A/N - Wooo! Update baby, this is the final chapter to Strong Enough and I know it's only 10 chapters, but wow are those 10 chapters exciting. I had fun writing this story, and I should be working on the Voices fic. This chapter is rated Mature, for contents that is a suprise!

I was being lightly shaked and my eyes fluttered open to meet blue orbs. "We're at the hotel, you need help getting in?"

I rolled my eyes and replied, "No Randy, I'm highly capable of moving myself, I'm a big boy now, but thanks for the help."

Randy sighed and got out of the car, before stopping at my side, to make sure I didn't kill myself. I got down alright and I pretty much wobbled my way inside the hotel. I was already panting, as I dragged myself to the elevator.

Randy looked at me, knowing he was right about me needing help, and I sighed in defeat. I said, "Fine, I can't walk around like this all the time, go get me something to walk with."

"What the hell do you want me to get you?" Randy demanded.

"I don't know, just something long and sturdy." I replied, leaning against a wall for support.

"Alright fine." He said, before turning around and disappearing behind a corner. Whatever he would bring back, would definitely be hilarious.

I tapped my stable foot against the rough carpet and looked for patterns in the popcorn ceiling. The halls were empty and it was creepy type of quiet.

It felt as if someone was watching me though, even if the hall looked deserted. I scanned the hallway continuously, until I was content no one was there, and I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

What the hell was taking Randy so long? It can't be that hard to find something to walk with, can it? I didn't really know, I hadn't looked for something like that before.

Suddenly the lights on the elevator clicked and I felt myself holding my breath, wondering who could it be. Who was I even looking for?

Randy chose that time to come back, carrying a dark violet umbrella at his side. It was waist high, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"An umbrella? Out of all the things in the world, you bring back an umbrella?" I chuckled. The mood instantly became lighter as a mother with a little boy, came walking out the doors.

Randy narrowed his eyes and replied back, "I could've brought you back nothing at all. Would have liked that better?"

I pouted and moved in front of Randy the best I could, before leaning up and capturing his mouth in a soft kiss. He instantly melted and moaned into the kiss, before pulling away with a small 'pop' and saying, "Don't forget what you started in the car."

"Oh I didn't." I assured, even though I had, until now.

He handed me the umbrella and I measured it, it being a little taller than my waist, though pleased at least I had something. It was awkward at first, leaning to one side to walk, and feeling light on the other.

When we finally reached the hotel room, Randy opened it and my first instinct was to lay on the bed, but Randy of course, had other ideas. He crashed his lips upon mine again and we move hard into it, his tongue begging for entrance.

I allow my lips to slightly open and he slips his tongue in, exploring every inch of my mouth, before he was pushing on my shoulders, for me to kneel in front of me.

"You're already forgetting about my leg Randy. Go lay on the bed, it'll be a lot easier and comfortable."

He led me to the bed and he allowed himself to fall on it, turning long ways, and rubbing his crotch through his jeans. I licked my lips at the hot sight and let me body stretch at a comfortable angle, resting between his legs.

My hands rubbed circles in his thighs and they traveled up and down the inside of his leg. I pulled his zipper down and then slowly slid his pant off. Then it suddenly dawned on me, that I had no experience whatsoever with this type of thing.

My hands began to shake and I think Randy could tell.

"What's wrong babe?"

I shook my head and replied, "I'm kind of new to this and I'm a little nervous."

"Don't be." Randy said, massaging my hand, "I'll lead you through it."

I nodded and somewhat felt a little better and then just to add to it, Randy took my hand and lent down to place little kisses on each

finger. He then brought my hand down to his crotch and he told me to rub him through his boxers.

I then grabbed his boxers and slid them off, throwing them to the side, before staring at how hard he was.

"You know what'll be the easiest thing to do John?" I looked into his lust filled eyes and he continued, "Just imagine as if it was your on cock, but except using your hand, you're using your mouth."

I now had the basic idea of what to do, so one final look, I took his member in my mouth, sucking lightly at the head. Randy hissed and I let my left hand hold the base, feeling how heavy it was against my tongue.

I flicked my tongue against the underside a couple of times, before going down half way. I soon set my pace, and I was bobbing my head slowly, every once in a while, scraping my teeth ever so lightly on his shaft.

Randy was panting like mad and I watched his face contort into pleasure. His head was back and his eyes were closed tightly, and his mouth was slightly open.

Though the greatest thing about all of us, was seeing Randy in all his glory, me in control.

We were both so out of there, we never heard the door open, and he we never heard the footsteps coming up behind me. Soon there was a hand on my head and they were pushing me farther down, letting me gag, and full of spit coming flowing out.

"Don't choke yourself." Randy panted in ragged breaths, opening his eyes to see none other than Cody Rhodes hovering above me.

"Don't you fucking move, you whore!" Motioning towards Randy with a gun.

"Cody . ." Randy was lost for words and he could only watch as Cody lent down to whisper vulgar things in my ear. I whimpered on Randy's cock and Randy couldn't help it. He released a small moan and tried not to buck his hips.

Cody had whispered to me, "You're going to fucking take him all the way. You're going to choke and you're going to love it. You want to know why? You're a fucking slut!"

I began to struggle, finding it very hard to breathe, and my gag reflex, kept making me gag, and Randy's dick was covered with saliva.

"You sit fucking still as well. Don't mess with me, I got a fucking gun, and I'll shoot your fucking brains out."

I began to cry at that and Randy could only watch as I choked and gagged on his cock, and he could do nothing to help me.

"Suck him off!"

I hollowed my cheeks as much as they could go and I sucked hard on his cock, trying to get him off fast.

"That's it, suck his cock!"

Randy bit his lip to keep from releasing moans and he asked, "Cody why are you doing this?"

"Why? WHY!? You fucking betrayed me, you left me for this piece of shit. Randy I loved you and you just fucking left me to rot!"

Randy's eyes went wide and he gasped at what Cody had just said. They were both now oblivious towards me and Cody let me go to walk to Randy.

I gasped for air, but not for long, before Cody pointed the gun at me screaming, "You keep sucking him bitch!"

I only went down as far as I could take again and I listened to their conversation.

"I know what we had was special Codes, but I'm with John. If you would have told me earlier, I probably would have . . I don't know!" Randy cried, his release would be coming soon.

"You never even told me goodbye . ." Cody replied, leaning down to kiss Randy. He yanked his head to the side and said, "No, Cody I' can't. What don't you get!"

"Everything!" Cody hollered and then he shattered. He fell to the floor in a heap of sobs and I pulled away wiping my mouth on his shirt. For all the things he's done, I still feel pity for him.

We sat in silence, unsure what to do, and Randy made a cautious move, to place his hand on Cody's shoulder. Cody leaned in to the touch and Randy whispered, "Cody, I think it's time you go."

Without a nod, without a word, he left, and we had a feeling, he was never coming back.

I busted into more tears and I flung myself on Randy. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I repeated over and over.

Randy rubbed my scalp and asked, "What for babe?"

"I ruined everything, all because I wanted something in the first place, that never really wanted me. I made you turn on Cody, I got my fucking leg shot, I ruined our careers."

"No, no, no. John, the only thing you did, was show me just how much I love you."

I melted in his embrace and finally whispered, "I love you too."