunted forever seeing my brother like this.

Another vision flashed in my head which I did expect but hoped beyond hope would not happen. Edward had decided what he was going to do. His path was set; he will find and kill Victoria. That much anyone could have guessed but it was what he had planned for himself that frightened me. I nearly hit the brakes in response. Edward has decided to go to Italy and have the Volturi end his life for him. He refused to live without Bella being alive.

"Edward, stop that!" I yelled panic stricken.

"We don't know for sure what has happened to Bella. You can't give up; she wouldn't want you to do this." I begged.

"Don't give up Edward, you can't give up" Esme said from the back seat with her hand on his shoulder in support.

Again I showed him Bella's last thoughts when she whispered of how much she loved him. How brave she was in her last moments before she closed her eyes.

"You owe her this much Edward, don't give up!" I reprimanded him in my tone.

His voice was ice cold and resolved.

"There is no possible way she could survive that." Convinced Bella was dead, Edward had no interest remaining alive.

"I don't know for sure," I pleaded

"She could still be alive, Edward, I beg of you please hold on to that." Another tearless sob escaped me as I tried to keep calm. I couldn't bear to lose Edward as well. I continued with my reasoning

"I didn't see anything after Bella's eyes closed." I had to offer some hope to him even though in my heart I knew her fate was already sealed.

"Victoria, did you see her future?" He spat the words out

"No, I can't see anything about Victoria future either, it is lost in the blackness like Bella's and I don't know why." He could see nothing in my mind as I tried again to see Victoria's future.

My phone rang, I looked at the caller ID, and it was Jasper.

"Jasper, are you there? Have you found Bella? Is she alive?" my questions ran out of me with lightening speed with my need to know what had become of Bella for certain.

Jaspers reply stunned me.

"Alice you won't believe this but Bella isn't here." He stated as a matter of fact.

"But Victoria is dead; she has been torn apart by something, it wasn't a vampire attack. We are burning her remains now to be sure she remains dead." He added.

"What do you mean, how can Victoria be dead? Where's Bella?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Like I said, Bella is not here, not even her scent leaves this spot. We did pick up on some other scents which we haven't come across before but they are not vampire scents." I could hear the frustration in Jaspers voice.

Edward gasped as he fixed his gaze on me while he listened to my conversation with Jasper first hand in my mind.

For the first time, I had hope in me for Bella. Elation filled me even though I knew the hope of her surviving was still slim at best wherever she was. My hope wasn't strong, it had all the strength of a bubble waiting to burst, but I would take it.

"How?" confusion in my mind, none of this made sense, how could Victoria be dead? Where was Bella? And more importantly why couldn't I see her!

Edward was dialling Bella's home phone number.

"There's no answer at her home." He said.

His breathing was ragged still and he looked as bewildered as I felt. The hope of Bella being alive was all he needed to keep focused. We were close to Forks, but I had no idea where to drive to now. It seemed pointless to go to the meadow.

Jasper heard what Edward had said with no answer at Bella's home. He relayed this information to Carlisle.

"Carlisle is calling the hospital." Jasper informed me. Again, I looked for Bella's future.

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry as I finally got an image of her future. It was a weak image and Bella was so messed up. Her body was so still and mangled. I saw no evidence of her being conscious as the Doctors examined her. That was all I got. It gave us some time maybe to get to her.

Edward saw in my mind at that moment of what I had seen, I cursed my gift for what it was doing to him. I wished with all my heart I had more encouraging images of Bella.

"She's there!" Jasper announced excitedly.

"Yes, I finally got a glimpse of her. There is nothing concrete, just the doctor examining her." I tried to summon my most optimistic voice with my reply, but considering how little the vision offered it seemed over doing it.

"Take me to her Alice." Edward demanded.

We were already heading in the direction of the hospital, but I didn't say anything. I would just get us there as fast as I could get this car to move. I punched the accelerator again.

"She is alive but in critical condition" Jasper relayed again.

I could hear they were already in the car and saw in a vision that they would meet us there. The excitement in Jasper's voice from a moment ago had already gone; it was replaced with pain

"They are not expecting Bella to survive." His voice had become grave.

I tried to focus on Edward and help him plan what he was going to do. I couldn't see his future until he made a decision.

"Edward, you know they won't let you in to see her, what are you going to do?" I asked

"I don't know, but I will find a way." The relief he had felt hearing she was alive was ebbing away from him, knowing she only had moments left.

If I was him, I know I would want to say goodbye, I would move heaven and earth to do so. I hoped he would come to the same conclusion soon; my only confirmation of that happening would be me seeing Edward with Bella one last time as he whispered his own goodbyes into her ear.