Chapter 2, hi-ho!

Bonds Chapter 2-Truth

"Ooh, well I really should kill you." said the girl in her musical voice.
She looked at them, blood red eyes sparkling.

It looked like Iliana, apart from the eyes, but…

"Oh, recognize me?" she asked. "Contact lenses if you're wondering."

Daffyd gulped.

"You know, I should kill you." said the girl. "You know too much. But I'm just not hungry."

"What are you!?" asked Carrie from beside Daffyd.

"Aww, can't you guess?" said Iliana playfully, suddenly standing right beside the two.

"…vampire." whispered Daffyd. "But… you were in the sun…"

"Yeah, that's a myth." laughed Iliana. "But, you'll be glad to hear, I've decided not to kill you."

"What are you going to do?" said Daffyd, his throat dry.
"I'm going to introduce you to my family and see what they think I should do!" said Iliana brightly.

With that she grabbed the two of them, and started to drag them along.

Even if they'd dared to try, they could not have fought her off. Her grip was like iron.
They didn't dare to try.

* * *

"Iliana, what are we going to do?" asked a tall, golden haired man, wonderfully handsome, his face creased with annoyance and worry.
"Come on, Aeris, there's only two of them." said Iliana.
"Iliana, that's two reasons for us to die if the Volturi come here." said another woman, maybe thirty-something.
"Mum, come on. Why would they be here?" said Iliana. "They have no reason to come to Wales. I mean, how many families attract trouble enough for the Volturi to watch them?"

"The Cullen family in America." pointed out the male, Aeris.
"Sure. Are they actually real?" asked Iliana with a smile. "Werewolves, mind-reading, half vampires with dodgy names. Yeah right."
"They're real." said the woman.
"Alanis is telling the truth, Iliana. Listen to her." said Aeris. "A friend of ours met them. It's all true, every word."

"Uh. Ok." said Iliana. "Anyway, what do we do?"

Alanis, the adult, turned.
"You two… are you going to tell anyone about this?"

Both Carrie and Daffyd shook their heads.

"Good. If we do, we'll kill you and them. Don't make us regret this." finished Aeris, the male.

Iliana smiled, and pulled the two back outside the building.

It was a few miles from the town, and it was a large building, glass fronted, very modern. It was on the beginnings of a steep slope, leading up to a blue mountain.

"So, nice to meet you properly." said Iliana brightly. "Can you get home from here?"

Carrie nodded.

"Good!" chirped Iliana. "See you at uni tomorrow."

With that she vanished, moving back into the house blindingly fast.

Carrie and Daffyd looked at each other.
"Did that… just happen?" asked Daffyd.
Carrie nodded.
"I think I'm going to be cold tonight." said Carrie.

* * *

Chapter end. Hope it was alright~