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A/N: Alice's POV.

All That Remains

Chapter Five – Wait and See

We watched Bella for 3 days as her body repaired itself with Edward's venom inside her. The transformation was incredible to watch, I had never seen it before. To see the changes occur from being a mortal to become an immortal vampire was almost divine. However, I knew she must be in great pain. Even though I have no memory of my own transformation, I knew from my family recollections of their transformation it had been an excruciating experience for them.

Bella's change was different though, she hadn't moved a muscle, nor had she opened her eyes the entire time of her transformation. This was not normal; the pain you go through is not something anyone could do quietly. Well with the exception of Carlisle of course, but the others had screamed with agony during the process. This knowledge made Edward so scared. He feared that he hadn't been able to get enough venom in her to completely heal her injuries. He watched her intently, not once leaving her side. His head lay next to hers; he stroked her cheek gently as he watched her change.

I sat and watched him next to Bella most of the time, only leaving him to get some new clothes for Bella. Initially I had selected a beautiful satin dress for her to wear but Edward made it clear he was not impressed. Begrudgingly I selected some clothes he felt she would be more comfortable with; it almost killed me to put her in these. I gently lifted her body and dressed her ready for her new life. Bella did look good in her stylish jeans and three quarter length stretch cotton blue top, she just didn't look exceptional in my opinion. It was not something I would want for her to wear on her first day as a vampire but anything to ease Edward's mind.

I heard him whisper in Bella's ear, telling her how much he loved her and how sorry he was. He vowed many oaths that he could never forgive himself for what happened to her. Edward was in a dark place still, there he will remain until he could see for himself that she was going to be okay.

Bella's heart began to race causing Edward concern. He called for Carlisle "Carlisle."

"Yes, very soon now" he said happily. Carlisle was not concerned at all but Edward was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. So many things had gone wrong for Bella. She was after all a danger magnet.

"Carlisle, why can't she open her eyes? Was I too late for the venom to repair her completely?" Edward question was filled with the anxiety her felt for her.

"No Edward, her heart sounds healthier than Emmett's was, and her injuries were no more severe as Esme's. She will be fine, you did everything right son." Carlisle was also so calm and reassuring.

I was beginning to get some images of Bella's future now, they were still a bit foggy but I could see she was planning to leave Edward almost immediately. This stunned me, why would Bella be planning this, what had I missed for her to do such a thing. Did she have no idea how much Edward loved her? I tried to focus harder to see what it was that would have triggered Bella into doing something that I knew would hurt Edward to the extreme.

"How soon Alice?" Edward asked me. I looked into the immediate future and saw that it was merely only 10 minutes before her transformation would be complete and Bella would become a vampire like us.

She was beautiful, as stunning as anyone of us. Her wounds were healed, not a mark on her. Her broken bones mended.

The mystery of how she came to survive this still remained. I wondered if we would ever be able to work this out. Does she know? I put the thought aside for the moment as everyone had gathered in the room, waiting for Bella to open her eyes. It would only be moments now.

Bella's back arched like she was being dragged off the bed, it was alarming to see.

"Oh god, No! Bella!" Edward cried. He wrapped his arms around her, trying to support her body.

I knew she could hear Edward now, I could see bits of what was about to happen when she was finished with becoming a vampire. Oh Bella, don't be a fool, can't you hear him, he loves you. I said to myself. I wasn't sure what to do, now is not the time to start yelling at Bella. Apart from being a new born and not in control of herself with super vampire strength, I don't think Edward would appreciate this and literally rip my head off.

"Alice?" Edward was looking for reassurance from me.

"Patience Edward, she will open her eyes soon and she can hear you now." I let my annoyance filter through my voice. I hoped Bella would take the hint and understand that her thoughts were misplaced.

This actually was amusing in some ways, if only someone had been brave enough to have turned Bella earlier, all this unnecessary drama could have been avoided. But Edward can be fearsome, he may look like the perfect gentleman but if provoked too far especially where Bella is concerned he was not someone you messed with. He had been so set on leaving her human. The fact that Bella wanted to become one of us meant nothing to him.

I mused over how Bella and Edward were the perfect tragic love story. You couldn't make this stuff up even if you tried. I chuckled to myself. It would make the perfect mushy and thrilling book ever to be read. I could see it now, females of all ages swooning and imagining themselves as Bella and in love with Edward.

Humans loved the mystery of the unknown and vampires would be right up there. Many shows and movies were huge successes with witches and wizards not to mention vampire slayers. The more the supernatural involved the more they lapped up the world I belonged to.

Maybe I had a new past time to take up. I giggled at the thought. I would have to be very secretive of course and use an alias name. Oh this was too delicious, I said to myself. I could easily get into this and I would never have to make up my own story, I would just use my brother and Bella's true life. Move over JK Rowling there's a new kid on the block! I announced in my head laughing.

I began getting carried away but I didn't care, I tossed around some names for my alias. I had always loved the name Stephanie, but I would like it to be more original. I know, Stephenie, yes that was perfect. Now for the surname. I need something that a female could connect to, like an emery board. Hmm emery, I played with the letters till I finally got my new last name Meyer. I pictured the names together Stephenie Meyer. The more I thought about it the better they looked, it was meant to be.

I began to add ideas into their story. Some things I would have to change, like draw out Bella's human life a bit more. Throw in the Volturi for a bit of spice. Hmm. Ok maybe I shouldn't, the Volturi wouldn't tolerate such a breach of our secret world. Maybe I could . . . My creative side was taking hold as I fleshed out ideas and I had these two to thank for that. If only they knew. I laughed inside my head.

Wow, I just realised that Edward had not heard a thought I had. He had completely zoned me out with his worry for Bella. I didn't know he could do that. Either that or I was going to get my hiney kicked later. I looked to my future but didn't see him upset with me.

Hmm curious, this is a first.