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Disclaimer-I don't own Twilight. If I did, Renesmee would be called Vanessa. BTW, I made up the town. I also don't own the poem mentioned in the English lesson. It belongs to Dylan Thomas. Kind of stole a character name too. (The one it's based on belongs to MTG, Wizards of the Coast)

Thanks to Thorn, Dan, Nathan, and the various teachers who let me send them to a Welsh university.

Bonds Chapter 1

"Carrie!" called out a boy. He looked around nineteen and had short black hair, brown eyes and a strong welsh accent. He ran over to a girl around his age. She had long, curly brown hair and brown eyes.
"Daffyd! I didn't expect to see you." she said, speaking without an accent. "What?"

The two were in a courtyard surrounded by glass walls, gathered around a fountain. It was a college in the rainy Welsh town of Cyllyd.

"I was just checking you hadn't forgotten we're going to a movie after lessons." said Daffyd, blushing slightly.
"Daffyd, you've reminded me once a day for a week." said Carrie. "How could I forget?"

Daffyd smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry. Meet you here?"
"Kay." she said, before picking up a small bag and walking off.

Daffyd stared after her for a few seconds, and walked in the other direction. He had English to pay attention to.

* * *

The teacher, Mr Bliss, began to speak.
"Ok, today we're going to be looking at 'the Force that Through the Green Fuse-'"
He was interrupted by a rhythmic knock at the door.
"Come in." called the teacher.

A girl walked in, about nineteen, more graceful than you could believe, with long, straight black hair, bright blue eyes and the palest, most beautiful, most perfect face anyone could imagine.
"I've just joined." she said, by way of explanation. "My name's Iliana. Iliana Vess."
Her voice had a lilting, musical quality.
"Ok, go and find a seat." said Mr Bliss. "Anyway, today we're going to be looking at the poem 'the Force…'"

Daffyd stopped paying attention. They had been looking at this poem for the past week; he knew it practically by heart.

Wow, that new girl was hot.

He shook himself. She turned to him, a smile on her lips.

"Daffyd, right?"

"Well, are you going to tell me how beautiful I am, and ask me out?"
"No… why would I? Not that you're not beautiful, just…"
"I have a girlfriend." explained Daffyd.
"Ah." she said, smiling a dazzling smile. "Congratulations, you're the only boy to talk to me without asking me out."
"Uh… good?"
"Sure." she said. "I need to do some work in my first lesson here.
"Sorry." said Daffyd, turning back to his work.

A slight breeze came through the window next to Iliana.
Strawberries, if anything.

'Great. She even smells wonderful' thought Daffyd.
'But you love Carrie.' pointed out the reasonable part of him.
'Yeah, but… wow.'

* * *
Second period.
* * *

"Class, this is Iliana. She's new." explained the Maths teacher, Mrs Fenlon.

The beautiful girl sat down at a desk, perfectly still.

Carrie stared at her.
"Hey, Carrie." said one of her friends.
"What, Nathan?"
"Apparently every boy here has asked her out, and she said no." said Nathan.
"Every?" asked another of her friends, (Thorn).
"Apparently." replied Nathan.
'Damn you.' she thought. 'You probably got in for those looks, you stupid girl.'
Seconds later she was proved wrong as Iliana answered a complicated question.

Carrie looked up towards the girl.
She was looking directly back.

"Hello." said Iliana, her voice musical. "Are you Carrie?"
"Yes. And this is Nathan and (Thorn)."
"Nice to meet you, Carrie. I've met Nathan and (Thorn) before.." she answered pleasantly, pointing towards the other two.
Carrie grudgingly conceded that she seemed nice.
'You keep away from my boyfriend, bitch.' she thought bitterly.
"When did you meet?"
"We met before school." said Nathan, not meeting her eyes.
"Nathan was the first one to ask me out." sad Iliana with a smile.
"First?" said Carrie, pretending this was the first she had heard of it.
"Practically every boy I've talked to has asked. And a couple of girls." replied Iliana. "In fact, the only one who didn't ask was someone called Daffyd."
"Though he did call me beautiful."
'Keep away from him you dumb bitch.'

Nathan and (Thorn) exchanges a weary glance. They recognised that forced smile of Carrie's.

This was going to be a long lesson.

* * *
* * *

Carrie was sitting at her usual place in the courtyard, her friends Nathan and (Thorn) sitting next to her.

Nathan was laughing at some joke of (Thorn's), probably something perverted.

Carrie wasn't listening.

As Daffyd came round the corner with another two of his friends, Felix and Dan, Carrie caught a few words of their conversation.

"Whoah, isn's she hot?" said Felix.
"Yeah… definitely." said Dan, who was normally quite laid back.
"Yeah, she is." said Daffyd.
"If only she hadn't turned me down…" said Felix.

(Thorn) muttered something about 'unfaithful' and 'I'd kill him if I hadn't done the same'.

As soon as Daffyd got close enough, Carrie stood up and walked over to him.

"Do you love me?" she whispered.
"Of course, with all my heart." he said, startled. Then he realised. "I don't care how beautiful she is, you're still better."

Carrie smiled.

"Thank you."

* * *
(After school)
* * *

Carrie and Daffyd were in the cinema, watching a bad romance.
"This is really bad." said Carrie quietly, smiling.
"Yeah. Does it matter?" replied Daffyd.
"Not really…" smiled Carrie.

They kissed.

* * *

The two of them decided to take the shorter route back to their apartment.

It included a path between two tall buildings. There wasn't normally anyone there.

But there was this time.

There was a girl, and an older man, kissing deeply.

As they looked, she moved to the man's neck.

Blood. A lot of blood.

Seconds passed.

Daffyd forced himself to take another breath.

The girl turned, throwing the body to the floor.

Daffyd and Carrie turned to run.

The girl was there in front of them.

Well, who is it? Of course, all vampires have gold or red eyes, so it can't be anyone I've said, right? Right?