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I am a MAJOR!! NaruxHina fan, MAJOR!!! But I also have FIRM!! Beliefs that Naruto had such an awful life and that someday he has to become a Kitsune… That he should have a Harem, because of the love he deserves… and lastly because of such hatred he IS forced to become stupid, but if he's aware of it, why not act it then when he's strong enough kick ass? So this story cover's all bases, and I have even put up some Original Character's to deal with SOME issues… I hope it goes well.

So onto the story…Ja Ne!


It was raining…Kami, he loved the rain. It reminded him of all his worries, and washed them off his skin as if it was plain dirt. The rain so full of life, but then again, so full of grief…Why did it rain? Why did the Rain have to feel like tears running down his face? Who in the clouds was crying? And for whom, or for what? Did Kami-sama feel sad about something?

He could only think of one reason Kami-sama was sad… he was going to live, and he failed to keep his promises to help the world… That must've been it; Kami-sama hated him for living. He lay in the river, listening as a waterfall spring through rushing water to clean the damage he had left on the earth.

A dark figure came upon him, spiked hair and no face. He wondered if this was just another attempt to kill him… He would die and Kami would have no reason to cry, he would finally give the almighty lord salvation from his taint… Suddenly he felt a heavier drop of Rain, something too heavy of grief to fully understand it was just rain… No, with his empty, but open eyes, he saw another drop fall, but not from the sky, but from the figure above him.

He felt a sting in his heart… Was this someone he knew? Or was it just a Tear of anger that threatened to promise death tonight… He did not know, but he wanted to at least give himself less to think about, and retreated into his MindScape.

Naruto had pummeled Sasuke, somehow pummeled him, and beat the bastard for leaving, and actually stopped him from going any further. Sadly though, he had taken a direct Chidori-charged claw into his heart… He felt heavy, he felt dead, but something in him kept him living, something he never knew.

Naruto had Retreated into his mind, and found the Kyuubi's cage just inches from him. He looked up into the eyes of the angry fox. "We're going to die…. And I'm glad Kami-Sama won't have to deal with my taint in this plain." That struck the Kyuubi hard. He struck his Head against the Cage and roared. "THEN LET ME OUT!!! FREE ME!!!" Naruto stood his ground well, not letting up as his energy, his remaining life energy, closed around them; it was only him and the Kyuubi. "If you want to be free, you will have to kill me… But as equals, or does the Kyuubi enjoy his Arrogance and wish to kill a boy who had willed your life to stay in this plain? I deserve a fair match against you Kyuubi, and you know this."

Kyuubi growled as he looked down on the boy… He looked back, and found everything about this boy, and knew…The boy could have easily torn his furry flesh from his bone, and kill him in his own mind if need be. But now, he had some control, he could fairly battle Naruto in this changed scape of land…It was his pride as a Demon, and his honor as a Fox that drove the desire to complete the request, or forever lose honor.

Kyuubi shrunk, turning into a Human formed self of his former Shell. What surprised Naruto most was it was a girl, only twice his age and in her prime. Blue battle Kimono and Fox ears and nine fluffy tails behind her. The last thing he would expect of this Girl Kyuubi was the Kenjutsu she decided upon. A rather large Zanbatou, and only in one hand, the other was a rather slanted Tanto.

Kyuubi smiled sadly. "I hate this form. It makes me look weak." Naruto smiled slightly. "It makes you look normal. I'm no sexist, it's only I've ever seen Sakura be so weak. You could be like JiJi-sama, extremely strong..." Kyuubi smiled before remembering suddenly…She respected the boy for his Strength, but she hated him for being a Prison to her. She would be free even if it meant killing this boy.

Naruto smiled slightly. "Ready to begin?" He wanted this over with… And in truth, he knew he would lose, but he would make sure Kyuubi never got out, even if he died in the process. Kyuubi got in her stance, the Zanbatou, handle down behind her back, Tanto ready along her arm in front of her.

Naruto took a deep breath…And waited. They both waited for a minute, reading movements, figuring out what the other would do, and change their plan, only it always changed. They battled in strategy, they battled in Spirit, and they battled with wits of knowledge… Water dripped slowly as it all went by, but one drop was bigger then the rest, and started to fall between them… It fell and fell, going down, between their visions… It splashed and among the slight shock of water against water, came the force of Naruto's Kunai against Kyuubi's Zanbatou. Naruto was growling his frustrations, his small blade against this tall heavy metal sword, much more like Gamabunta's Katana rather then a normal Shinobi blade.

Kyuubi had to admire Naruto for a brief second, having stopped the power of two tails worth of chakra induced muscle enhancement, and the greater of her blades with a simple kunai… This boy had something inside him giving him the strength of four of her tails. Only for a brief second as her Tanto came rushing under the arm and handle of the Zanbatou, trying to slice off some of Naruto's elbow. Naruto on the other hand jumped back, and to his left to avoid both the Tanto's short reach, and the Zanbatou's heavy straight fall.

Naruto had made two clones ready to fight as soon as he got distance, but in a second, one disappeared as a fireball engulfed it, and burned it into a poof of smoke. Naruto's other clone charged forth, ducking as Kyuubi twisted and the Tanto rushed by, slicing a few hairs off the clone's head.

Kyuubi had to admit, sending in a super Kage Bunshin was a smart move, but not smart enough as her center of balance took off her Tanto's reach. The Zanbatou rushed in and sliced the clone in two. Little for her to find was the real Naruto rushing in, covered by smoke and grabbed the handle of the massive blade, and suck it into the watery earth in his mind.

Kyuubi thought Naruto would try to use a distraction; he's been getting rather good ever since that perverted frog came in with the knowledge of such techniques. But she would never predict Naruto holding her next move at a stand still, one arm holding the handle of the Zanbatou, keeping it shoved in the cement of the sewer, but the other... somehow managed to hold her other arm at bay, her Tanto at her side. Her arms cross she would not be able to be very agile without hurting herself, and then her chances of escaping.

Kyuubi only thought of three moves to stop this, and win. One being to let her weapons go and forward every ounce of chakra in her system to kill the boy, but then again if she used it right away her chances of escaping were slim, especially if he lived through it all.

Two being to flip her torso back, using her Zanbatou as a steady ground, having the reach to kick Naruto back, and using her momentum and agility, finding his weak point in defense and taking advantage. Still, she knew he'd find a way to use his Jutsu's against her in coming back to defeat him, and once again being at Stalemate.

Her third counter was to use her chakra to counter his strength, and forward herself in a Classic move he's so used to by now, and bash her head against his. Though how hard his noodle was, she knew, even without that band, he'd be standing tall against her. She was going to have a lot of trouble ahead of her…

Naruto's strength against her slacked, and some part of her felt confused…She was almost shocked at how he slowly reached back and stood in front of her… She had a perfect chance to end this! She reared her Tanto back and was about to swing, when suddenly… Naruto sobbed, ready to take the fall.

Naruto, during their Stalemate, was in thought. He knew every which way he could try to bring Kyuubi down, would be his end… Tackling the woman would surely end his life as her tailed could use and flip them, and so her reach could kill him in one stake to his heart. He could throw her, but even if he managed to lift her, she could use her blade to re-route herself and get his back… Every move he could make, he would die. So he just gave in.

Kyuubi stopped mid-swing, looking upon the boy as he cried, and standing silent in his tears as he awaited death. Something broke inside of her, something ill-fashioned as she felt the urge to hug the boy instead of kill him. Naruto was getting impatient though, as he strained his muscles in a clamp, and shouted. "JUST KILL ME ALREADY!!!"

Kyuubi gasped, wide eyed at the hate, and grief of the boy in his eyes. The life passed through them, and Kyuubi remembered everything about the boy… She reared her blade back again, growling in anticipation for freedom. Naruto let his head down as he waited for death… He felt the swing of the blade, he felt the swish of metal against air, and he felt the cold lifeless tool against his very soul.

He felt the warmth of the summer sun, and the breeze of the hot sauna near the Hokage Mountain… he felt fleshy, taunt skin wrap around him, and fur holding his body, and felt life. He looked up with teary eyes to see the sad eyes of Kyuubi, as she held him firm like a mother protecting her child. He felt…Safe… Alive… and Warm.

Kyuubi held tightly to Naruto's body and let a single tear fall towards the sewer's supply of liquid. After a few seconds Kyuubi loosened her grip on the boy, and looked at him. "Kami-sama does not feel sad that you are living Kit… Sadder that she let you down… She allowed your life the way it was, but I know she did not mean harm to you…" Naruto looked shocked, how did Kyuubi get so nice? And in fact, how did she know Kami's feelings? Is she trying to trick him? It would fit the fox well…

Naruto frowned, still sobbing gently as he looked down, trying to think things through. Sadly Kyuubi didn't have the patience. "I don't have much time Kit. If I stay here any longer I will no longer be able to live on the outside. This is our only window of opportunity. You might not die, because Kakashi is carrying you to Konoha for treatment, but I will. I can save you, and at the same time, stop myself from being sealed within the Shinigami's stomach."

Naruto grew slightly frustrated… Did the fox think he was stupid? Did this wicked creature living within him think her container for a fool? "Kami-sama hates me and will be glad I'm gone. If I ever live through this I swear I'm going to have someone kill me, rip me to shreds…or worse just so Kami won't have to worry about my filthy hands ruining the world. As for you, you may be a Demon and uphold honor, well fine you beat me, kill me and go. Just don't expect me to be this kind later if you decide to stay!"

Naruto turned and walked away for a little step and stood, waiting for the Kyuubi to either kill him, or get back in her cage. Kyuubi on the other hand stood in anguish…Sad she had let the boy on so many times, and even with her tricky fox routine she wasn't totally selfish. She hadn't forgiven the Son of the Yondaime for keeping her hostage, or his father, for sealing her in a child, so mad at them both she tried everything to make life miserable, but she kept him alive, not for her own selfish needs though.... But now she was reaping the emotional benefits… She sat down in a heap, tears streaming slowly as her tails got soggy from the sewer of a mind. Naruto waited for awhile before thinking Kyuubi had given up and wanted to stay, and was about to go when he heard sloshing behind him.

Naruto looked back and saw Kyuubi getting up, and sighing. "I know Naruto; I'm a tricky fox demon who made your life a living hell. But that doesn't give me the right to leave, even after fighting for freedom. You may not like me, and you may not believe me… but you're wrong. Kami-sama does feel sad about letting your life get so horrible. But now I'm going to make it right… get ready Kit… I'm going to fix your life even if I have to spend the rest of my days in the Shinigami's belly!"

Naruto looked surprised at the outburst, but not nearly as shocked until he saw Kyuubi's chakra envelope them, both becoming red with chakra before a light sprang forth. Naruto felt alive!! He was being forced into the strength within him, but even if Kyuubi's chakra did conduct the strength he was being given, he felt it was his own, as if he was meant to feel this strong! He felt his own muscles grow his own body building tough, and felt more so alive then ever in his life…

Kakashi was stunned!!!

Kakashi had looked at Naruto, and cried before the boy closed his eyes… He had let his team to fight, and almost die… He couldn't find the traitor of a Genin anywhere. He could have floated out of the river somewhere to Rice by now. Even if he did go find Sasuke, Naruto would be dead by the time he came back, and he needed to hurry.

He grabbed the Blonde and rushed his feet, jumping and running through trees and bushes, trying to get to Konoha before the boy decided to quit on him. As he ran he summoned Pakkun, and before the dog came to life Kakashi was gone from the dog where he stood. Thankfully Pakkun was facing the way he was running and in a feat of four-legged speed caught up.

Kakashi looked to his partner. "Send word to Tsunade-sama, Sasuke vanished, Mission failure, Naruto in need of Medical Treatment Immediately, Status: Heart Punctured, Neck broken, Hands deformed, and left arm completely burned to the skin. Go now!!" Pakkun reversed his Summon and was back in Konoha. He made it into the Hospital and tried to find Tsunade. Once he sniffed her out, he told her everything Kakashi told him…

Kakashi was still on the run, going as fast as he could to reach Konoha, when suddenly, in his arms, Naruto glowed bright red, and was forced to let go of the boy, hitting the ground and looking in pain as Naruto glowed, raging white fire as the light seemed to change him.

Kakashi knew this was Kyuubi's doing, but something smelled…Un-demonic about this. He could swear this was the help the boy, not hurt him to be free… But even his sharingan eye could not deny this boy would die if he did not make it back! He grabbed the boy, and found that he white burning fire that burned him before was now healing the burns it made, and acted very wonderfully on his skin… He forgot that and hurried, he had a whole ten miles to run before he had a chance to make it inside the gate to his village.

When he got there though he found Sakura standing there in wait, and seeing Gaara right at her side as well meant the help was a success. He knew why they both waited… And hated Sakura for not caring about Naruto so much, and if she did any act of hatred when he stopped to tell them, he would personally send her into the hospital bed farthest from Naruto's room. He made it back and looked at them both. "Gaara-san thanks for giving us a helping hand, I know Naruto would appreciate your visit to the hospital when he wakes. Sakura, there's no time though... Sasuke is gone, Naruto couldn't bring him back, and as you can see, Sasuke was about to kill Naruto-kun." Looking and gesturing towards the heavy mark in the blonde's chest.

As much as he wanted her to care for Naruto right now, she cried, but not in sadness at losing one teammate and the other badly wounded, no but she was angry, looking at Naruto with hatred. "He promised me… He promised he'd bring back Sasuke-kun! Now he's hurt, and Sasuke-kun's gone! He doesn't deserve to be on my team is he can't even bring back Sasuke-kun! Cha! He wasn't strong enough to beat Sasuke-kun anyway!" Kakashi sensed she was about to take out a Kunai and kill her own teammate, and when she did, he grabbed it her hand…stopping her.

Kakashi looked MAD!

He twisted her hand slightly, and her Kunai fell. Gaara saw the anger and had his sand out, but the Copy-Nin had stopped Sakura before he could get it out enough to attack… Kakashi glared meanly at Sakura, waiting for her response. She didn't have to say anything g though, he just wanted to hear it. "Kakashi-Sensei, your hurting me! Let me go I need to kill Naruto for being so weak! He deserves to die he doesn't give me an ounce of peace and always getting in my, and Sasuke-kun's way!"

Kakashi twisted the arm more. "Hear that Gaara-san?" Gaara nodded, finally recognizing what Kakashi was waiting for. "Threatening to kill a fellow Konoha Ninja, and also Comrade in arms. He was supposed to be your friend Sakura, but now you want to kill him, and not to mention letting a traitor escape, and add on that you're protecting that traitor… Sakura, I once said, those who don't follow the rules are trash…But those who don't help their friends, and comrades…are worth less then trash. You're no longer my student, and now you're also a traitor to this village. I can kill you, but I'll allow you life…" He said before suddenly grabbing her shoulder and breaking it out of its socket, before tripping the girl and elbowing her to the ground, breaking rips. "Carry the traitor Gaara-san. We have business at the hospital." Kakashi ran, not waiting for Gaara to catch up.

Once Kakashi got there, Tsunade was waiting for Naruto, and seeing the White flames and the red line around Naruto's body she hurried him to a room, and was crying, wishing the necklace wouldn't kill him… it was meant to keep the next Hokage alive… So far it was holding up its end of the deal, but how much longer...

Only time would tell as she started to fix Naruto up, not knowing the Kyuubi was helping…


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