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The mirror smashed. He was gone.

"You do know how to fly this thing, don't you?"


"Then we're stuck here??"

Rose didn't need Mickey to point out the obvious. Sarah Jane had been right, you couldn't stay with the Doctor forever. But she'd thought it would have been on her terms if she left him, not his … he'd always be there.

She walked up to the wall where the mirror had been. Touching the empty frame lightly, she sighed and leant on it. Of all the women … why the one on the other side of a 'magic door'? The one you couldn't get back from? Rose didn't know what to think. She'd made her choice a long time ago, she'd never leave him – she'd thought it would have worked both ways. Not some onesided, irreversible transfer like the useless ex-mirror she stood in front of, still leaning against.

She thought about what her and Mickey could do now. Not much, by the looks of things. He could still come back, she thought, desperately. Yeah, fat chance, a smug voice piped up. Like he'd leave a French mistress to come back for a kid like you …

A tear slid down Rose's cheek. He wasn't coming back. Then why was she still waiting?

An hour passed and Mickey was beyond restless. Rose couldn't cry anymore. How much longer until it was all over? The waiting, the wondering … the thinking of a way to get home.

Three hours. "I'm going to take another walk around." Mickey had been doing this periodically ever since they'd got stuck. Walking around the ship, checking the links, searching for something, anything. How ironic, that they'd laughed at him before, 'Mickey the Idiot' – who was the idiot now?

Rose felt so, so embarrassed. First Sarah Jane, then this. Mickey should have been having a field day. But he seemed just as upset as her … and rightly so. Their 'hero' had just gone and left them, no help. He hadn't even stopped to explain before he'd gone, quite literally, charging off. Mickey paced stormily away, and Rose was alone once more.

Five hours. There was commotion coming from the fireplace.


Things were back to normal, now. She felt so stupid – all that worrying, waiting, doubting – she should have known he'd come back in the end! Euphoria had seeped into her veins and she felt truly alive again.

But he didn't seem so. The weight of the world was on his shoulders. Rose tapped Mickey on the shoulder and they left him alone. Funny, she thought, how loneliness can sometimes do you the world of good. She should have told him, then – I missed you. I needed you. I –

But there was always later, because he would always be there.

Yes, he'd always be there.

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