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Sasuke and Naruto reached their hotel at 8:30pm and Naruto was completely tired due to a long week and a boring train ride filled with Narue box set season 11 and a boring Sasuke. The hotel was a short taxi drive away but the taxi man was playing some smooth jazz on V 98.7* thus making it next to impossible for Naruto to stay awake. So it wasn't a surprise that Naruto just went to the bed and fell asleep once he entered the room. It upset Sasuke though because he hoped to get lucky that night and spend the whole trip inside, keeping each other company but with Naruto going to sleep, he knew his plan was not going to work. So with a sigh, Sasuke changed his and Naruto's clothes and went to sleep next to his dozing love.

Naruto woke with the sun like usual and stared at the white ceiling and pale gold walls wondering where the hell he was until he remembered that he was at an hotel. So without caring if he woke Sasuke, Naruto got up and began exploring the large room they had.

The bedroom itself was nice. It consisted of a black wire framed king sized bed with white bedding, a crème nightstand on each side and black and white lamps above it. There were two white chairs and a gold table in a corner and a flat screen television was on the wall directly in front of him and a door a few feet away from the bed, which Naruto guessed was the bathroom, since there was a mirror closet on the right wall. Just looking at the room made Naruto feel poor because he knew he could never afford a bedroom as fancy as that fact he wished he was so rich to where the room didn't look fancy at all. He knew Sasuke probably paid a good sum of money for this place which he thought was a waste because Holiday Inn would have been cheaper and hold its purpose. Just then, that song Holidae Inn popped in Naruto's head and he began humming until he remembered there were other rooms so he began to explore the pale blue and white bathroom and the living room full of red and gold with a matching kitchen. The hotel was too fancy for Naruto's taste so he went back to the bedroom and tried to wake Sasuke so they could go explore the town.

It was 3:30pm and not once did Sasuke get Naruto to even consider going back to the hotel. They had walked from the upper part of downtown to the lower and Naruto began begging to visit Navy Pier. With a lot of arguing and lustful promises, they took a taxi to Navy Pier and after waiting a long time to actually enter the mall, they shopped a little. Well more like Naruto begged and Sasuke bought everything he asked for. It was almost 8PM when Naruto decided he was done for the day and they headed back to the hotel.

"Oh my god, I had alot of fun! Ne Sasuke, we should visit here more!" Naruto ranted as soon as they entered their room. Sasuke didn't respond but instead placed the bags Naruto made him carry in a chair and took Naruto into his arms.
He kissed him once then looked at Naruto with eyes explaining what he wanted and Naruto ran out of his arms.

"I'm going to shower now then we can play cards or something!" Naruto yelled and ran into the bathroom, forgetting about his clothes. He regretted not bringing them too, because he now had to walk out in only a towel and he knew Sasuke wanted sex but it was Sasuke's first time and Naruto would feel bad if he made his first time bad. Well Sasuke could top…but that could mean Naruto would end up in pain. So with a deep breath, Naruto left the bathroom and went to grab is clothes and face Sasuke who was no doubt outside the room.

Sasuke was, indeed, out in the room and he smirked when Naruto came out in his towel. He watched him grab his clothes from his suitcase and before he could leave, he jumped off the bed he was on and ran to take Naruto into his arms. Naruto made stood stiff as he felt the arms around him but turned around anyways to face Sasuke.

"Hey, can you kinda let me go, I need to get my clothes on and yea." Naruto said with a smile. Sasuke smirked back and kissed Naruto's neck before whispering into his hear.

"Why put them on when I'm just going to take them off." He said then began giving a few more kisses to Naruto's neck and jaw line.

"Sasuke, let's wait." Naruto said with a sigh.

"Why? I really want this and…wait, do you not want this? Naruto I thought you wanted it too." Sasuke said in a sad tone.

"I do want it Sasuke it's just that it's you're first time and it's gonna hurt you and if it won't hurt you, then you might hurt me and I'm gonna feel bad if you hate me after this and oh my god Sasuke I lost the game! I lost the effing game and all you're thinking about is losing your v-card! I knew it you only wanted sex, well fine if that's how you want it!" and with that, Naruto kissed Sasuke with all his might and after a few moans and gropes, they made it to the bed.

"Now Sasuke, I'll just-" But Naruto was cut of by Sasuke's lips.

"Shh, I know what I'm doing."

"How can you, you're a virgin."


"What? You know, fine whatever." And that's how Sasuke Uchiha lost his virginity.


It wasn't until almost noon when Naruto officially woke. Sasuke was still sleeping so he thought of getting up but a pain in his back stopped him and he lay back down. Instead he messed with Sasuke's hair and ran his fingers across his skin. He hated that Sasuke could sleep until the next night and on top of that, he was a heavy sleeper. So now all he had to do was sit there…bored. Until his phone went off and e took it from his nightstand. He looked to see it was Sakura and he smiled as he read it.

OMG youve hvnt txtd me yet! Hav u 2 done it yet????? Was he gewd?

OMG sakura, you would never guess that a virgie could actually be that good.


*If you live near on in Detroit, you'll get this…I don't think this station can be heard in Chicago.

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